Friday, July 30, 2010


Since I did a whole post just for Sadie, I decided to do a whole post for Zac too. He is just growing up so FAST! I can't even believe it. He is such a sweet little guy. He makes us all smile.

This is his new toy. He doesn't get to play with it much though because he has an older sister that thinks it is hers. He loves it in there though because he loves to be sitting up.

Just a cute picture.

What he does best. Being cute!

I love this picture. It really shows how sweet of a little boy he is. Doesn't it just make up want to smile and kiss his chubby cheeks? I also love his ONE dimple. So cute!

Zac trying to talk.

This is what Zac does whenever he isn't sitting all the way up. It is so funny. He tries so hard to sit up, but his head it just too heavy that he just ends up lifting his legs. :)

Our Silly Sadie

Sadie is so fun these days. She loves to learn new things and is always impressing me with her knowledge. She loves to play outside and get DIRTY! She also loves her brother. Here are some pictures and videos of our silly Sadie!

She loves to make messes! This was what she did one day while I was nursing Zac. She brought all of her books and put them right in the only walkway from our rooms to the kitchen and living room. Silly. And that's not even all of her books!

The other day we (and by we I mean Rob) were outside staining the picnic table. Sadie was wandering around and staying out of trouble...or so we thought.

I found her playing in a tiny puddle of mud and it had gotten ALL over her! Good thing there are such things as bath tubs. Sheesh.

She is getting really good at blowing bubbles too. This is pretty much a daily activity during one of Zac's naps.

Notice how SMALL the puddle was. How could such a small puddle make such a mess!?

Sadie loves to have and do everything Zac does. Here is an example.

She has become quite the singer. Here she sings her own version of twinkle twinkle little star, sunshine and then other songs I don't recognize.

We just LOVE our Silly Sadie!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3 Months!

Zac is three months old! Wow, time has really flown by. I can't believe it. Sheesh. Here is a picture of Zac at three months and Sadie at three months. See any similarities?





I think they look really similar in the last two pictures. I don't know though. I love them both!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dress up

Rob's mom came down to visit her mom this last week and she came down and saw us one afternoon. She brought this cute pink box full to the brim of dress up clothes. Cinderella, Snow White, Bell...and more. Sadie LOVES it. I think her favorite part are the shoes. You know those plastic little high heels they make for little girls to play with. She puts them on and tries to walk, but it is a little wobbly. So funny. I have one pair of high heels (about an inch and a half high...) and I still have trouble walking in them. So I can relate. :)

Here are some pictures of Sadie playing dress up.

After every dress she put on...she did a little twirling action. I think she was getting a bit dizzy in this picture.

I don't really know what character this dress is trying to portray...but that is ok with us. She still loves it!

Grandma helping Sadie get her Snow White outfit on.

Here she is complete with a crown. So cute!

And this was her audience. I could just tell that Zac loved it! haha

Thanks Grandma and Great Grandma for the visit! It was fun to see you guys and Sadie loves her dress up clothes!

Friday, July 23, 2010

The many faces of Zac

I have started to take more pictures of Zac because as I was looking through Sadie's baby pictures, I noticed I took sooooo many more of her. So I'm trying to catch up. Its fun.

My two boys. I love Zac's chubby cheeks in this one. Haha!

This was on Sunday. Sadie just can't stand it if I cuddle with Zac and not her! So she joined in on the fun.


Smiles. It is harder to get pictures of smiles these days because when he sees the camera he just stares at it without changing his expression. It is funny.

Flared nostrils. :)

This is his new trick. It is so cute because I will hear him sucking from across the room and look over and he is just sucking really loudly on his hand.

This was at the park in the shade of the stroller. I was trying so hard to make him smile...making myself look dumb, and this was all I got. That's ok...he is still a cutie!

This one is my favorite. His expression is saying "too close!!!" We had been taking pictures like this and this was like the 4th or 5th one and I guess he had had enough. haha.

I love Zac. He is such a mellow baby. He makes our family so happy. But there is a problem...he is growing WAY too fast! I can't believe he will be three months in a couple days. Sheesh. Slow down dude!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Duck Duck Goose

Sadie's favorite game these days is duck duck goose. She always wants me to play with her, but I don't always have the energy to play for as long as she wants to play. So I told her one day to play with her dolls. This is what happened.

