Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Things I allow...

...In order to get something done. Sheesh. While I am busy doing this:

Sadie is busy doing this :

Notice the potatoes all taken out of the back and nicely placed on the placemat. Wow. At least dinner last night was yummy, or I don't think this mess would be worth it. :) Just kidding. I love her!

ps. Don't mind the yucky dirty stovetop. It has been a few weeks since it has been cleaned. It is on my list of things to get done this week!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Poor Sadie

Our little Sadie was sick most of this last week. It wasn't until Friday that she really started acting like herself. All day on Monday and Tuesday and most of Wednesday we just sat on the couch and cuddled while watching movies or Gilmore Girls. She slept a lot, which was nice because that meant that I could take a rest since she practically kept us up all night those nights. :) Anyway, I hate seeing her sick and I would much rather be sick myself than to see her not feel good. It is just so sad.

Here she is on the couch with all of her blankets reading a piece of junk mail that we got out of the mailbox that day. She read that for about 10 minutes. It was pretty funny.

Then we decided to get our downstairs tenants a new dishwasher since theirs broke while we were on Christams vacation in Arizona. We went to RC Willey to shop around and let me just say that I hate shopping for dishwashers for OTHER people. I mean, it is our dishwasher, but we don't get to use it. And we don't even have one. It was kind of making me mad, but not really. Anyway, we went and picked it up and I told Rob to keep the box so that Sadie could play in it. And she has been doing just that for the past 2 days. She loves it. And I'm glad that she has something that can keep her entertained for a while.

Of course, the first thing she did was to put all of her blankets in there to make it comfy.

Then she discovered the "slide". She helps all of her babies go down the slide. It is so cute.


She also loves to play with hangers on my bed. She is really good at saying the word hanger too.

Then on Thursday night, there was a crazy wind storm. Someone today told us that the wind got up to 75 miles per hour where we live. CRAZY i tell you. So I was sitting inside while Rob was downstairs installing the dishwasher and I kept hearing a loud banging outside. After a while I looked out the window and found out that part of the siding of our roof was hanging down and flapping in the wind. So at about 10:30, Rob went out there to fix it.

He is so handy. I went out to make sure that he was being safe and everything. It is kinda scary to be standing on a ladder and using a drill when it is super windy outside.

He is such a handy man!

And I was so helpful handing him the screws when he needed them. :)

Unfortunately, on one of the screws that he was trying to screw in, the drill came off of the screw and the drill went into his thumb while it was still on. His thumb was bleeding pretty bad and you can see a little bruise on the other side of his thumb where the drill almost reached the other side. Poor Rob. But the roof is looking great!

Oh and if you are interested in the crafty things I have been up to...check out my other blog at Kevancreations.blogspot.com

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First sledding adventure

So ever since we put Sadie in a real bed, we have noticed that she goes down a lot easier if she is really tired by the time it is bed time. Like on Saturday, we took her swimming...well I sat on the bleachers and watched Rob and Sadie because I can't fit into my swimming suit anymore. She swam for an hour and a half before saying she was ready to go. Then at bedtime, she pretty much went right down. She did try to escape a few times, but it didn't take nearly as long as before for her to calm down and go to sleep.

So yesterday I had the idea that we could take her sledding since she has never been before. I thought it would definitely tire her out for bedtime and it would be fun too. So we went to Walmart and bought a little sled and brought her to a park to pull her around in it. SHE LOVED IT! It was the funnest thing to watch. She was saying "weeeee" and giggling the entire time that Rob was pulling her around. Ahhh...it was so fun. And, bedtime was a breeze. She was so ready to sleep. So here are some pictures and a video for you all to enjoy.

Waving hi to Mommy. I couldn't keep up with those guys!

She needed some snow to refuel her for round 2. Or was it round 5? By the way, Rob was so good at running her around and around in that sled. I would have been done after about 5 minutes, but he just kept on going for about 20 minutes. He is the best.

Then she saw the swings and wanted to swing, so I decided I could at least push her in a swing and let Rob rest his legs.

Pure joy.

And here is a video. Sorry that it is so shaky, I was laughing too hard. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Funny videos

I know this is my second post right in a row, but I forgot that I told my parents that I would be putting some videos on of Sadie tonight. So here they are.

So this first one is Sadie and daddy playing a new game they made up. I must say, nobody can make Sadie laugh like Daddy can. :)

Then THey play this game called "1 2 3 squeeze" Sadie has caught on to this game and likes to count and squeeze her dad too. The only thing it that you never know what number she is going to start squeezing on. In this video she makes it all the way to 9.

