Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New trick

Before we took Zac to the hospital...he was working on a new trick. Check it out!

Funny thing is...I took these videos Friday afternoon. See how happy he wasn't until friday night that he started going downhill. Crazy how fast that happens.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Zac's Hospital Stay

Wow...this weekend was crazy! It is funny to think back to Friday when Rob and I were making a mental list of things we were going to do on Saturday. "Go to Zumba, meet with business partner, go to home depot, go to JoAnns" Well, we didn't make it to any of those things because Zac was sick.

Anyway we are home now and Zac is acting a looking a lot better than on Saturday. On Saturday, he litterally was laying on the floor or on me or Rob ALL day long. It was pretty sad. But once we got him admitted to the hospital and got some dinner in him he perked up for about 30 minutes before bedtime. That night they took him off of oxygen to see how he would do. At about midnight the oxygen monitor alarm kept going off because he was only getting about 85% oxygen. (above 90 is where he is supposed to be). I wasn't too worried because he had been at that number a few times that day. Well, then the alarm started going crazy and the number was at 76%. I was starting to worry when I saw the number go down into the 50's. A few seconds after that two nurses rushed in to check him and put him back on oxygen. They said that he failed the test. ha ha.

Anyway, so he spent the rest of that night and most of Sunday on oxygen again. He was acting better but not at 100%. Poor little guy had to be stuck in his crib pretty much all day. I tried to hold him, but he was so wiggly and he had about 12 wires coming off of him that I just left him in the crib most of the time. He was pretty good about it. They brought him some toys to play with. So they took him off of the oxygen on Sunday evening and he slept without the oxygen all night and did really well. I actually slept with him in the crib because he wouldn't go to sleep, but once I got in there with him, he slept the rest of the night. My back is killing me now though...that crib is NOT comfortable. :)

Anyway, so the doctor came and gave us the green light to take him home this morning. He has been doing well...still really congested and stuff, but at least he has his energy back. We are glad that he was able to come home so soon because a lot of kids have to stay a lot longer. On our way home, we went to get our car and Rob's sister's car to take it back to her because she let us borrow it for the weekend. (thanks!!!) I went to turn on her car and the battery was completely dead. Good thing my parents got us jumper cables for Christmas! We put those babies to good use this morning.

Now, we just need to take Zac to the doctor tomorrow morning to have a follow up appointment and I think everything will be good. are some pictures of the weekend.

Zac in his cute hospital gown. I love it!

With his oxygen...every once in a while I would look at him and he would have it in his mouth sucking on it. Little stinker. ha ha. It was pretty cute.

Sadie came to visit. She loved getting in the crib with him. She was a trooper this weekend.

Some toys they brought for him. At first he was content banging on the wipes case and the diapers in the background. But once he got the piano, there was no going back!

This was right after he got into the hospital. No oxygen yet!

And my favorite part about the hospital stay (besides Zac getting better of course) is this cup!! When I had Sadie I got a cup like this but I left it in the NICU two days later and never saw it again. So when I had Zac I was excited to get one of these cups again. Well, they stopped using these cups at that time and I got a cheap little pink one that was pretty useless. It would spill all over me and stuff when I tried to get a drink. So I was really excited when I asked for some water and they brought me this! I made sure to bring it home this time. :)

Here he is entertaining himself. I think he might be a drummer when he gets older!

In other news, Zac's first tooth FINALLY popped through while we were in the hospital. I have seriously felt those things coming in for about 3 weeks now. Hooray!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loooooong day has been a long day. Zac is finally asleep for a while at least so I have a moment to rest my arms. Zac had a really rough night last night. He was breathing super fast and had a temperature. I figured it was another ear infection. THe next morning as I was about to get ready for zumba, I looked over at Zac and he was just laying his head on the floor and still breathing really fast. So I decided to skip zumba and take him to urgent care. I'm so glad that I did because apparently he has RSV, and his oxygen levels were really low. So to make a really long story short, after a lot of running around we got him admitted to the hospital. He has been just soooo worn out today from breathing so hard and fast. He finally perked up tonight for about 30 minutes right after he ate a huge dinner.

Anyway, so we are here and he is on oxygen and has about a dozen wires attached to him. But he is sleeping. YAY! That is until 9:30 when they come in to do another breathing treatment. Sigh. So hopefully we won't be here too long...I asked the nurse how long RSV patients usually stay and she said THREE DAYS!!! I hope we don't have to stay that long, but if Zac needs to, then I guess that will be ok. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Guess who I got to eat lunch with???

