Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas fun

Our Christmas was so wonderful! We got to talk to our families, including two siblings who are on missions and we also got to see my mom and dad using our new webcam. It was so fun to be able to talk to them while looking at them! My parents really enjoyed seeing Sadie too. It was fun! We just spent the morning relaxing and spending time together. Rob made a delicious breakfast and we played with our new toys. He got me a back massage thing that goes on a chair because my back has been not feeling so great lately. Sadie got some really fun new toys that she just loves to play with. She played with them all yesterday and is still interested in them today which is good.

In the afternoon, we made christmas trees out of ice cream cones and frosting and decorated them with m&ms. It was fun. We also spent some time with our friends and went sledding. It was a blast and it wasn't too cold outside so it was enjoyable. I hadn't been sledding in a looooong time so it was fun to go again. WE took Sadie down a couple times and I think she liked it. She especially liked laying down in the sled while daddy pulled her around in the snow. It was cute. BUt after about 20 minutes, she got cold. It is never fun when you are cold so she was pretty sad. So we took her home and gave her a warm bath which made her really happy. Rob and I would like to go sledding again when it is not as crowded and when Sadie has some warmer clothes. We'll see when that happens. Anyway, it was an enjoyable Christmas. We ended the night by reading Luke 2 and talking about the birth of Christ. I love the story of our Savior's birth and I'm glad that we could celebrate it as a family.

Now on to some fun pictures!

Here is Sadie trying to get us out of bed to open presents.

Here we all are sleding. Notice the matching hats that Rob's aunt made for us. Cute!

Here they are about to go down the hill for the first time!

Sadie was more interested in standing on top of her presents than opening them. But once they were opened, she loved it!


Rob's favorite gifts!

Here is Sadie watching her new toy for the first time. Well, maybe not the very first time, but she loves it!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Toy

Yes I know I am going crazy adding new posts, but I just had to share with everyone our new toy. Every year Rob's work has a Christmas party and they give out awesome prizes to everyone. Last year we got an awesome surround sound home theater to go with our tv that we payed one dollar for (aka we need a new one). So this year all Rob wanted was either a big screen tv or a Nintendo Wii. I was worried that he would come home disappointed even though the "smallest gift" was something awesome like an itouch or somthing. Well, he got what he wanted and brought home a Wii. We are excited to invite people over to play it...we just need to by more remote things. So it may be a while...since everything associated with this game system is so expensive. Anyway. We are excited. Merry Christmas to us. Thanks Solution Stream!

Oh how I love Christmas time

Rob and I wanted to spend some time together without Sadie, so we were going to go see the Christmas program up in Salt lake last Thursday. Well, we didn't end up seeing the concert, but it was a good thing because we got to hang out with some friends that we hadn't seen in a while. It was a lot of fun. We just met up at my old roommate Holly's house and went to see the temple lights. They were so beautiful! I had never seen the lights in Salt Lake before so I really enjoyed it. Thank goodness Rob's Aunt lives nearby so we always have a free parking spot! There were no parkings spots was pretty crowded downtown that night.

Anyway, after the lights, we went to Holly's house and had hot chocolate and cookies. Actually, everyone else did. We left because of the worried mom that I am to get home to Sadie, who was sleeping soundly. Good job Evan and Shanna for putting her down for the first time without mommy and daddy. They are great babysitters!


10 Months

Sadie is ten months old as of last Saturday and man oh man she is keeping us busy. Here is a list of things that she can do:

-She can stand all by herself for as long as she wants to.
-She can walk a little bit...see the video.
-She babbles and smiles and laughs a lot.
-She gets into everything!
-Her favorite places to play are on our bed(which makes me nervous because it is like 4 feet off the ground) and the couch. She will just crawl and jump and try to walk on the soft cushions.
-She eats all kinds of things, and she tried crepes and loved them.
-She loves loves Loves it when her dad comes home from work. She gets all excited and happy.
-And drum roll please....she can SNAP her fingers! It even makes a sound like when anyone else snaps her fingers. It is so funny. We love it!