Sadie's New Bed

So while we were in Arizona, Sadie was using a pack and play as her bed for the 2 weeks that we were there. Let me just tell you...she did not like it. Well, I don't think it was the actual pack and play that she didn't like, I think it was just that we were in a new place and she didn't sleep very well. Since she was in the pack and play, she discovered that she could easily climb out of it and run to the door and open it. She would try to escape unless one of us was lying on the floor next to her the whole time she was sleeping. No matter what time it was, if we thought she was asleep and tried to sneak out, she would open her eyes and start crying. So...after about a week or soo of not much sleep, we decided to try out the "Supper Nanny" way of dealing with this issue. This means that we would put her down to bed and naps like usual, and walk out. If she tried to come out, we just say "it's time to sleep" and put her back in her bed. Any time after that, we were supposed to just pick her up and put her back in bed without any words or interaction. So I tried out this method one day at nap time and it worked! After about 5 times trying to escape and being put back in her crib, she came to the door and knocked from the inside. I tried not to laugh out loud and waited for her to actually open the door before I put her back in bed but after that she slept for a really long time. It was great.

Anyway, so we used that method for the rest of the time that we were there and it worked pretty well. We thought we would be ok when we got home because she was still sleeping in her crib and we didn't think she could climb out of it...we were wrong. It took all of one minute for her to figure it out and we had to start all over again. But this time I was really nervous that she was going to fall and hurt herself while climbing out of her crib. So we finally decided to change her crib into a toddler bed.

Here it is!

She always has to have all of this stuff in her crib before we leave the room. It is so weird, but it helps her to stay in bed...kinda.

Anyway, so we knew it would be really hard to keep her in bed without any kind of obstacle to keep her in there so we braced ourselves for a long couple of nights. The first night wasn't too bad, but she came out of her room at 4:30 am and ran into our room and said "i woke up". We were too tired to deal with the crying that would come if we put her back in bed, so we let her come in our bed. Not that she went back to sleep, but anyway. The next night was horrible and we lasted about 2 hours before we finally let her come out and watch a movie with us hoping she would fall asleep. No such luck. We found out though that if we held the doorknob so she couldn't turn it, she would get mad and start crying, but she would walk back and get into bed. So the next day, we bought one of these:

It is great! She still tries to get out of bed, but since she can't open the door, she just walks back and gets in bed and goes to sleep in a lot less time than it took to put her down before. And, this morning, she slept in until 7:30. It was awesome!

And now we have a happy, well-rested Sadie. The end.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Time...a little late

I have finally put all of the pictures from Christmas vacation on my computer so I thought I would take a minute to update the blog. I really should do that more often! We got to spend about 2 weeks down in Warm Arizona with my family and spend time in their new BIG house. It was great and Sadie loved just running and running around in it. Although now that we are home, she is still trying to run around a lot, but there is not enough room. :) Anyway, we had a great time spending time with my parents and brother and we can't wait to see them all again.

I will warn you, there are lots of pictures on this post so I thought I would just explain the pictures as I go along instead of writing a lot aobut our trip. I will let the pictures do the talking. Here we go.

One os the cool things we got to do while we were there was see my cousin Jill get married. That was really fun and Sadie just LOVED dancing at the reception. Check it out...

This is all of us at the end of the night when she finally let me join her dancing. She really did dance the night away.

Dancing with Daddy.

Dancing with my cousin Carolyn and her little boy.

Dancing with Grandpa.

And here she is dancing with my Uncle Doug. She was mostly dancing by herself most of the night though. Running in circles...that is her favorite dance move.

We spent a lot of time at the park in my parent neighborhood. It was a fun little park but Sadie's favorite thing about it was the SAND! (Excuse her hair in this picture...I am trying to grow it out, but she never leaves a clip in it. I might just give in a cut it pretty soon because it is always in her face!)

Sadie with her buckets and shovels ready to play in the sand. I really did wash that sweater about 5 times while we were down there. :)

Here are some pictures from Christmas morning. It was so fun to watch Sadie open all of her presents. She was so excited!

Here she is on her favorite toy of all...her bike! Unfortunately, we had to leave it in Arizona because we flew back and couldn't bring it with us. But my parents will bring it up the next time they come.

Here is my mom in her lovely new apron that my sister in law made for her. It is so cute!

The boys...I mean Men in their new pajama pants. They look like denim jeans, but they aren't. Crazy!

My mom made this new blanket for Sadie because her favorite green blankets are getting really nasty. She chews on all the corners. Anyway, she now loves this blanket but she also still loves her nasty green ones. I think we will need to "lose" those soon.

Daddy and Sadie making a gingerbread house.

She actually helped a little bit while she was eating all of the candy in her reach.

Sadie and Grandma playing in the sand. Grandma was not scared to get her hands dirty while playing with sadie in the sand...mom on the other hand tried to keep the sand out of her shoes, but wasn't very successful.

This last picture is actually at my house when my parents were here right before Christmas. Every time either grandma or grandpa would take a shower or go to the bathroom, she would stand at the door and knock until they came out pretty much. Then she realized that she could stick her fingers under the door and she would say "hug???" It was pretty cute.

Phew that was a lot of pictures. More to come later of Sadie's trip to the zoo and of her new bed!