Monday, August 13, 2018

Crazy Hail Storm

 One morning we decided to take a walk to the park.  We invited some friends with us and headed out to the garage.  The kids hopped on their bikes and I ran in toe grab snacks and water.  When I came back out, it was sprinkling.  The kids still wanted to walk to the park, but I had to run back inside for something.  Thank goodness for that because minutes later it turned into a crazy hail storm.  The kids stayed out and rode bikes in the rain and hail.  I watched with Finley from the garage.


 They collected some of the ice and made a little snow cone.  Crazy that this happened in JULY!!!

Then they went out and bounced on the tramp for a while.  Such a fun morning.

Aquarium Pass

 We have loved having a pass to the aquarium.  It's so fun to just be able to go an spend a little bit of time and not feel like we have to see everything.  

 We saw this turtle that looked stuck in the corner of the exhibit.  But the next time we went it was gone, so I guess he got out.  :)

 My cuties in the shark tank!!

There was a lady holding a huge cockroach teaching us about it.  Made me think back to my days in AZ where they ran wild! yuck.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Emery's Cast

 I'm so behind...Emery already got her cast off, but I am just posting the pictures of it when it was brand new.  The lady who put it on was having trouble and went through 3 rolls of the tape because it kept drying out on her.  And right next to her thumb it was really rough, but Emery didn't really complain.  She lasted the 4 weeks.  :)

 Of course, I got to sign it first.  :)

 Her cast didn't slow her down at all.  I love this picture of her and Riley on the swing.  

 Here it is the day she got it off.  Had to take a picture of all the signatures.  \

She got a pretty cool tan line from that cast of hers.  Now she is as good as new.  And no other kids broke their arms that day!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Snow cones!

 We love getting snow cones.  I can't remember why we went to get these...(i'm sure the kids had to earn them somehow) but they were so yummy!  We ended up getting one for free which was awesome. 

 We love snow cones!

 I'm sure all this artificial dye isn't very good for us, but it sure does stain the tongue.  

Fun little outing...I think it's just about time to go get another one!

And here is the noise that Finley always makes.  It sounds like chewbacca.  I love it.

Draper suspension bridge hike

 We heard of a hike that was close by that was great for kids called the Draper Suspension bridge hike...I don't think that is the technical name but it works.  :) We decided to take the kids one Saturday morning.  We live so close to the mountains with all these great hikes.  We need to spend more time in nature!

At the beginning.  

Riley and I held up the rear.  :)

This was a cool ant hill the kids found.  We watched the ants go in and out for a while. 

Finley was loving being in the front pack.  It had been a while since she got to ride in there.

Sadie and Emery love having their pictures taken on large rocks.  They tell me to take a picture.

Zac somehow managed to get his face dirty.  And Emery was a happy little hiker.  It was really nice that the kids all carried their own backpack with their own water!

We made it to the bridge!  Emery and Riley were pretty scared.  It was really high!  And Rob started trying to swing the bridge while we were walking.  I put an end to that really quick!

It was hard to convince Riley to get another picture with me...She was pretty freaked out.

And Finley was so excited that we made it to the bridge that she fell asleep.

By the end, some of the younger kids were complaining that they were too tired to make it to the end, but then when we made it they all of a sudden got a burst of energy to play on the rock wall.  Ha ha.  

Overall it was a great little hike and all the kids were able to walk the whole way!  We will definitely do this one again. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

Flag day

I love that every year the park near us sets up these flags.  We always go and I make the kids figure out how many flags there are...its our math for the summer.  Ha ha.  When we went this year to see the flags (we went a few times) there was a nice breeze blowing the flags.  It is such a sight to see all those flags waving in the wind.  I love it!

We had a picnic in the shade before we ran through the flags.

And Sadie was Finley's playground.  Ha ha.  Such a good big sister.

Zac is always the one you have to watch while taking pictures!

5 kids and 900 something flags...

We invited our friends to come see them this year.  We planned ahead and dressed our kids in patriotic clothing.  :) It made for some really cute pictures!

We love the Hatch family!

My little (big) family minus Rob.

Finley-8 months

Sadie-10 years

Emery-6 years

Zac-8 years

Riley-3 years

And Sadie loves playing with Clara!  She chased after her on the playground so us adults didn't have to.  :)