Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our days

(I can't figure out how to get any writing above my first picture...I need to figure out this new blogger layout!)

So lately we have been just hanging out around here.  There has been lots of sunshine and so we have spent a lot of time outside..but I always forget to bring the camera out with us.  So most of these pictures portray what we have been up to inside.  Ha ha. 

 We made these cool hand heart cut outs.  Sadie did hers all by herself.  I really love these for some reason.  So simple...but cute.  

 And don't mind that my floor seriously needs to be vacuumed!

 We made another car track on the floor.  This one was a lot less cool than the other one we did because I ran out of tape.  Oops.  But they played with Zac's new car was station thing that he got for his birthday...which is actually tomorrow.

 Rob is becoming quite the good sushi chef.  He likes his with tuna and meat and cheese and stuff, but I stick with the avocado, cucumber and cream cheese roll.  Delish!  Last week he made tempura sushi which has a batter on the outside and is fried.  He said he is never going back to regular sushi.  But he will still make me my avocado and cucumber rolls.  Now that is love!  :)

 I love this picture.  Sadie and Zac on the ipod, and Rob and Emery smiling at each other!

 Cute Emery.  SHe started rolling over yesterday.  Like she will NOT stay on her back anymore.  And then she gets stuck on her tummy and gets frustrated.  ha silly girl.

 The kids had a tea party for snack one day.  

 They used these chopsticks that my parents got for them that are stuck together so it is easier to use.  The LOVE them.  They will pretty much eat anything if we give them these to use.  well not anything, but it makes eating more fun!

 Today we did the ivory soap in the microwave trick.  I bought the soap to do this about three months ago...and I finally got around to doing it.  ANd the kids loved it of course!

 So cool.

 Then we put it all in a bowl of water.  Then Zac rubbed his eye.  Not fun.  

 Then after that, we did the baking soda and vinegar trick.  The kids also loved this one!

They love any excuse to be able to sit ON the table.  ha.  

In other weird news...last week i noticed that one of Zac's fingernails was coming off.  I figure he must have smashed it or something.  Then yesterday I noticed that a few more of his fingernails on the same hand and the other hand were coming off.  And some of his toenails too!  I started to worry a little bit and search online for an explanation.  I figured out it is most likely from when he had hand foot mouth disease like a month ago.  Weird right?  Has anyone else ever heard of this before??

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My New Dress

So I pinned this dress a month or two ago and I am so proud of myself for actually making it for myself...and wearing it. I was really happy with how it turned out and would have loved to do it in a brighter color, but JoAnn Fabric just doesn't have a lot of selection when it comes to knit fabric.  Anyone have a great place to buy knits??

Anyway I had Rob snap some pictures (which was kinda a mistake because then I saw myself in the dress and didn't like it as much...ha ha).  But I decided to post the pictures anyway, because it is the first dress I have ever made myself.  I usually just stick to skirts.  :)

 With these crazies...who like to hang out in the undies...
 And looking out the door because that is what Rob was telling me to do.  Ha ha.  I really like this dress especially because I can wear it while I am nursing and still feed Emery without having to lift up my entire dress.  ha ha.  It was really easy to make too!

 And I just couldn't leave this little one out of the photo shoot!  :)  What a cutie!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kung Fu

 So I don't know who all knows this, but Rob started taking Kung Fu lessons.  Is that what they are even called?  Anyway, he really enjoys it and likes to come home and show us all what he has learned.  The kids especially love it.  The other day we were enjoying some nice weather, and Rob was teaching the kids what he had learned that week at Kung Fu. 

 They are especially great at doing the kicks!

 And this is just a cute picture of Zac watching Rob throw his ball really high in the air.  I love Sadie's face in this one.

 Hammin it up for the camera.

 Anyway, Rob just got his purple belt in Kung Fu, so he gets to spar now.  Like real fights and stuff.  He had his first match (if that is what you call it) a week and a half ago and came home with a HUGE goose egg on his arm.  He was blocking kicks with his arms...which he now knows is a no no.  His arm is still turning colors from that one.   This is Sadie wearing his gear.  He told her to keep her arms up to protect her face and this is what she did.