She doesn't quite understand that you are supposed to just run around the circle and sit down again...she just always runs to her room. It is funny. I love how she does her arms between every "duck". That is her running. I guess she thinks if she moves her arms really big that she is running. So funny.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Days

I love the summer...not so much the heat, but that it means we can go outside and play play play! Sadie has been loving our little inflatable pool and we use it almost everyday. Anyway, here are some pictures of our summer days.

Blogger is doing something really weird right now so I can't really add captions to the individual photos. And they are all out of order. Sorry. Anyway... One of them is of Rob staining our new picnic table that his dad mad while he was visiting. Isn't it awesome! We love it. The other pictures are of us using our grill. We love it because it doesn't heat up the house. Most of the time Sadie and Daddy are grilling outside while Zac and I chill inside. Sometimes he sleeps on the couch while I get on the computer. Also, there is a picture there of me cooking pizza on the grill. Let me tell you, it is sooooooooo good! We love it and have done it twice more since I took the picture. The crust turns out so yummy. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Free Money!!

On Wednesday I got a large envelope in the mail from Nielson tv survey company or something like that. I had gotten a smaller one a few months ago and they wanted me to do a survey and send it back in. I put it on our small table in and then it got buried and I forgot about it. So then when I was cleaning up one day a few weeks later, I found it and read the paper. It said something about how they sent 2 dollars in the envelope as a gift for filling out the survey. So I looked in the envelope and sure enough there were 2 crisp one dollar bills inside. So I decided to fill out the survey and send it in since they were so nice to send 2 dollars.

So when I opened the envelope on Wednesday I was so surprised. Check out what was inside:

Yes that is right. 30 dollars! I'm rich! Not bad for taking a survey that took two minutes to fill out. Actually they want me to do another one but that isn't hard either. So I guess I will think twice before throwing away those surveys companies send in the mail! Sweet!

I treated our family to snow cones at the little shack thing by our house with my earnings. It was a fun little outing.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Sadie has lots of friends. She is very social and loves to play with them. Whenever her friend Jake is outside (he lives across the street), she yells "HIIIII JAAAKE!" until he either comes over to say hi or goes inside. It is hilarious! Yesterday, we got to go to her friend Hunter's grandma's house and her and Hunter went swimming. It was so fun watching them play together. We definitely need to play more often!

They mostly hung out in the pool, but there was also a little swing set and slide that Sadie loved playing on. We would wet the slide down so it wasn't too hot and then she would slide right off the end of it and land on her bum. It was so funny!

Hunter's laugh is so great. I love it. The video is so shaky because I was laughing so hard. We couldn't really laugh out loud though because he didn't like it if we laughed at him. That was really hard because he is just so dang cute!

Thanks Hunter and Stacie for letting us play. And Marissa it was great to see you too!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Zac's Blessing

We blessed our sweet baby boy on the 4th of July. It was an awesome day. It was super fun having both families around to play with the kiddos. Sadie just loves both sets of grandparents. Here are some pictures of the weekend with family.
Zac was really into looking at grandpa one morning. It was so cute. He must have been looking at him like this for about 5 minutes.

So smiley...and chubby! :) Check out that double chin!

Sadie loved to try to play the wii with Andrew and Rob. It was fun for her.

On our blanket waiting for fireworks to start! We dressed them in their 4th of July outfits and within about 20 minutes, Zac had a messy diaper and got it on his onesie. Sheesh.

Family was a fun time waiting for the fireworks...but it made it hard the next morning to wake up to get to church on time.

We played Sorry while we waited. It was fun...I don't remember who won. I think it was my mom...anyone remember?

Zac and Daddy -the two most handsome men ready for church. Like the matching ties? I got the idea from my sister in law who did it for their little boy's blessing a few months earlier. Check it out here.

So cozy.

Family picture...we can't ever get one where everyone looks good. Oh well.

Sadie playing with Andrew and Grandpa.

We loved having everyone here with us and we can't wait to see you all again. We already miss you!

Thank You Evan

A few weeks ago, my brother Evan sent Sadie a little something in the mail. She still has it and looks at it multiple times per day. Check it out.

If you can't understand what she is saying...she is saying "Sadie, Dog, Zac, Bobby, Cloud and Pizza." Those are the pictures that Evan drew for her.