Monday, June 30, 2014

Sadie lost a tooth!

 Sadie has had a loose tooth for about a month or so.  She would show or tell anyone and everyone about it.  It was pretty cute.  She kept wiggling and wiggling that tooth until it was really loose.  So I made sure to take a picture of her with all of her teeth before it fell out:

 What a cutie!

 Then began the efforts to pull it out.  She would try to pull it out with a kleenex, and then she recruited Rob to give it a go.

 He tried, but it didn't come out.

Then a few days later we tried the old dental floss method and Rob pulled that sucker right out!  She was so excited!

The tooth fairy came and visited her that night (she almost forgot!!) and Sadie was so excited.  She told us that she had weird dreams that night and she thinks it was because the tooth fairy spilled some of her special dust on her when she was taking her tooth.  I think she looks pretty cute with a little hole in her mouth!  :)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Slip and Slide

 We got a slip and slide at the beginning of the month and the kids have really put it to good use!  They love it.  These are pictures from our first time taking it out of the box.

 Emery was as happy as can be.

 Zac and Sadie started by just running on it.

 And Emery followed right behind...this picture was so perfectly timed.  ha ha.  It took right as her feet slipped out from under her.  She did NOT like it and took a long break on her towel.

 Then Zac and Sadie figured out how to use the inflatable sliding things that came with it.  

And played with them for a good long while.  

Emery liked the inflatable sliders too, but she used hers as a bed after she got over being angry at the slip and slide.  Now she walks slowly to the end and runs back to the beginning in the grass.  Silly girl!

Camping in Springville

 We really wanted to take the kids camping before I have this baby, so a few weeks ago we drove down to Springville in the canyon and went camping.  It was so fun.  The kids had a blast getting dirty and throwing rocks in the creek and playing on the giant playground that was there.  I thought I was going to be really really uncomfortable being 34 weeks pregnant, but it wasn't really very bad.  I slept just as well as I do at home (which is lousy, but hey...what can you expect) thanks to the air mattress we brought.

 When we got to our campsite, the kids promptly found a little caterpillar hanging from the tree.  It kept them occupied for a long time.  ha ha.  

 Girls picture...this was pretty much just for proof that I was actually there.  :)  Although, I made a big mistake forgetting to take my allergy medicine before we left.  My allergies were CRAZY!!  

 Here is Rob setting up the tent my parents let us borrow.  Thanks mom and dad!  I was not of any help with tent set up.

 But he got it with help from the kids!  Hooray!

 By the time that was done it was time to eat.  So Rob started our fire so we could roast hot dogs.  Zac's favorite meal...can you tell?

 The kids were a little nervous about getting too close to the fire, so Rob ended up cooking most of them himself...but here they are trying their very best.  :)

 Silly kids.

 Then we visited the creek for a good long while.  

 Sadie and Rob walked on this log over the creek.  It was a miracle they didn't fall in!

 S'more time!  I learned that I am the only one in my family that actually likes s'mores.  I can't believe that!  Sadie likes to eat roasted marshmallows, Zac likes to roast the marshmallows and then throw them in the fire, and Rob likes to eat the chocolate.  ha ha.  So I made myself about four of them and enjoyed them thoroughly!

 Then we walked over to the giant park and let the kids play for a while.  It was about 8 pm or so.  Emery was really tired and decided to throw a fit about something about 20 feet from the park.  We left her there to cry on the grass until she was ready to come play.  She sat there for about 15 minutes.  SHe would stop crying and if we looked at her she would start right up again.  Finally she decided she wanted to play and came over and joined the kids on the playground.  Silly girl.

She discovered she likes to swing, which she has hated her whole life.  Now she swings on our swingset in the backyard all the time!

 I think their favorite part was the rock wall.  Sadie was a pro, but I don't seem to have a picture of her.  After the park we walked back to the tent and got ready for bed. 

