Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another laughing video

I try all the time to make Zac laugh. He doesn't. Sometimes he will give me a giggle, but that's about all I can get out of him. Sadie on the other hand doesn't even have to try and she can make him laugh really hard. It is quite frustrating. Not really, it is really cute actually.

On this night, Zac was REALLY tired and kinda cranky. So my mom was holding him right by the arm of the couch. Sadie wanted to play her game (sliding off of the arm of the couch and landing on the floor) and she was pretty upset that Zac was taking up so much room. Finally my mom convinced her that it would be ok to share the space and this is what happened.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Rice Cereal

While we were picking blackberries and raspberries a couple of weeks ago, my sister in law Shanna asked me if I was going to start Zac on solid food soon. I said probably not for another month or two since he was only about 4 months old. Then about 2 days later I looked over at Zac while Sadie and I were eating our lunch. He was watching our EVERY move. Every time I picked up my sandwich, every time I took a drink his little eyes were following my every move. It was so funny. His little mouth was kind of opening and closing as well. So I decided to give him a tiny piece of bread. As I brought my hand toward him he pretty much grabbed it and stuck it in his mouth and ate the bread. I tried it again with the same result. So I told rob about it and we decided that if he was interested in it, we might as well start him on some rice cereal.

So a few days later, I went to the store and bought some baby rice cereal and we gave him some just a couple of days ago. He seemed to really like it!

I don't know if you can tell in this last picture, but after we fed him, his face turned a little bit red. It went away quickly though and he seemed to be fine. Then the next night we gave him some more, but this time his face turned red and there were little bumps all over wherever the cereal had touched his face. Poor guy. It went away quickly again, but we haven't given him any since then. I'm thinking that it wasn't the rice cereal that made his face red, but the formula that I mixed into it. I don't know though. We will try it again in a week or so.

Speaking of food...check out this awesome red bell pepper we got from our garden. It was yummy!

The Temple

On Friday we decided to take a little trip to the temple with the kids. Sadie talks about the temple all the time and how it's Jesus' house so we thought we would take her to see the Provo temple up close. She LOVED it! The whole car ride over there she was saying "I don't see it...where is the temple." It was a long 10 minute drive. :) But when we finally got there she was so happy. We walked up to the front and she looked at the fountains and the flowers for a good 10 minutes. Then Rob said we were going to walk to the back of the temple. So I brought the stroller up the stairs and we started walking around to the back. Well, Sadie thought we were leaving so she started crying. I thought she was just sad because she thought we were leaving, but she started saying "WHERE'S JESUS?" and "I want to see Jesus!" over and over again. We had to explain to her that even though He visits His temples sometimes, we can't always see him with our eyes.

Anyway, so we did eventually make it around to the back of the temple and she loves the big hills. Rob would walk up the hill with her and help her run back down. It was really funny to watch. She was so happy. When it was time to go, we had to promise her that we would go back in a couple weeks to see it again. What a good trip. Here are some pictures!

Isn't he the cutest!!! I can't get enough of his chubby cheeks!

It was hard to get Sadie to stand still to take any pictures...she just wanted to keep going up and down the hills!

Sadie and Daddy. Can I just say that Rob is the best??? He just followed her around and ran up the hills with her the whole time. I love him!

Me and Zac chillin while Sadie looks at the water.

Looking at the water...I think she wanted to get in...

Smelling the pretty flowers. I love that they keep the temple grounds so beautiful. It really is amazing.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kind of a random post

Sorry, this post is really random, but I like all of these pictures, so there. First, Zac is grabbing his feet now, which I think is really cute. I can never get a good picture of it, so here is the best that I got:

And Don't you just love his elephant shirt. I do.

Check out this shirt I made for Sadie on Saturday night. I love the fabric and I think she looks really cute in it.

Cute kiddos.

We got out the bubbles again last week. Sadie just LOVES them.

I love that she can blow them herself too. That way I can take pictures instead of having to just blow the bubbles for her.

So fun!

And of course, we had to finish the afternoon off with a popsicle. I love Sadie's face in this picture. So adorable.

Blackberries and Raspberries!

We went to pick some blackberries and raspberries on Saturday with Evan, Shanna and their adorable little boy Calvin. It was a lot of fun, but mostly it was really yummy. We have been eating raspberries all week long. I think I will probably go back again and pick more so I can make jam. We'll see. Anyway, here are some fun pictures of the day.

There were goats near the raspberry bushes and Rob got one to come to the fence and eat grass out of his hand. Sadie thought it was really cool. When she tells people about it she says "It didn't eat my hand!!!"

They picked lots of raspberries! Thanks for coming with us!

The whole group with our goods. Oh yeah.

Rob was in the blackberry bushes picking blackberries with Zac while Sadie and I went to pick raspberries. When I hadn't seen him for a while I went to find him...and this is what I found. He had been feeding the blackberries to Zac! Ha ha. And Zac loved it! Cute blackberry face!

And this is what Sadie did the whole time. I don't think she even put one in her bucket. She just ate them all.

My handsome boys!

It was a really fun outing. I want to grow my own raspberries someday, but for now, I guess I will just go to this little farm and pick some. :)