Sunday, June 17, 2018

I made bread!

 I thought I would start this post with a cute picture of Finley.  Just because she's cute! 

A few Sundays ago, I decided I wanted to try my hand at making bread from scratch.  I have made lots of bread before, but not like bread for sandwiches and stuff.  I had some wheat flour I wanted to use up so I called my friend for her recipe and made some.  I also had to borrow 4 bread pans from her.  Thanks Tessa!

 Here it is rising by the oven.

 The kids loved punching it down!

 Empty bread pans...

 Baked bread.  My house smelled so so good!

Yummy warm bread.  I ate about 5 slices.  It was so good fresh out of the oven.  I want to do this more often.

Family Reunion

 In May my parents came up to Utah for a little family reunion for my dad's family.  It was here in Utah so that was convenient.  They stayed with us and would drive to the various activities during the day.  It was fun for the kids to be able to see them again and we always love having them around.  One of the days was a trip to This is the Place Park.  I had been there once many years ago...and I didn't remember much about it.  I actually wasn't planning on going with them because usually Emery got out of school at 11 (half day kindergarten) but that day she happened to be going on a field trip so she was going to stay all day at the school and walk home with the older kids.  Perfect!  So we decided last minute we would tag along.  It was so much more fun than I thought it would be.  We loved it so much that we bought a season pass and have already been back 3 times!  The kids love it!

So when we went with grandma and grandpa, I only had Finley and Riley.  Here are some of the pictures.

This was in the school room.  We learned how to write our names in an alphabet that isn't used anymore.  But it was based on sounds.  It was fun.  This was right before I saw Riley head outside and then she was lost for a minute.  Really it was like one minute, but I couldn't find her so I started to panic a little bit.  But we found her pretty quick just hanging out by the fence.  
 Riley loved the place where you can pet the animals. 

 This is a random picture but I just thought my kids choice of footwear was hilarious.  It was a rainy day and Emery chose rain boots, Riley chose snow boots, and Sadie and Zac chose flip flops!  Silly kids!

 Our neighbors painted Riley's face.  I don't know what it is supposed to be, but it was pink!

 My mom took Finley on the trampoline.  I think she liked it.

 Grandpa took her for a ride on the swing.

 Petting more animals.

 She really loved the pony ride!  She went twice!

 Here she is making an arrowhead necklace.  

 Here is Riley and Grandpa trying to float a little boat down the stream but it kept getting stuck on the rocks.  

 I love Riley in a hat!  And my cousin Giuliana took a turn holding Finley. 

 The trip really took it out of both kids and they both promptly fell asleep on the way home in the truck.
 We took lots of train rides.

 Then grandma and grandpa treated us to ice cream sandwiches.  Our teeth looked great.

 This picture cracks me up because the kids get angry at each other for "stealing" Finley.  Looks like Sadie "stole" Finley's attention from Emery. Ha ha.  But Finley is smiling in the mirror.  

 This was at the park for the BBQ for the family reunion. It was great to see some cousins that I hadn't seen in a while and also to see my grandparents and aunts and uncles who were there.  

 Grandpa kept Finley entertained. 

 Unfortunately they always have to leave to go back home...which is sad.  But we love it when they are in town and can't wait to see them again! Hopefully soon.  :)

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Funny pictures

 These are funny because in my pictures you can see my little hairs growing back from where they had to shave my head for surgery.  They are much longer now...And Emery's picture is funny because we were painting nails and I looked away after painting her fingers blue and when I looked back...this is what I saw.  I wonder what she was doing...ha ha

 The kids think it is hilarious when Finley sucks on her pacifier upside down.

 Riley walking with her friend Lucy while also sharing her blanket with Finley.  ha ha

 This was Zac's birthday meal.  Chili and hot dogs.

 Finley likes to crawl like this.  It reminds me of Mogli from Jungle Book.  

 Emery playing soccer.

 Emery loves to find these potato bugs.

This is Sadie's team.  She really improved this year and has loved playing defense. 

Finley and Food

This girl is just a riot  She makes us all laugh! Even when she is eating.

Catch up

Just catching up a bit.  I feel so behind that I feel like I can't catch up so I decided to just do my best.  :)  So here are a bunch of pictures with some explanations. 

Walked into my bathroom to find this one day.  Ha ha.  I am going to miss finding treasures like this around the house when my kids get older.

Emery learned how to ride a bike.  It took a long time but now she is out there riding every chance she gets!

Finley...this was before she was very mobile.  Riley would give her toys to play with.  And one day Riley told me mom look!  And she was making this face.  She called it her emoji face.  ha ha.

Emery and her friend Stella and Riley playing dress up.

Zac building card houses.  This came with lots of highs when he got it to work and lots of tears when it would fall over.

I had my first follow up MRI 3 months ago.  They said things were looking pretty good, but there were some things they would keep their eye on.  I have my next MRI in a week and a half.  Then maybe I'll post some pictures of my brain on the blog.  :)

Cute Finley swinging at the park.

Rob wanted to take the kids to the aquarium while they were on spring break because he had never been there.  We actually decided to just buy a season pass because it was so expensive to get in for our family that it would pay for itself in 2 visits.  So we are looking forward to going back there lots this summer!  When we went over spring break, it was a rainy day so there were tons of other people there who were also on spring break.  It was so crowded so I was glad Rob was there to help with the kids.

Here is Zac showing me some huge fish swimming around.

Riley's was just looking at the fish with her bum sticking out like this.  I thought it was cute.  And the penguins were definitely my favorite thing there!

The kids watching the penguins.

Sitting on a killer whale.  

Here are the kids going across the rope bridge.  They had to wait in a long line to do it.  Rob helped Riley across. 

In some kind of fish's jaw...I love how Finley is just hanging out above Sadie's head.  

At one of our favorite parks.

Here is Riley enjoying whatever it is that she is eating.

We decided one night to go out to eat and take the kids to a place called Tepanyaki.  It's one of those places that they cook the food right in front of you and make big fires and do fun tricks.  We thought the kids would love it...

Sadie (and Zac if you look close...) loved playing with their chopsticks.  And Finley did great sitting in the high chair the whole time.

These two were terrified of the fire and enjoyed the show from under the table.  ha ha! Overall it was a fun time. 

Here are the dresses that I made the girls for Easter.