Sunday, February 22, 2015


 Emery cracks me up.  She can be so feisty, but a lot of the time she is just really creative and absolutely hilarious!  Here is an outfit she picked out one day last week.  Mittens to keep her hands warm, rainboots, sunhat, long sleeves and a completely see through ballet skirt.  She is ready for anything!
If you look closely at this picture, sometimes she gets out of the house with two completely different shoes on.  ha ha

These days she is learning how to be sneaky.  Usually when she is quiet for too long, I go find her getting into my makeup or lip gloss in my bathroom.  One day she was being too quiet, so I told ROb to go find her and that she was probably in our room getting into something.  (I was making dinner)  Then I hear him say "...Lindsey I'm going to let you take care of this one."  So i asked him if I needed to bring my camera and he told me yes.  I found her hiding under the covers of our bed which were covered with a fine powdery glitter that she found in my make up stuff.  FOrtunately, It was all on Rob's side of the bed!  ha ha.  Then she came out from under the covers and I saw that she had dumped it all over her head.  Sigh.  I've got to keep my eye on this one!  She sure keeps us on our toes.  But we sure do love her!

A walk with dad

 This is what a walk with daddy looks like.  The kids can talk him into anything!  ha ha

He made it all the way to the corner like this, but then I told him to put the kids down so he doesn't hurt his back.  :) 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Riley the seven month old

 Our little Riley is seven months old.  We all just love her so much!  She thinks that having something or someone in her face is just a normal part of life...which it is around here!  :)  She is so sweet.  She loves to eat puffs and baby food.  She is learning how to move.  Not crawling yet though.  She is very content and doesn't cry much.  She loves to play peekabo and is very ticklish.  She still doesn't sleep through the night, but only wakes up once usually.  Here are some fun pictures from recently:

 I thought it was funny that she was holding the ball with her feet, and the brush with her hands.  My little monkey!

 She likes to swing.  And she is adorable!

 She loves her big sister Sadie and her big brother Zac.  She gets a little nervous around Emery because usually when Emery is around something gets taken away or she gets knocked over.  ha ha

 She loves to be outside.

 ANd I think she likes bath time...

Here are a few skills she has picked up recently.  I love how she no longer brings everything straight to her mouth.  She is learning how to move things without doing that.  And she is close to crawling.

She discovered this today.  I thought it was hilarious.  She did this for a good twenty minutes.  Her cheeks were even puffing out.  :)

An this is William and Riley stealing each others toys.  I don't know why, but I think this is hilarious!

Family Pictures

 We got some family pictures taken while we were in AZ.  I just think that my kids and my nieces and nephews are the cutest!  Here are a few of the best ones we got.

 Here is Evan and Shanna's family.

 And here are a couple of my kids.  Love them!

These next few are of my parents with all of their grandkids.  I like looking at my moms face in the first few.  Ha ha.  And Calvin's face.  :)  Sorry mom.  But I want to remember these pictures.  ha ha

 These next two are better.  

And here we all are.  I sure do love my family.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

License Plate Name

I spotted this license plate in the Cabella's parking lot while we were in AZ.  Of course we had to get a picture of "Emers" with it.  I think I will print this out and hang it in her room.  Ha ha.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Videos galore

This first one is of Emery picking oranges at grandma's house.  This happened every single time she picked one.

Here is a video of Riley and I playing peek-a-boo.  It is hilarious.  SHe was so tired she didn't know whether to laugh or be scared.  ha ha.  I had to upload it to youtube because it was too big to put on here.  SO the link below will take you to it.

I found this one on my phone from a slow afternoon.  We turned on some music and apparently the best place to dance is on the counter.  ha ha  Zac's dance is so funny and Sadie doing the Robot.  My kids are so funny!

THis is Emery rocking out to Roar on pandora while she does her job of putting the silverware away.  Ha ha.  This girl is always singing.

This next one is also Emery...I posted it on instagram a while ago, but I need it here too.  Just because it is funny.

Here is another video that I posted on instagram.  This is of Zac's soccer team last fall.  So funny. 

And this is what happens...

 When you leave your camera lying around with my brothers nearby.  Thanks guys.


Trip to AZ

We took a trip to AZ a couple weeks ago.  It was such a great trip.  Rob and I are still saying to each other that it was probably the best trip we have ever had to AZ.  The kids were great in the car both ways, we did lots of fun things with grandparents and cousins, and it was just pleasant.  I guess we should make these trips more often! 

Here are the kids the night before we left (I think).  Zac had climbed into Sadie's bed because he was scared.  So cute.

We got there on Saturday evening.  The next morning we got up and ready for church.  This was snack time before we left.  Yummy cheese balls.  ha ha  Grandma always has the best snacks!

The kids spent some time in the back yard.  Sadie gave rides on the tricycle.  

We also got some family pictures taken while we were there by my aunt. (I'll post those later) We took them right by this awesome climbing tree.  Sadie loved it.

We also got to spend some time at my grandma's house.  She has an orange tree in her backyard the perfect size for the kids to pick some oranges.  

It was pretty fun.  

One of the days we went to a park with a picnic lunch.  There were bees everywhere and Emery was kind of freaking out.  As you can see in the picture.  ha ha. It was a fun time though.  

We got to witness this beautiful sunset one of the nights we were there.  Nature is so pretty.

 Of course we had to take a picture in the cactus garden at the park.  ha ha  The kids were getting brave touching all of the cactus.  A little too brave for my taste. 

 We went on a hike one morning.  It was beautiful weather.  It was a "waterfall hike".  Here is grandma reading the rules about hiking on the trail.  

 The kids did great!  

 Emery caught a ride part of the way, but she walked a lot of it too.  It wasn't a hard hike...mostly flat.  And I like how you can see Daisy being carried by  Evan in the background.  ha ha

 I got to carry Riley.  :) She fell asleep on the hike out.

 Grandma with the kids (minus Calvin).

 We made it to the "waterfall".  Ha ha.  At least there was a puddle of water to throw rocks in.  Sometimes after it rains there is a waterfall on those rocks behind us. 

 Here we are at the Peacock park.  Actually, we played at the park and couldn't find any peacocks, so we went over to the nearby library and found tons of them.  Pretty cool.

 Here is me and Evan at the outlet mall.  The Superbowl was about 5 minutes from my parent's house so they had all kids of football stuff up.  

 Of course we had to hit up Cabellas!

Sadie loved playing with Daisy.  She would give her sticker after sticker and they had a great time.  

We visited the new phoenix temple while we were there too.  Riley was asleep in the car so I just got a picture of these three.  But the last time we came, the temple wasn't done yet.  So it was neat to see it all done.

There was an egg bash of course.  Sadie won the kids division.  She was so happy.  

Riley watched from the sidelines.  And ended up under the couch.  ha ha.

Here is great grandma and all the cousins.  These kids are the cutest.

Riley had a great time with grandma on the rocking horse at the park.  I love how she is holding on with her little feet!

Thanks for an awesome vacation!  We hope we can do it again soon!