Monday, June 29, 2015

Sandy Waterfall

 I think I have posted about this little hike a few times on my blog the last couple years, but we just love it.  It is short and sweet and the kids can do it by themselves and there is a waterfall!  It is great.  We went last weekend to celebrate the first Saturday without soccer!  ha ha

 We really should get one of those baby hiking backpacks because she always looked like she was about to fall out of this one!  She didn't seem to mind being in it though.  Thanks Rob for carrying her the whole way!

 The start of the hike.

Here is a side by side of us hiking this year versus last year.  Wow.  My belly was huge.  And Emery was so small.  What a difference a year makes.  

 We made it!

 They had to walk through the water a little to get up close to the waterfall.  Rob pretty much carried Emery by the arm because she couldn't step from rock to rock. Rob is seriously the best.

 Zac found a cherry in the water.  

 Family Selfie.

 Zac climbed up some rocks and I thought I better follow him in case he got stuck or fell or something.  That boy is brave.  When I got up to where he was and looked down, I was scared.  ha ha. 

 Pretty waterfall.  This is the biggest I have ever seen it. 

Fun things

 We have been enjoying our days of no schedules and no commitments these last few weeks.  We can just pack up and head to a splash pad if we want to.  It is so nice!!

 This is a splash pad near Rob's work.  We like to go there in the afternoon and he will meet us when he is done working for the day.  

 Zac and Emery love the squirt gun things.  ha ha.

 The tractor is the best part...although it doesn't squirt any water.  I think it used to though...

 We have started teaching Sadie how to cook some things all on her own.  We started with fried eggs which was a big mistake because she was getting very frustrated that she couldn't flip the eggs without breaking the yoke.  I tried to console her by telling her I that I break the yoke about 50% of the time.  So we switched to scrambled eggs.  She did it all by herself.  She even made them for us for dinner once.  I can't believe she is old enough to be cooking!

 When Rob gets home from work...

 I got some plastic cups from the dollar store and showed the kids some of the cup stacking videos on youtube.  It is amazing how fast those kids can stack cups!  They spent the rest of the morning building towers and trying to do it like the kids on the video.

 Don't remember where we are going...probably the splash pad.  I love my kids.

 This was at Zac's last soccer game.  It was pretty warm and there was lots of complaining coming from these two girls.  So I set up this little "tent" and they were happier for a little while so I could watch the game in peace! 

 Then Emery had a complete meltdown right as the game was ending.  The only way I could get her to stop screaming was to try to take her picture.  She thought that was funny.  I want to remember that my kids are sometimes difficult.  But I still love them tons.

 Zac with his trophy.  What a cute kid.  He scored at least one goal in every game this season.  I am so proud of him!  

Another cup tower.  They would build it up and then take turns crawling through it to knock it over. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015


 We were at the park one day and noticed a ton of flags on display.  I told Rob about it and on Flag day (which was Sunday) we went over to check them out.  It was pretty neat to see so many flags all in one place!  They were up for child abuse awareness so we talked to our kids about how not all kids are as lucky as they are to have such great homes and lives.  (not to toot my own horn or anything...ha ha)  But it was sad to read some of the statistics they had posted on signs about child abuse.

It was a lovely little activity for our Sunday afternoon.

 Rob's elbow was wrapped up because two weeks before his elbow swelled up to twice the size it should be.  So I made him go into the Dr. and they said it was infected and he took antibiotics for 10 days.  Two weeks later it still was filled with fluid so I made him go in again and they drained it out.  Pretty fun adventure for him.  :)

 So cool to see so many flags in one spot!

 Relaxing in the shade.

 Riley can stand up for a long time now, but she won't take any steps.  But I think this picture is fun.  

Zac and Emery wandered through the flags the whole time we were there. 

Me and Sadie.

Zac took this picture and I think it is pretty great.  Except that he and Emery are missing.  :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


 We might eat too many popsicles in the summer.  

 But I just think all kids are adorable when eating melting popsicles.

And Riley is learning how to cheese it up for the camera.  ha ha

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer Time!!

 Sadie's last day of school was June 5th.  Wahoo!  It has been a nice week not having any kind of schedule.  I've worked out a little schedule we go by including chores, reading time, quiet time and outings.  It has worked great so far.  Mostly we have done lots of playing in water in the backyard.  So fun.


They always want to share with Riley.  I think it is because she is so cute when licking a popsicle.  

 Ha ha...

 Slip and slide!  

 Emery is finally getting the hang of it...if you remember, last year she had some trouble...


 Rob put Zac's hat on and Riley wouldn't let him keep it on. 

These kids have so much fun together.  They are so happy Sadie gets to stay home for the summer.  That doesn't mean they get along all the time, but mostly they just play and have fun.  

 Riley loves the water too.  

 These kids were making up a game where they would soak their bums in the water and then run and make bum marks on the cement.  ha ha.  I remember doing the same thing when I was a kid.  Now I just cringe a little thinking about how it is wearing out their swimming suits.  ha ha

 This was Sadie's last day of school.  They had a field day and we were lucky they had lots of leftover otter pops.  They shared with us.  

 Riley loves the slip and slide. 

 Ha ha.  She loves it as long as it isn't spraying right in her face like in this picture.  

 We ambushed Rob after he got home from work one day.  The kids waited and waited with their water guns loaded.  They soaked him pretty good.  Then they tried it again the other day and he caught on so he snuck around the house and got the hose and soaked them!  ha ha  Good times

Riley and I watched and laughed at the water fight from a comfy spot in the shade.  

Here is a video.  I love Emery's technique.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

BYU duck pond

 Today we got to go help Luke and Taylor move from their apartment to another one around the corner.  I'm excited for them since their new apartment has a washer and dryer!! I remember when we finally got our own washer and dryer.  It was life changing!  I hope they enjoy it!

 Rob helped them with the bigger stuff...Emery "helped" too.  :)  THe kids were very helpful.  They carried bags of food and kitchen stuff over to the new apartment for them.  I was surprised at how much they actually did.  

 We also hung out outside for a while.  It was a beautiful day!

 When we were done with helping them move, we walked down to the duck pond by BYU.  We all spotted the Y on the mountain.

 I didn't take many pictures, but it was a fun trip.  We walked up the stairs and found a little pathway and saw a small river with ducks and ducklings in it.  I could sit and watch baby ducks all day long.  We fed them a little bit and then went on our way down another path.  

THe kids in front of Y mountain.  

It was such a fun trip to Provo.  It always brings back good memories from my days at BYU.  We even saw a new splash pad.  Next time we will have to bring our swimming suits.  :)

I think my favorite part of the day was when we were walking down a path near the duck pond and we walked past an older lady sitting on a bench.  We said hello and she looked at Riley in the stroller and said " old is she??"  Rob put his arm around me and said "yeah, I think she is cute too.  She's 29."  ha ha.  He loves to do embarrassing things like that to me.  But the lady just laughed and said "keep doing that.  My husband used to call me his princess."  It was a fun little conversation.  I love Rob and the funny things he says.