Yes I know I sound silly...I don't know why I even put these videos on here...I guess it is so her grandparents can see how cute she is. :) Also, I realize that it is probably pretty dangerous for her to be walking with a candy cane in her mouth...especially since our neighbor just had an accident that left him with a hole in the back of his throat, so I think I won't let her do that anymore. And, sorry that it is so shaky near the end. My bad.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa Clause is comin to town...

No tears...that's my girl. She loved sucking on the candy cane that he gave her...I think there was a hole in the wrapper. :)

Merry Christmas!

Good Luck Luke!

This last week, the Kevans came to drop Luke off at the MTC. Some of them stayed with us, which was a lot of fun. We really love having family in town. Their trip was very quick, but it was good to see them. We all went to the MTC to see Luke off, I was going to bring the stroller to walk Sadie around outside while they were all in watching the movie and stuff. This was partly because I thought Sadie would be really wiggly, and partly because I don't like that room. There is just so much crying!

Well, I decided to go inside after all, and I made it through the movie and saying goodbye to Luke without a tear. I told Rob about my accomplishment. We were trying to get out, but there was a family in the way so we were stuck until they left. They were dragging out their goodbyes and even though I told myself not to, I looked around. I saw mothers weeping, sibblings crying and fathers getting teary-eyed. I told Rob we needed to leave quick...but it was too late. The tears already started coming. There was no stopping them. Soon after that, we scooted around the family and made it out before too much crying on my part. It was embarrassing. I was only crying because other people were crying. Sheesh, I'm such a wimp. Oh well, good luck Luke!

The girls hanging out

Everyone before Luke went in. He wasn't very cooperative with taking pictures when we got to the MTC, so this is the best one I have of him.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Newest Trick

Here is Sadie's newest trick. She started trying to stand up like 2 days ago and now she can do this.
She can stand much longer than this, it is just very hard to get it on video, because the second she sees the camera, she tries to get it. SO this is the best I could come up with.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


We had a great Thanksgiving with my family. My parents came up from Arizona and stayed with us. It was fun to have them around. Sadie just loved the attention so much that she DID NOT want to take a nap. Ever. It is pretty comical now that I think about it. She wasn't really grumpy ever, just when I went to put her down she would scream and scream. Sheesh.

We all ate at my house and had fun throughout the week. I'm thankful for my family! They are so awesome. We have so much fun when we all get together. It will be even more fun when my little brother gets back from his mission. We all miss him!

Here is Sadie all bundled up to play frisbee golf.

All ready to play some frisbee golf!

My mom was trying to teach Sadie how to give kisses. This is what she would do. Cute.

Here we are ready to go bowling. I'm no good, but it was fun to be there with my family.

Taking the lids off these containers with her teeth is still one of Sadie's favorite things to do.

My little helper

Sadie has been so "helpful" with the laundry lately. She is so good at sitting on the pile as I fold them and then loves to tear down the nicely folded piles when I am all done. Its fun!

BYU basketball game

One of our friends gave us tickets to the BYU basketball game a while back and we were so excited. We had not been to a BYu sporting event for at least a year, so we called my brother to see if he would "watch" Sadie for us. (We put her to bed before he even got there, so he was really just hanging out while we were gone.) So because I felt bad that it was a Friday night and my brother was going to be stuck at our house by himself, I decided to make some delicious cookies for him to enjoy. The batter tasted like all other cookie batter does...yummy. So I put them in the oven and this is how the turned out.

Raw in the middle and completely thin as paper around the edges. It was so weird. I don't know what went wrong! Oh well, we bought him a pizza on our way home and so that made up for the disgusting looking cookies.

Here we are at the game. We got the seats across from the student section so it was kinda funny to see them get all riled up and stuff. We had the comfy seats with the backs.

