Friday, September 30, 2011

Fun night

I have been doing preschool with Sadie for about 4 weeks now. I love it. And I pretty much get all of my ideas from my sister in law over at Preschool Alphabet. All of the ideas on her blog are awesome. Anyway, so this week was D week and we did a lot with the letter D. We learned about dinosaurs, doctors, and dice...etc. One day I bought donuts so when Rob got home from work we could hang them from the ceiling and try to eat them without our hands. I wasn't quite sure the kids would get it...I thought they would just pull them off the ceiling and eat them with their hands. Well, it was a big hit! They loved it. Check it out!

So fun. We were all laughing for a while.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My cute kids

I guess this is why I will never become a photographer. I just can't get any decent shots of the kids, but I love these pictures anyway!

Zac's cheese face. And Sadie's too.

Looking at bugs I think. Zac loves to point them out and then blow on them.

One of the better ones.

I think this is my favorite of the day. So cute.

Sadie look at the camera!!

Sadie is always trying to get Zac to look at the camera, so she is always looking at him. So funny.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa Selin

My parents came to town again. We love it when they are here. This was a short visit but we still had a great time and miss them tons. We did a lot of fun things like swimming, picnic at the park and eating cupcakes at our house with the fam. So fun. Here are some pictures.

Sorry Rob for cutting your head off, but that is a nice smile. ha ha. Zac really went after that cupcake. Sadie managed to stay pretty clean eating hers.

What a handsome set of boys. :)

This was at the pool. There were clouds that day and I think it even rained a bit, but we still went to the pool and had a blast. The kids would go down the slide over and over. It was great.

Me and Sadie drying off. Once we got out it was pretty chilly. So we had to wrap up in out towels.

Uncle Isaac was here for the morning before my parents had to drive back home. It was good to see him and the kids of course loved it.

Picture with the grandparents. Next time we will have to take some pictures on Sunday when the kids are dressed up. This was early in the morning...and don't you just love Sadie's face??

We love you and miss you grandma and grandpa!

My two chickens

The kiddos have been so funny lately. They usually get along too which is great. They definitely have their moments of pulling hair and taking toys from each other, but they also love to play together.

And this is what happens when I tell them to make a silly face. Ha ha.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Crazy Hair

The last time we went to the park I was so glad that I brought my camera so I could capture this:

My brother Isaac might start calling her "Crazy Hair McGee"

Berry Pickin

We went to the berry farm in Mapleton yesterday to pick some raspberries. Wow. They are a great crop this year. We will probably go back next week and get some blackberries because we just skipped over them this time, but on our way out, I found one that was HUGE and looked delicious. So maybe next time we will get raspberries.

We picked about 6 pounds worth of berries. So far I have made raspberry crepes for breakfast and I have some of these in the oven drying right now. Hope they turn out good. And I froze some of them for smoothies. Yum.

Right as we were leaving, I noticed a wasp just sitting on Sadie's hand. So I calmly took the bucket of berries from her and told her to shake her hand. Big mistake. She didn't shake her hand. She turned it over and saw the wasp and then tried to get it off with her other hand. She told me calmly "It stunged me". And then the screaming came. She was very brave and the nice farmer guy had some cream for her to put on it. Even though it ended kinda bad, I was still a blast.
Zac actually picked quite a few berries, but not very many of them ended up in the buckets. Can you guess where they went?? ha ha

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our little dancer

I signed Sadie up for a dance class. The first time she went in regular clothes and everyone else was in pink tutus and dance clothes. :) She wanted some of her own, so we went out and got her some. She was so excited to wear them to dance. She didn't take them off all day long, and she danced all around the house and outside!

Her friend Jake came over for a little while. They are good buddies. I love that they live right across the street from us!

She looks so grown up. And she LOVES her dance class. Can't wait for their recital in December.


I just like this picture because if you look close, you can see the rock that Zac just threw.

We decided to take the kids camping on Labor Day weekend. Mostly because if we don't take them now, it will probably be about 2 years that we would even think about trying it again. ha ha. So when our friends invited us to go with them, we said of course! We went out on Friday evening around 4:30 and we were home on Saturday morning by 9:30. Now that is what I call a camping trip. Short and sweet.

When we got there, we noticed our campsite was RIGHT next to a little river. We thought it would be a big problem with the kids always wanting to get in, especially Zac and Andrew (the one year olds). So first thing we did after setting up our tents was strip them down and let them in the water with the dads. They loved it. Sadie and her friend Jake joined in for a little while. But they had the most fun just running around and getting dirty in the dirt. They seriously had a blast. It was fun.

We roasted hot dogs for dinner and then made s'mores and by that time, it was time to try to get some sleep. Big problem though...I forgot to bring Zac's pacifier. Yikes. So we tried for about an hour to get him to sleep, but he just cried and cried. We waited a bit longer but then I told Rob he would have to take him home and come back in the morning. So Rob put his shoes on and was opening the tent door to leave when I picked Zac up and his body just went limp in my arms. He was practically asleep! ha ha! So We all got situated again and Zac and Sadie slept through the whole night. It was amazing. I on the other hand had a hard time sleeping on the hard ground, but it was still fun.

So all in all, it was a successful camping trip. We had a blast and more importantly, the kids had a great time. And it was really fun going with friends!

Sadie and Jake trying to make their way down to the water.

Cuties. Thanks Rob for going in with them! :)

The little guys liked to take the rocks out of the dam and throw them downstream. ha ha.

Lounging around the campfire!

This is just proof that I was there...I did a lot of sitting around. :)

Best buddies. They had a blast exploring...especially when it got dark and they needed to use their flashlights. so fun.

The next morning.

I don't know why I am doing crazy eyes...or why Sadie is so excited. But it was fun to hang out in the tent.