 And here is a close up of grandma from that last picture.  Snoozing while holding of my favorite things to do!

And here is Zac wearing his gloves and face mask.  Fun stuff!

Need some new earrings???

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PS.  I know I need to update my blog...don't worry.  Hopefully tonight I will catch up!

Monday, April 16, 2012


As hard as I try, I still haven't gotten Emery to laugh at me. Sadie has, Uncle Luke has...and this past weekend...Aunt Shanna has. Check it out.

Love it! Good job Shanna! Now just teach me how to do it! :)

Grandma and Grandpa

My parents came to town this weekend to halp my brother drive to Connecticut this week. He got a job there...we are sad to see him and his family move. Calvin is the only cousin we have nearby. We didn't spend enough time with them, but when we did it was tons of fun. And Sadie told me that she was really going to miss him when he moves. Sad. Anyway, we had a great weekend with my parents and brothers. We went out to eat, had a treasure hunt for Evan, had an Easter Egg Bash, ate lots of good food and celebrated Zac's birthday a little early. Anyway, here are lots of pictures from the weekend.

Sadie opening Zac's present...i mean helping him. No she did a really good job just helping and not taking over. He got a farm toy, a car wash toy and some tractors.

Uncle Scott and Emery.

This little closet is very often "Sadie's home". Somehow she convinced Grandma to get in there with her. ha ha After a while grandma said she had to leave her "house" to stretch out her neck. Ha ha.

Grandma...the kids love you!

Sadie was the winner of the kids bracket for the egg bash. she was so excited!

Cute Emery. She was such a trooper this weekend! She was so happy and cute even though we totally messed with her sleep schedule!

Sadie must be very persuasive because she even convinced grandpa to get in her "house" too. I haven't ever been in her house...let's hope it stays that way!

Uncle Isaac reading to the kids.

Our attempt at getting a picture of all the grandkids. Yeah...this was the best one out of six on my camera. I wonder if my mom got a better shot??

Sadie and Zac sporting their new slippers from grandma...Sadie seriously loves hers. When she comes in from outside she puts them on, she even slept with them on the other day. Silly girl.

Grandpa and Emery wearing Zac's slippers.

Giving grandpa high fives for getting an award at work.

Anyway, we really enjoyed having the whole family together even if it was for just a few days. We miss you guys already!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Sadie is such a great big sister. She is always rubbing Zac's back or telling Emery that she is "cute-ee-full" (Her own made up word) and she just loves to hold Emery. Here are some pictures I took the other day. Love it.

Mid-drool. Nice.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dinosaur Museum

On Monday, we went to the dinosaur museum in Thanksgiving point. We had never been there and it was tons of fun. especially because we went with our good friends. The kids had a blast...we will definitely be going again!

Sadie and Jake making their own dinosaur. The kids loved this part.

Playing in the sand and water. I thought they would love this part, but they kinda just played for a minute and then were ready to go.

Sadie and Jake

This is a thing that you pedal to turn lights on. The faster you pedal the more lights turn on...Sadie got one light to turn on. She was trying so hard!

Zac and Andrew...they are such cute little buddies. Here they are checking out the huge shark!

Next up...Farm country!

Monday, April 2, 2012

How was your Conference weekend??

We watched general conference this weekend. I really loved it...well what I heard of it anyway...and I can't wait to re-listen to them all again over the next weeks. I really felt like they were all about families and really pertained to my life. Not that forgiveness, scripture reading and other things don't apply to my life. It just really reaffirmed to me that what I am doing (being a mom and wife and focusing on my family) is what I am supposed to be doing. And it is great. There are tons of things I need to improve on, and like I said, I can't wait to listen to all of the talks again so I can start working on what I need to!

This is what my house looked like on Sunday afternoon...
They both literally slept through the ENTIRE session. Hilarious! They must be related or something. Ha ha. Love you Rob!