Monday, December 13, 2010

Sick Kids

I feel like my kids have both been sick for the past couple of months. It has been really hard. And I really hate seeing them sick. And just when I think they are getting better from their cough...they throw up all night long. haha. Part of being a mom I guess.

Anyway, my kids are still cute when they are sick...and finally after what seems like months of having a fussy Zachary...he is back to being a happy boy.

This is the way the Sadie rides....Zac was joining in on the fun too!

I got this package of stickers for 50 cents. About 2 minutes after we opened them, they were all over Sadie's face. She kept telling me to take a picture. Funny girl!

I know this one is blurry, but I love how you can see all of her toys lined up in a long line.

More stickers on the face.

This morning Sadie slept in until 7:45. That pretty much never happens. So when I went in there to get a diaper for Zac, she was sleeping like this. Just as I snapped the picture, she opened her eyes and smiled. Silly goose.

Poor sick Zac. He never just relaxes like this when he is awake. He was sick today. BUt very cuddly which I like.

This is a sick Sadie asleep on the couch. Cute.

So I'm pretty sure that both kids have had their ear infections, and their bad colds/coughs and the 24 hour we are ready to go on vacation and have a very healthy and happy Christmas!

Here is proof of Zac's new trick. He is getting so close!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eating Snow.

I know I know. Snow is pretty dirty when you think about it. But how many of you didn't eat snow when you were little?? Sadie just loves it. She always wants us to make a snowball for her to eat in the car whenever we go somewhere. And then she will say "that was a really yummy snowball mommy!" It is really cute.

So yesterday, I let her bring some inside to eat it. I should have put a towel under them so the carpet didn't get wet, but the kids were just being so cute I had to take some pictures. Zac went crazy and wanted in on the action, so he just started taking the snow and eating it himself. That kid acts like he is starving all the time. I promise, I do feed him. A lot.

Anyway so here are some pictures from our little snow eating photoshoot.

Love Zac's face in this one.

He figured out a way to suck on some snow without using his hands. Smart.


Funny kids.

Love Sadie's face in this one.

Sadie packed the snow into her little dollhouse bed. She has the biggest little imagination. haha. I love to just sit back and watch her do things sometimes. I wonder where her ideas come from.

And as a side note, Zac is so close to crawling. He can't quite do it yet, but he can slowly move around the room. Mostly by scooting backwards. After dinner yesterday, I put him down in the middle of the living room floor. Then I went to the kitchen for a while to clear the table or something and when I got back this is where he was.

At first I thought he was going for the toy...

Ha! I should have known better! He went straight for the box of donuts that was sitting there. This kid and his food.

Too bad he couldn't get the lid opened. I love this picture though because you can really see how much he wants those donuts. He is drooling over them.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Today as we were looking out the window (a daily activity) Sadie saw two people walking along the sidewalk across the street. I wasn't really I didn't notice that they were smoking. Then she said "That guy has smoke...that guy has smoke coming out his face." It was so funny.

Of course, I took the opportunity to tell her that she should never smoke and how yucky cigarettes are. Nice.