Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Swimming lessons

These kids did great in swimming lessons a couple weeks ago.  Zac was really worried about it because he is the one with a fear of the water.  But he got lucky and got a boy teacher (usually they are girls!) that he really liked.  All the kids passed their levels (which doesn't happen often!) and Zac was sad he passed because he wanted to stay with his teacher.  ha ha.  But we probably won't be able to do swimming lessons again this summer so hopefully we will luck out with a good teacher for Zac next summer.  The kids really did improve a lot in the two weeks they were in lessons.  

Right outside the swimming pool there was a cool workout park.  They all use your own body weight as resistance.  If it wasn't so hot the weeks we went to swimming, we would have gone here every day.  But the equipment was so burning hot!  I totally wish we had one of these at the park near us.  I would use it!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

4th of July evening with friends

We spent the evening of the 4th at the Hatch's house.  We sure are glad they are our friends.  They are such great people and we have so much fun whenever we get together with them.  They invited us over for a BBQ.  The kids played outside the entire time we were there.  Us adults talked the entire time we were there.  Doug made delicious gourmet hamburgers with caramelized onions and a special sauce.  Yum.  I wanted to eat two, but I was so full I couldn't.  :)

Thanks guys!  It was a blast...as always!

I had Laurel snap a quick picture of our family all together before the kids ran off and started playing.

Riley and Charlotte were buddies.  

Seriously, what great memories in their backyard.

Riley with her star glasses and bubbles.

Eating.  I think the kids ate mostly chips. 

All the kids (minus Clara)  They all have blue mouths because they just ate cupcakes with blue frosting. 

Riley and Charlotte passing the huge ball back and forth.  Riley would roll it to Charlotte, and Charlotte would let it hit her and then fall over.  It was cute.

Laurel and I.  I'm so glad for her friendship.

Zac and Andrew.

Sadie and Jake showing off their patriotic glasses and tattoos.  Jake called himself Patriotic Man.

Emery and Ella.

Riley and Charlotte.

They also got a cat!  That was exciting to meet her.  Emery loved the cat the most.  I mean...look how cute they are together.  Too bad Sadie is really allergic to most cats we come across...I might just be convinced to get one looking at these pictures!  :)

We had to leave the Hatch's house around 7 to get home in time for Rob to pick up the flags in the neighborhood with the Young Men in the ward.  Then we just bounced on the trampoline and watched fireworks until way too late.  Riley and Emery and I ended up watching them from inside again because there were just so many huge fireworks from the neighbors that made them nervous.  And they were so loud.  All in all it was a great 4th of July!

Monday, July 10, 2017

4th of July Parade

 On the 4th of July, we stuck with tradition and went over to the parade.  We were debating because it has been really hot here (in the 100s) for like a week.  And the day before, we had bought a trampoline so we were outside all day putting that together.  It would have taken a lot less time (like hours less) if we had discovered the trick to attaching the springs earlier.  We discovered the trick when we had 14 springs left...out of 150.  ha ha.  Oh well.  So we were wanting to stay in our nice cool house that morning, but we decided to go anyway.  We actually found a nice shady spot to wait for the parade, and I actually just watched the parade from the shade the whole time.  :)  That's the way to do it.  The kids wandered up closer to catch some candy, but after two little ziploc bags full I told them that was enough candy, so they came and hung out with me in the shade. 

Rob was fun and brought some balls to kick and play catch with and he also brought a tennis ball that he attached to a rope that he uses at Kung Fu.  They had fun with that while we waited for the parade to start. 

It was a tight squeeze, but we got the trampoline to fit in the van with all of us inside.  :)

 For breakfast we had red, white and blue pancakes.  With red white and blue fruit,  well, whipped cream was the white.  

 They were really yummy.


 Then after morning jobs were done the kids went straight out to the trampoline.  They jump all day...everyday.  It's awesome.  They love it so much.  Rob was worried about his weight on the tramp, so he laid down to spread it out.  

 Cute kids ready for the parade. 

 Playing.  While I sat.  In a comfy chair.  :)

 Riley kept me company while we waited.  This girl is always eating something.  ha ha

 So the game works like this.  Someone swings the ball around and around and the person in front of the line tries to run through without getting hit by the ball.  Some other kid joined in the fun.  He kept getting hit by the ball.  ha ha.

 Zac was the king of ducking out of the way so he didn't get hit.  

 Sitting in the shade was so nice...in fact, I barely ventured out into the sun at all. 