I got to eat lunch with Snow White the other day...actually looking at the picture, it looks like it was breakfast because her jammies are sticking out from under the dress. Oh well. Either way, it was awesome! :) It is so funny because we have had dress up clothes for a long time now thanks to my mother in law but Sadie hasn't really been too interested in it. Then the other day we were at playgroup and the older girls were doing it and every day since she has wanted to play dress up.

The snow white dress is her favorite!

And...not only did I get to eat with Snow White, but at the same time, Zac was in a very happy and giggly mood. So it was a great meal. :)

And here is another glimpse of my day...

And here is a completely unrelated video of the kids playing with balloons.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

She can finally reach!

First off...I am trying to teach the kids how to vacuum the living room...all they want to do is play with the vacuum. Sheesh. :) just kidding!

In little bro a ride.

And yes...pretty much every time she rides her bike she thinks she needs to wear her sunglasses. And she wore them crooked like that the WHOLE time. So funny. I guess it doesn't bother her...I would really bother me!

Sadie has had this bike for a little over a year now and she can finally reach the pedals! Hooray! We got it out these past few days because we have been having awesome weather...too bad it is supposed to snow tomorrow! But here she is in action:

Zac was trying soooo hard to catch up to the bike. So Sadie was nice and gave him a ride for a while. I love how he is just enjoying it and holding on to her sweatshirt. So cute!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sadie's Birthday!

Today was Sadie's third birthday. Sweet. She was so excited/hyper all day long! It was crazy. I can't believe how old she is...sigh. We had a great day today by going to church and opening presents and talking to grandparents on the computer. We invited some family over to celebrate by eating pizza and cake and ice cream with us. We missed everyone who weren't here to celebrate with us! Anyway, Now I have a three year old. It is kinda weird, but we sure do love her!

Here is Zac eating some of Sadie's cake. Sheesh. This kid never stops eating. And don't even THINK about trying to eat ANYTHING in front of him without sharing. Not gonna happen!

Here we are...our little happy family.

The birthday girl with her aunt and uncle and uncle to be.

Time for cake. Can you just see the excitement in Sadie's face??

Check out the awesome cake that Rob made. I didn't even help at all!

I did make the pizza though. It was really yummy!

And Sadie wanted to help me in the kitchen.

My little helper!

We love Sadie. She is such a good big sister and shares most things with Zac. :) She loves to make us smile and she has such a big imagination. I can't wait to see the things she will learn this year! Happy birthday!

Just a glimpse of what our day was filled with. She was literally doing this all day long. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011


The other day we had my nephew Calvin over for a few hours. Sadie was in heaven. And this time, Calvin didn't completely ignore her...he actually interacted with her a few times. She loved it. It was really cute.

So we got this new play kitchen. Someone was getting rid of it and we said we would take it. Sadie loves is kinda big for our house, but when we move (in like 3 years) we will have plenty of room for it. he he. Anyway, the kids had a lot of fun playing with it. Calvin especially liked the beep sound that the microwave made when you open and close the door. was a fun time and we are happy to do it again any long as Sadie and Zac are healthy! :)

This was at dinner. Kinda funny that Calvin is reaching over to Zac's tray because Zac polished off everything of his and all of Calvin's leftovers in about 5 minutes. ha ha.

Playing with the kitchen.

The boys hanging out in their "matching outfits" according to Sadie!

Monday, February 7, 2011

First braids

We have done braids before in Sadie's hair, but never two pigtail braids. I think it is adorable. And Sadie loved showing everybody.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some videos

I always forget to post my videos. So here they are...

This is something that happens a lot. Well...not always with suckers...with all types of food. Sadie is very good about sharing with her brother.

This is Zac's favorite toy to play with...which sometimes causes a problem because it is Sadie's favorite toy too. When she is in a good mood and wants to play with Zac, this is how it goes.

This is one of Zac's new tricks. It actually sounds like he says hi in this video, so that is pretty cool. He normally doesn't say hi...he just waves.

We rented A Goofy Movie from the library. I was telling her how goofy laughs. She thought it was funny. And now she says it all the time. So funny.

We blew up balloons for Sadie's little birthday party and Zac loved them!

Anyway, I guess that is all for now. I will try to keep up to date on my videos from now on. Hope you enjoy them!