It was a really fun night. BYU won and it was nice to just go out on our own. We'll have to do it again sometime.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Rob and I went out to eat last night for our date for the week. I had a coupon for a certain restaurant so we decided to go there. We debated whether or not to go to Red Lobster, and i kinda talked Rob out of it because it was very pricey. Anyway, so because we had been talking about Red Lobster, we both had kind of high standards for what we wanted to eat. I wanted a steak. Well, where we ended up going was kind of like a Denny's. There was a steak that sounded delicious on the menu. It was a steak with mushrooms and brown gravy. Yum. So that is what I ordered and Rob got some strawberry crepes(which were delicious). When they brought our food out, my mouth was watering because I was imagining what my steak was going to taste like. I took my first bite, and it had such a wierd texture. I inspected the steak on my plate only to realize that it was a hamburger with mushrooms and sauce, without the bun. RUDE! I really don't like the taste of ground beef so my dinner was pretty yucky. They charged us 9 bucks for a pile of ground beef and called it a steak. I can't get over how disappointed I was. Sigh. Luckily, my wonderful husband let me eat some of his crepes.

That is all.

Monday, November 17, 2008

We Love NY

Rob's sister Crystal left for New York bout 3 months ago to serve a mission. Ever since she got her call I thought it would be cute if I made Sadie a shirt that said I love NY on it. Well, my friend Tabi told me about how she used Freezer paper to make a stencil and then used it to paint on a shirt. You can find her tutorial here. It really works great and I love how the onsie turned out. Sadie just makes everything she wears adorable. To go with the NY onsie, I made a tu-tu, another thing I learned from my friend Tabi. You can find the tutorial on how to make one here.

Anyway, here are some of the good pictures we are going to send to Crystal. I hope she likes them...we sure think they are cute!

Here she is happy and smiling!

This was her being sad when we made her sit on the blanket. She was crying and crying. She sure got happy when Daddy started dancing around behind the camera.


I don't think she knew what to do about that tu tu. She would pull at the toule and make funny faces because she had never felt anything like it before. I didn't get any pictures of that, but it was funny.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Once upon a time

There was a little girl who needed a bath. Her mom took her to the living room and got her ready like usual. With her clothes and diaper off she was ready for the bath tub. Her mom decided to let her crawl from the living room to the bathroom instead of carrying her like usual. and this is what she found.

I guess it was a good thing her mom wasn't carrying her because that mess would be on her shirt instead of on the carpet. The little girl had a fun bath and even smiled to show off her new teeth to the camera. The end.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Workout Video

I just got the Biggest Loser workout video last night and wow it is hard! I'm glad that I got it and I hope to stay motivated to continue to do it everyday. If anyone is looking for a good workout video that really pushes you to your limits, this is the one!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


We had a great Halloween! We were so excited to be able to hand out candy this year that we put chairs out on the front lawn and hung out with our downstairs neighbors while we waited. A lot of people wouldn't come to our side of the street, they would stay on the side with a bunch of twin homes. So Brad and Becky would yell at them to come over to our house. It was pretty funny. We ended up dressing Sadie up as Tinkerbell, I was a prom queen and Rob was Sir Rob.

I worked really hard on Sadie's costume and I think it turned out pretty good. It ended up being a little big on her, but it still looked awesome!

Brad and Becky (our neighbors) dressed up as a wherewolf and a punk rock girl. their costumes were pretty awesome. Anyway, here are some cool pictures for your enjoyment!

Here we all are ready to hand our candy!

Sadie as little miss tinkerbell.

She just loved all the attention!

Sir Rob had to save her from eating too much candy. :)

Brad and Becky. Brad would run around and try to scare me and was pretty funny. He also rode his motercycle around the neighborhood and his long hair would fly in the wind.

Good Idea...or NOT

Well, I had this great idea to make a little Halloween treat for our primary kids. I decided I would make some sugar cookies and Rob and I could frost them together and deliver them the night before Halloween. Well, as I started to make the cookie dough, I realized that I would probably need at least 2 batches because we recently had a class added to ours. We now have 12 kids in our class that all come very regularly. Well, after the third batch of cookie dough and about 100 cookies later, we were ready to deliver our cookies. We packed the stroller with all the cookies, I carried Sadie and we started walking. We didn't get home until after dark, but I think all of the kids were excited that we thought of them outside of church. It was a fun walk too. So while it was a lot of work, it ended up being a good idea after all...