 The kids got to watch an episode of Little Einsteins while Rob blew up the second air mattress with his mouth.  We didn't have a it took about as long as the episode lasted...maybe longer.  The funny thing was that when he was done, we realized the mattress had a leak.  So it was all for nothing.  The kids slept great despite the leaky air mattress.

 And of course, I had to take pictures of everyone sleeping while I was awake in the morning..they all slept until seven or so...which never happens at home!  Here is Zac.

 Rob caught me... cute.

And Sadie.

We had a blast camping, but when we got home we were all pretty tired.  can't wait to go again sometime...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Zac's last day of Preschool

 Zac has also been done with preschool for a few weeks, but I am just now getting around to posting about the end of the year party.  We did a neighborhood swap preschool this year with Zac.  I was a little nervous about how he would like it, but turns out he loved it!  I am so glad that I did it.  So I was in charge of the end of the year party.  We made graduation hats out of paper, and then went outside for some water activities.  I got them each a squirt gun and wrote letters on the ground.  Then they had to pick a letter out of the jar and run and find it and squirt it until it disappeared.  The kids had a blast...the only problem was that when they pointed their guns at the ground, the water wouldn't squirt out.  Thank goodness I had bought some sponges!  we switched to sponges and that went much better.  :)  Then we ate ice cream sandwiches and gave out their "diplomas".  It was a lot of fun. 

 All the kids with their water guns!

 This was after we switched to sponges.  Much faster results.  

 Zac with his graduation hat.  So cute!

All the cute preschool kids!  So fun!

Sadie's last day of Kindergarten!

 Sadie has been out of school for a couple of weeks now, but I am slow at posting things.  :)  On her last real day of school (her actual last day was field day...) the parents were invited to come see a little program and a small award ceremony.  It was a lot of fun, although Emery was VERY restless because she was very tired and cranky.  I had to keep her occupied with my camera. 

Sadie got to recite the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty with a small group of classmates.  It was fun to see her up in front of everyone.  She did great.  Sadie has really enjoyed school this year and she was sad to have to say goodbye to her teacher Mrs. Tapia. Mrs. Tapia was such a great teacher and I hope she is still teaching Kindergarten when Zac starts school. 

 Humpty Dumpty.  

Selfie with Emery...every time I needed to take a real picture she got upset.  It was rather difficult to keep her quiet.

 Here is Sadie's award she got for being in Kindergarten. She also got the "smarty" award which Rob likes to tell everyone means she was the smartest in the class.  ha ha

 Here she is with her friend London.  We carpooled with her every day this year.  It was great for Sadie to have such a good friend in her class.

Sadie and Mrs. Tapia.  A few of the kids in her class were Polynesian and they were related somehow.  They gave all of the kids in the class one of these fun candy leis.  

On to first grade!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Garden Park

There is a park nearby called Garden Park.  It doesn't have a play place or anything.  It is dedicated to teaching you how to conserve water and grow plants and stuff.  It is pretty neat.  I took the kids there the other day so we could look at the cool plants growing there right now.

I love these purple flowers.  My neighbor has them and they just look so fun in her yard. They look like giant purple dandelions. 

Every time there is a bench or something to sit on, Sadie tells me to take a picture.  :)

We are looking for plants to put in our flower beds in front of our house.  I like this one, but I don't know what it is called.  Anyone?

There is a sand box which the kids love to play in.  Shovels and sand.  It kept them happy for a good long time.

Sadie planted some kind of pretend flowers.

There were some little houses for the kids to crawl through. There were about 7 in a row.  And Emery crawled through every one of them.  

I also love this tree but don't know what it is called...anyone??  :)

Ladybug seats.

This is what the kids did most of the time we were there.  Looked for potato bugs or "rollie pollies".  ha ha. And there were TONS of them crawling all over the place.  They would pretty much stop at every single one they saw and touch it so it would roll into a ball and then pick it up and carry it around until they found the next one.   It was pretty funny.