Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Our wonderful peach tree.

 This year our peach tree produced so many peaches.  It was so great.  We were a bit worried about it (and we still are) because Rob found boars at the base of the tree.  So we didn't know if it would produce any peaches.  But this year was our best harvest yet.  I think we picked about 160 pounds of peaches.  And those were only the ones we weighed.  We also gave a bunch away to neighbors and friends.  

 The kids love to help pick the peaches...except that it makes them itchy from the little hairs on the peaches.  

 It's a family effort.

 They were all so helpful.  We had to prop up some of the branches with pieces of wood because they were being weighed down by all the juicy peaches.

 After we did our picking, they each got to enjoy a yummy peach on the porch.

 Finley loved them!
 William and his family came to visit and got to help harvest our peaches.   I love how these two can just pick up right where they left off and be best friends again.

 The bowl was so heavy!  

My neighbor shared some of their white peaches with us.  They gave us a bag of them to eat and theirs were much smaller than ours.  Thinning the peaches when they are small is so hard for me to do, but it is totally worth it!  THe one from our tree is on the left.  :)

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Girls Weekend getaway

 This is a leaf bug that we found on our driveway.  I loved the shadow and so I took a picture.  Then we brought it over to our neighbor's tree so it didn't get run over by our bikes.  It had nothing to do with our getaway weekend.  ha ha.  

After Rob went to scout camp, us women decided we needed a night away.  So my friend Marcy has a cabin at the top of the canyon and we decided to go there for a night.  It's really close by so it was perfect.  We decided to go to Park City and eat dinner there before we went to the cabin.  We ended up at a place called Blue Iguana which was yummy Mexican food but it took forever!

 Me and Tessa.

 Our yummy breakfast.  Thanks Marcy!

 These ladies are so great.  I love them all and I loved spending time with them.  We need to do it again!

We went for a hike after breakfast and it was perfect weather and the lake we went to was beautiful.  I need to go back with my family. 

I love where I live!  It's so beautiful. 

End of Summer Fun

  Here are some of the things that kept us busy at the end of the summer. 

 We went to a mother/daughter luau with some people from church.  We ate Hawaiian Haystacks, played limbo and learned a Hawaiian dance.  It was lots of fun!

 I saw this on the internet and decided to let the kids try it.  Sidewalk chalk+trampoline and water=tons of fun!  I even joined in on the fun.  We will definitely be doing this again.

 We tried out a new splash pad in Sandy.  It was a winner!

 Our friends invited us over for a water party.

 Finley tried her first potato chips.  She loved it...of course.

 The kids had lots of fun just hanging out and playing with each other.  I think it actually started raining for a little while.

 That didn't bother them much though.  They just had a blast!

 We met up with Rob for lunch at his work.  It was fun and I'm sure we were a sight to be seen.  It was pretty funny though because I saw another family there meeting their dad for lunch.  They had 4 boys and one girl.  We walked in after them 4 girls and 1 boy.  Ha ha.  We ate in the cafeteria and then hung out under the trees for a while.

Finley enjoyed chewing on a stick and it was windy there so I looked like Alfalfa from The Little Rascals.  It was a great visit and a great way to end the summer before the kids had to go back to school.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Children's museum and splash pad

Right before school started up again, we used our free passes to the children's museum that my kids got from the school.  We had three passes and I read the fine print on those things at least three times looking to see if we could use them all on the same visit.  I didn't find anything saying we couldn't so we went with some friends.  Of course when they took the tickets they said I'm supposed to only be able to use one at a time, but they would let it slide this time.  Oh well.  I tried to check first.  I have a feeling that it wasn't actually printed on there because like I said I didn't see it and I checked multiple times.

The kids had a blast and we went to the splash pad afterward.  It was a fun day in Salt Lake.  I don't love driving downtown, but the smartphone makes it a lot less stressful! 

 This was probably Finley's favorite part.  She just wandered around carrying pieces.  And Riley was proud of her sculpture.

 Zac was the construction expert.

 Finley loved this little piano.  It was seriously the perfect size for her.  So cute.

 On their high horse!

 They have such fun stations...Legos and water?!  Seriously.  So fun.

 And A real helicopter for them to explore.  It's a life flight one so there is a patient strapped in the back.  

 Walking back to the car to get our towels.

 These cute kids had a blast.  Such a fun afternoon in SLC!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Cowabumga Bay

 Ever since we moved to West Jordan, every time we pass Cowabunga Bay on the freeway the kids yell "OUR FAVORITE WATER PARK!!!"  They had never been there... ha ha.  So this summer since we didn't go on any vacations we decided to go to their most favorite water park.  It did NOT disappoint.  It was the perfect water park for our age of kids.  The older three could go on all the slides and Riley went on a ton of them too.  We could hold her in our lap if she wanted (she didn't) and the slides don't end in a pool.  The slide just ends and you climb right out.  So I felt totally comfortable sending the older three to go on a slide together and then come back and check in with us.  And I'm really paranoid with my kids around water.  It was just so great.  We loved it!  Except the price tag.  Ha ha.  But it was our vacation this year so it was ok. 

 So excited to head over to the water park!

 We had to take a picture before we went in.  

One of the fun things that the park has is a giant bucket that fills with water and when it is full it will pour the water out.  You can stand underneath it if you want.  The kids loved that.  And I loved that the water was warm!  It was perfect temperature to get in and get out and not freeze your buns off!  

 The kids got hungry and we didn't want to spend 7 dollars on a hot dog for each of we left and got snow cones.  

 Two of them fell asleep on the way so we decided to bring the snow cones home to eat them.  Big mistake.  Within seconds of entering the car...Emery spilled hers and Riley spilled hers and it was the end of the world.  But we made it home and everyone enjoyed theirs.

 I always get the Timp (peach, raspberry and blueberry...I think) and it never disappoints!

All in all a fun day.

This is the Place with friends

 We went to This is the Place with some friends.  The kids loved having them there.  We made all the usual stops to make crafts and get candy and such. 

 They give you a prescription for a "sore throat" and if you take it to the pharmacy they give you a lemon drop.  :)

 Finley got a sucker instead.  :)

 Train ride.  They all took up a whole car.  Then they squished together so they could fit some more kids.  Ha ha.  The kids love it because we are members so they get unlimited rides on the train. 

 These three got the blue car.

 Since our friends were there too...we checked out the ice cream shop.  I should have gotten Finley her own!