 Sadie brought her spirograph.  These two can be good friends sometimes...

 Playing catch to pass the time.

 And I love Zac's catching face.  ha ha

 They passed out flags for everyone to hold and wave.  

 Riley and I were buddies.  She would go back and forth between the shade and the parade.  She's such a cutie.

And just to document how hot it was...Yes I know.  This is nothing to you Arizona natives, but it isn't usually this hot here for such long stretches.  But I will definitely take 102 over 118 any day!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Trip to the Reservoir and Splash pad

 A few weeks ago, we decided to take a Saturday trip down to Springville where we used to live.  We were just going to go to the reservoir and then to the splash pad but as we pulled into the small town we lived in for 5 years, I really wanted to show the kids some of the things that meant something to me.  First I convinced Rob to drive by our old duplex.  It's looking great.  There was a trampoline in the backyard, and a garden in the front yard.  That place brought us so much joy, frustration, work...etc.  But it was fun to see it again.  Then I convinced him to drive by our favorite local grocery store Reams.  We showed it to the kids and Sadie remembered it a little bit I think.  We used to walk there to get groceries and a donut.  :)  Then we continued on to the reservoir.  It is such a great place.  There is sand for the kids to play in, the water is SO cold, but refreshing on a hot day and it's just fun.  We spent a couple hours there and then headed over to the splash pad.  I had Rob drive past my Grandma's old house on Center Street which was fun to see, but also kind of a mistake because Emery didn't see it and had a little screaming fit about it.  Oh well.  She calmed down eventually.  It's fun to reminisce sometimes about things. 

The splash pad was lots of fun.  I'm still a little upset that they decided to build it and open it right after we moved away.  It is a pretty awesome splash pad.  The kids had a great time and so did Rob and I. We will hopefully make it back again before the summer is over.

 When we got to the reservoir, I was sure it would be really crowded.  It wasn't yet.  So we had a little bit of time without a lot of other people there to play and relax.

 Sadie was the first brave one to get all the way in the water.

 Followed closely by Emery.  Emery probably spent the most time in the water that day.  She is such a little explorer.  She loved searching in the sand and then running in the water.  

 Zac kinda got all the way in.  The water was so so cold!

 Proof that I was there too.  :)

 We brought little inflateable tubes to lounge in.  Riley liked it the most I think followed closely by Emery.

 They would sit in it and I would spin them around and around.  The little green one was too small to hold anyone above the water.  Ha ha.  Note to self...don't buy the little ones anymore.  :)

 I brought some old sour cream and yogurt plastic cans.  Zac was really into playing in the sand with those.

 He would dig a trench all the way to the water and then pour water into it and watch it flow.  

 Emery would help him too.

 Riley "floating" on the water.  I have floating in quotes because she is actually so shallow that she's not floating, but she didn't know.  And I was ok with that because then I knew she wouldn't float away.  ha ha  Also, Zac loved throwing rocks.  He found this big one and since there weren't a lot of people there yet, we let him throw it it. 

 I think he threw it in, but it landed in the shallow water, so he picked it up again and walked out further to throw it.

 Zac could truly do this all day long I think.  

 Rob got brave and waded in the water.  I didn't get all the way wet..it was so cold!  But he was a man, and got all the way in.

 Zac's face on this picture makes me laugh.  I think he just went under and that is his "this is freezing!" face.  ha ha.

 Then Zac asked Rob to bury him in the sand.  I would have said no, because the thought of all that sand everywhere all over Zac made me cringe, but Rob is so fun.  

 Everyone pitched in to help with the burying of Zac.  

 All covered...

 Then Riley wanted to join in the fun too.  Two buried kids.  

 So dirty.  They just rinsed off in the water and it was completely fine.  I need to remember to be fun every once in a while and just let the kids get dirty.  :)

After Riley broke out of her sand, she just sat there for a long while and I finally realized she was saying she was "relaxing."  ha ha.  What a silly girl.

 Rob and Zac built a little tunnel.

 We made our way to the splash pad and ate lunch.  We were really hungry.  Rob and I sat in the shade, but the kids were cold and wanted to sit in the sun. 

 I sent Rob out in the sun to take picture of the kids playing in the water.  I seriously love this splash pad.  It has a little river, water spraying out of the ground, and a little waterfall thing.  

They also have a few statues of kids along the side.  Riley kept hugging them all.  It was cute.  

It was such a fun day.  It makes me want to do it every Saturday!  But when we got home, we were all exhausted.  What a great day in Springville!