Monday, May 29, 2017

It's a.....

 The kids were very excited to find out if they were going to have a baby brother or baby sister.  I went to a doctors appointment and my doctor was really nice and took a quick ultrasound to check the gender.  Rob wasn't with me so I was the only one who I had to decide a fun way to tell the kids and Rob.  I decided to make a cake and fill it with either pink or blue candies.  Here are some pictures of the process.  (I am NOT a great cake decorator) 

 I overfilled all of the cake pans and they all spilled over and onto the cookie sheet.  So I had to level them all off with a knife...which I didn't really mind because it gave me lots of pieces to snack on.  :)

 I stacked 4 on top of each other with the middles cut out and filled them with...

 PINK!  :) Then I put the top on and since the pink was covered, I let Emery help me put the frosting and sprinkles on.

 The finished product.

 Here they all are ready to cut into the cake.

 This picture captures everyone's emotions pretty well.  ha ha!  Zac was pretty upset and he came and hugged me a cried for a little while.  But I think he is warming up to the idea and I think he will be a great big brother to his new baby sister.  

 Like I said, Zac was pretty upset and Riley was cute and put her arm around him while he was eating his cake.  What a sweetie.

Here is the video I took as they cut the cake.  I love it.  I ended it quickly and took a picture right after to get a good reaction picture. (the one I posted above).  

Thursday, May 18, 2017

When the kids get a hold of the camera

 The kids got a hold of the camera and the pictures are hilarious.   I love it.

 Looks like I helped with this one.  ha ha

 Close up of Emery.

 I think those are Sadie's lips...or Zac's.  I'm not sure.  But I had to tell them not to touch the lens after i discovered this picture. :)

Funny Zac. 

Zac's birthday

Zac had his seventh birthday a few weeks ago.  I'm slow getting it on here.  That's how it goes these days.  I'm taking less and less pictures these days, which is kinda nice because I am just enjoying the moment, but I would like to take more pictures.  Maybe a new camera would help me out with that.  ha ha.  We of course did the traditional running through the streamers when he woke up.  That's a must.  Zac is such a great kid.  We love his adventurous spirit, and his great imagination.  He loves pokemon and has recently gotten into reading chapter books.  He has always loved playing board games.  Now if we could only get him to love doing work.  Any great suggestions on that??  ha ha  We love Zac!  Here are some pictures of him opening his presents.

Isn't he hansdsome???

He got some books called Fizz.  I got them from a friend who sells Usborne books and he loved them.  They are about a dog who wants to be a police dog, but he is a little fluffy cute dog.  Anyway, he already read them all, but now I'm reading them to the kids so he is hearing them again.  :)

Riley loves that Emery grew out of this fancy Elsa dress.  Now she gets to wear it.  

This was probably his favorite gift.  Uncle Alan and Aunt Crys got him some Pokemon cards and a folder to organize them in.  

Thank you guys!

This was the cake I made him.  If you really want to impress your child with their birthday cake, just put toys on it.  ha ha.  

He blew out his candles in one blow.  

The kids really enjoyed the double chocolate cake.  Happy birthday to ZAC!