Thursday, January 29, 2009

...Not so little anymore

I am coming to realize that my little girl is not so little anymore. She will be one in about 2 weeks! Sheesh. I can't believe how fast time goes. We have been working on learning what and where a nose is. She is pretty good at pointing to mine when I ask "where is my nose?" but she doesn't know where hers is. She also knows what blankie is. I ask her where her blankie is and she will look around until she finds it and bring it over to me. It is adorable. So as of last night...that is about all I thought she really understood.

This morning, I was up at 6 with her as usual and I was checking my email and such. She was just playing with stuff but then she came over to me. She stuck herself right between me and the computer which made it very hard to type. I could smell that she needed a diaper change and so I told her "Sadie, can you bring me a diaper?" Now, I just said this to say know? I talk to her all the time just to be talking to her. So I never in a milion years thought she would actually understand what I said. But immediately after I said it, she crawled out from between me and the computer, and began walking toward her room. I thought, wow...maybe she will actually bring me one. But I didn't REALLY think that...I was just thinking what a coincidence. She is going to where the diapers are. Thinking she would stop and come back at any moment, I continued to watch. Sure enough, she went into her room and around the corner to where the diapers are kept. I couldn't see her for a few seconds, but when she came back around the corner, she had a diaper in her hand! And she carried it all the way over to me!!! Wow...I was very impressed!

She is so smart that I have decided not to hold back anymore. WE are going to learn all of the body parts by the end of the week! haha Just kidding. But I still think she is pretty smart and very cute for bringing me a diaper. It was a big moment.

Anyway. That is all. I will hopefully put up a post with pictures soon. Gotta run!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A day in the life of Sadie and Mommy

So on Tuesday, I woke up and after Rob had gone to work and everything I thought it would be fun if I carried our camera around with me all day long and documented just how cute our daughter was while he was gone to work. So I did. Here is what happened on Tuesday January 13 (Sadie's 11 month birthday) from 6:30ish am to 4:30ish pm.

It started out like any other day...Sadie woke up, ate and we said goodbye to Daddy. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Sadie followed close behind and stood watching me. As I finished rinsing my mouth, I grabbed her toothbrush to brush her teeth. Just as I looked down at her, she lost her balance and fell. Now this happens all the time, but this time she was standing right by the door frame and her head hit the corner right before her hands reached the ground. It left a pretty big bruise, but she cheered right up when I gave her a piece of ice to play with.

This is her about 5 minutes after the fall. Ouch!

Now that Sadie can walk, one of her favorite things to do is walk around until she finds something interesting and then she carries it over to me to show me. This is how the rest of the morning went...

Look what I found MOM! It was so cute watching her carry this toy that was almost as big as she is.

It was her lucky day. Mommy forgot to close her bedroom door, so she went in and found a treasure.

Then she showed me a lid...

Ahh...lunch time. She loves her Bananas.

Mommy must have been playing the wii during my nap...she left it on the couch for me to play with! It really is my luck day!

We got to play outside since it got to about 50 degrees. It was fun to play with the snow!

I don't mind having cold hands as long as I get to be outside...

The snow was pretty hard on top, but once I dug a little bit...

I got a tasty snack! :)

After about 10 minutes of digging in the snow, Mommy decided that Sadie's hands were too cold, although she didn't seem to mind. So we went back inside.

Not 3 minutes after we went inside I found my diaper bag. This is one of my favorite games these days...I love to just empty everything out of the bag, pull the lining inside out and then just leave it all there sitting on the floor.

The path of destruction that seems to follow Sadie wherever she goes.

Look mom...I emptied it out for you!

I snuck into your room and stole your other purse...I just love to chew on the wooden beads!

Look...she even lets me know when she needs her diaper changed by bringing me the baby powder. Not really...she just found it and wanted me to see.

After all of the fun that we was finally time for Daddy to come home and rescue Mommy. He is helpful like that. I love spending time with Sadie...even if I have to pick up the floor about 20 times throughout the day. I mean...who can resist such a cute smile. :)

Lets see what she has in store for me tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow, Snow, and more Snow!