Here is what the cookies looked like. I think they turned out pretty cute. Rob came up with the design.

Here we are all ready to go. We looked like major dorks walking around the neighborhood like this, but it was fun anyway.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cute video

Sadie has just gotten so fast at crawling these days. This is a game she looooves when daddy comes home from work. I stopped the video when I did because I thought there would be tears, but when daddy came to comfort her, she thought the game was still going so she tried to crawl away again. I wish I wouldn't have stopped recording. It was cute.

Lots to do

I've been a slacker this past month when it comes to blogging. There have been lots of fun things that have happened but I have been so busy I haven't been able to post anything. Also, my computer didn't have a power cord for a while so I couldn't upload any pictures from my camera. is a look at my October.

Here is Sadie enjoying a book with her daddy.

She found a tissue and tore it to pieces. She didn't even try to eat it.

We enjoyed visiting with Rob's old roommates at the Malt Shoppe.

Sadie on her 8 month birthday!

My parents came to visit and Sadie loved it! She was all smiles practically the whole time they were here. That is, until she had to take a nap. She didn't want to miss out on the play time.

Sadie loves to swing.

Those are just some of the things we did in October. I will try to be better about posting things as they happen. This week is going to be a busy one for me. I need to finish sewing Sadie's costume (she is going to be Tinkerbell), I am taking a test for school, and I need to do all the things I normally do like laundry and making dinners and such. I'm excited for Halloween!

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Hubsand Rob...

Yes, I meant to spell it that way. Rob and I have this thing where we say words out of order...I think his family did it while they were growing up so I just thought it was hilarious. Anyway...

Last night I went to a stake volleyball tournament. It was a lot of fun, but it was a loong night. We had to play three different teams 2 games each. I got there at 7 and didn't get home until 10. So needless to say I am very sore today. When I got home last night, I walked into the front room and everything was clean. It was a mess when I left. I continued into the kitchen where Rob met me and was showing me all the things which he had gotten done while I was gone.

He did the dishes. (There were so many they were practically falling out of the sink!)
He made apple crisp.
He started a batch of apples in the dehydrator.
He canned three jars of tomatoes.
He threw out the yucky apples and yucky tomatoes so that I could finally see the top of the washer and dryer.
He cleared the table.
He made the bed.

He is amazing.

That is all!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Another use for baby wipes

Sadie discovered a new toy during the closing prayer of the last session of conference. We felt kinda bad that there is a prayer going on in the background of this video, but you just can't help it when your kid decides to do something really funny and cute. Enjoy!

Our little crawler

Sadie has been keeping me so busy! This past week she has managed to bang her eye on the side of the bathtub which turned into a pretty black eye, she then banged that same eye, in a different spot, on the dvd player and she has come very close to injuring herself on the sharp edge of our fireplace. Sheesh. I have been such a busy mom trying to just keep her from cracking her head opened. WE really need to so something about that fireplace because it is just an accident waiting to happen. Any suggestions?

This was Sadie's new trick a couple weeks ago. I would put her down for a nap and she just wouldn't go to sleep because she just wanted to play. Fortunately, she has learned that naptime is naptime.

This is her playing by/on the dangerous fireplace. She is so fearless.

Poor Sadie and her black eye. It actually got a little cut open too. But once we gave her hugs and put her back in the bath she was all smiles again.

This is two days after the accident.

One of Sadie's favorite things to do is take the lids off of these containers with her teeth. I caught her right after she took this one off (see the blue lid in the front of the picture?) Pretty cute face huh?

We have been very busy picking apples and drying them. I made an apple pie the other day. It was the first time I have ever made a pie and it didn't look so good, but it tasted great! We still have tons of apples left on our tree and they are really good so if anyone wants some, feel free to stop by and pick some up.

Anyway, this post is just about how much I love Sadie and Rob. They teach me so much every day and I really enjoyed spending all day Saturday and Sunday watching conference with them both. They make me so happy. :)