This is a picture of the Amaryllis(don't know the spelling) I planted a while ago. It finally bloomed! It is so beautiful and more blossoms are coming! Yay!

Well, the past few days have been really snowy. It started on monday. My brother's car broke down early in the morning and fortunately Rob hadn't left for the bus yet. So I got Sadie all bundled up so we could drive over to American Fork where the car had broken down. Amazingly, the car ended up at the park and ride where Rob could catch the bus to Salt Lake. Even more amazingly, we pulled in about 10 seconds before the bus did. So Rob hopped out, and I got Scott, and we were on our way home. The good thing was that it hadn't started snowing yet. I hate driving in the snow. Seriously.

Anyway, so we got home safe and sound, and around 10 am it started snowing and didn't stop for like 48 hours. I saw on the news that in Salt Lake, it only snowed a total of 3 inches in 24 hours and in that same time in Springville, it snowed 12 whole inches. It was crazy. It's a good thing that I like shoveling snow, because we had to do it like 3 times in one day. So that night, since I dropped Rob off to catch the bus, I had to pick him up. I was going to time it perfectly so I could shop at walmart for groceries and be there when his bus came and then just go home. Well, because of construction and the snow, it took me an hour to get to the walmart in springville... normally a 10 minute drive, if that. So Rob and I went shopping and got home around 7:30. I left at 5:30. I hate driving in the snow! Anyway, so that was our adventure.

Sadie is just as cute as ever. She almost never crawls anymore unless she wants to get somewhere FAST. Otherwise she will walk everywhere. It is adorable. And she has fingured out how to communicate a little bit. If she wants me to do something for her, she will grab my hand and put it on whatever she wants me to do, and if I don't do it, she will continue to pick my hand up and drop it on what she wants until I do it. It is funny. She also has had this bruise in the middle of her forhead for about a week because she keeps bonking it on new things. She manages to find every little thing on the carpet and stick it in her mouth even though I vacuum very frequently. She loves to eat whatever we are eating and cries when we don't give it to her. She will even try to stick her hand in your mouth and take out whatever you are chewing.

We are just having fun spending time indoors out of the cold for now. Sometime I will convince Rob to make a snowman with me...hopefully before the snow melts!

This is Sadie with her new toy that we found at DI for 3 dollars! Woot!

The snow seriously comes up to my knees...

I have gotten a good workout the last couple days shoveling snow. Luckily, just as I was about to give up on tuesday, a guy in our ward that has a four wheeler with a snow plow thing attached to the front came over and plowed the other half of our driveway. It was so nice.

This is what we did on New Years Day. We all made handprints on material and wrote the year. Then when Sadie and future kids get older, I will make a quilt of all of their handprints . It will be a tradition! PS-it is very hard to get good hand prints from a 10 month old!

Hope everyone is staying warm!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Update on walking

So about a week and a half ago I posted a movie of Sadie walking. Well here is an update. She loves to walk anywhere and everywhere. The funniest is watching her try to walk on our bed or something that is not flat like the floor. But she loves it. She mostly walks now...she doesn't crawl as much although crawling will get her somewhere faster. She likes to try to walk everywhere.

Another cute thing is she now likes to have her blanket with her all the time. Before, she just liked the blanket and would play with it if you gave it to her. But yesterday, we were both sitting on the couch and she tried to crawl off. I stopped her and wouldn't let her so she started throwing a fit. Seriously. She did the corkscrew and whined until I finally let her off, knowing she would just want to come right back on when I put her down. Much to my surprise, she crawled away to the other side of the room, so I continued reading my book. But before long, she was back wanting on the couch. I realized that she just wanted to go get her blanket because hs had her blanket in hand trying to crawl back onto the couch. It was cute.

Enjoy the video. I laugh everytime I watch it. My favorite parts are when she stumbles a little bit. SO CUTE~!