Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sadie's big girl bike

Sadie got a new bike. Well, new to her...someone was nice enough to give it to us for free, so I bought her a helmet at a garage sale for one dollar and she was off. She loves it. And now Zac can kinda ride Sadie's old bike...well, he mostly just sits on it. But he likes it.

We rode over to the church so Sadie could practice turning in the parking lot. Zac just wanted to play in this gross puddle.

She was very good at dodging Zac.

Big boy riding Sadie's old bike. (she actually rides this bike a lot faster than her new bike because she is kinda scared of falling down on the bigger bike. kinda funny)

She looks so old here.

Rob being a good dad and helping Sadie turn around.

In action..she did very well.

Then when they were all done riding, we went to Walmart. The kids just relaxed in their seats and drank their water. When she took her helmet off, she told me "my hair is all sweaty!" It was pretty cute.

A new game

Zac made this game up this morning. So funny. He played it for a long time. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Funny stuff

The kids have been sick again, so these past few days have been hard. But they sure are cute. Here are a few of the things they have been up to.

When I can't hear them, I usually find them together. Sometimes getting into trouble, but sometimes just sitting in the chair reading books. So cute.

Zac tries so hard to be grown up like Sadie.

Funny kids.

Then the other day when Sadie had to go to time out for something, Zac wandered into the room with her. When I came in, this is what I found:

Ha ha. It was so cute that I had to take a picture. Zac just can't leave that girl alone even when she is in time out. Of course Sadie was happy that I was taking her picture when she was supposed to be in trouble.

Then Zac joined in on the "cheese".

The kids like to sit in these stuffed animal storage bins that I recently got at Ikea. It is pretty funny.

This is a picture of Sadie putting makeup on Zac. ha ha. He just let her do it too. She got a toy cell phone at the dollar store from daddy and I had no idea it had makeup in it until she got home. She loves it.

I made the kids a tent in the living room. They played in it for a long time. Fun. And I really like this picture.

The full tent. Pretty cool!

Color festival

I don't think I ever blogged about this, but I just came across these pictures on the computer. So I thought I would post them for fun. Rob and his brothers and Heidi went to the festival of colors this last year. I can't even remember what month it was, but basically it is some religious ceremony where people throw colors (aka chalk dust) at each other. Sorry I really don't have any more information about it than that. I stayed home with the kiddos. It looked very messy but fun. Apparently though, there were a TON of people there...kinda glad I didn't go because I probably would have felt very claustrophobic.

My handsome hubby all colored up.

The three stooges...I mean brothers.


Daniel and Heidi.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Slugs and garden stuff

We have a problem in our garden:

Snails like to come and eat our tomatoes. I didn't even really know they had mouths...but whatever. This is photographic evidence that they do in fact eat our tomatoes. While my mom was here a couple weeks ago, we went out in the garden one morning to go on a snail hunt. We must have found over one hundred snails in our garden and right near by. It was crazy. Every day we would go out bright and early and we would find at least 20 but more like 50 or 60 a day. Now we find about 10 to 20 when we go out (we go out every other day or so). The kids are really good at helping me find them.

Occasionally we find a slug or two. These things are nasty. I have to use a spoon to pick them up because they are so gross. Even typing about them right now is giving me the goose bumps. Ew. So the last time I was out I took some pictures. We happened to find two on this particular day.

This picture doesn't do it justice. It was longer than my pointer finger. So gross.

When you try to move them, they get all short and fat. Bleh.

And this is why it is hard to spot them. They blend in with our nice weed collection we have going. This one was trying to make its way to a hideout, but I got it just in time.

Anyway, our garden is doing well...we have picked tons of tomatoes, a few bell peppers, a few really bitter cucumbers, and lots of green beans.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Main Street in Springville

All ready to go for a long walk.

Yesterday I decided that the kids and I needed to get out of the house. So I loaded them up into the double stroller and we went for a walk to main street. I have been wanting to go to a few stores on main street since we moved here but because I haven't had a car, I haven't gone. But both kids are now old enough to last that long on a walk and it was really fun.

We went to funfinity which was really fun for the kids because they had a train table set up for them to play on and other kinds of toys to look at and play with. Also, they had some good educational workbooks and stuff for Sadie, but they were very overpriced. Oh well. I bought one. Then we loaded up into the stroller and walked down to SOS Drugs. I have never really known what was in there, but I heard there was ice cream for a buck so we checked it out. Yes...I let my kids eat ice cream at 11:55 before they had any lunch. :)

We had to eat our ice cream on the run because Zac had a poopy diaper and I forgot to stick one in my bag. So we walked home and ate lunch. It was a fun outing. There are more stores that I would like to check out further down main street, so maybe before I get too big we will check them out!

The train table...I kinda wish we hadn't seen this until we looked around the store a little bit, because it was really hard to tear them away from it!

SOS Drugs. Different than I thought it would be, but we will probably go again!

Sadie was so good about sharing with Zac. Whenever he wants a bite of something, he just opens his mouth really big and yells "AH AH AH AH AH" until you put something in it. It is pretty funny.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Grandma and grandpa came!

This post is about 2 weeks late, but my parents came to town for a little visit a couple weeks ago. Of course, the kids loved it. Well...Sadie did. Zac decided to get really sick the day that they got here and we had to bring him to the emergency room and spend the next day in the hospital. After that, he was really clingy to me, but by the time they left, I think he was warmed up to them.

We had a great time while they were here...and we can't wait to see them again! I just realized that I hardly took any pictures of the kids with grandma...and none with grandpa. Sheesh. I need to do better at that!

I just like this picture because it looks like Zac is standing there giving a thumbs up. But he is looking at ducks in the distance and eating a sucker. ha ha.

Grandma and Sadie peeling the delicious corn that we bought at the roadside stand!

The kids showing off their new super jammies! They love them! And I think they are adorable.

A nice picture with scuncle scott.

We took a walk to the sno cone stand. Yum!

Sadie with her pretty braids that grandma did for her. Oh yeah, and there is Scott doing what he does best...LOUNGING AROUND! ha ha

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our little adventure...

This is a long post, but I wanted to record it so I remember it.

Yesterday, I had the idea to drive Rob to work. Not such a bad idea except that his work is 45 minutes away. The reason that I had this idea was because we needed to look at a house about 5 minutes away from his office to see if we wanted to make an offer on it. The morning drive went well, the kids were great and I made it back safe even though I was really stressed because of all of the construction on the freeway and the fact that I didn't have my phone with me. But it went well.

On the way to pick him up after work, everything was fine...there was a lot of traffic, but I made it all the way there and the kids were awesome again. Sadie fell asleep actually so that was good. We picked Rob up and proceeded to drive over to look at the house. On the way there we saw the UP house. We didn't drive very close to it, but it was cool because there were a ton of balloons sticking out of the chimney. We were going to drive right by it on the way home, but we forgot.

Anyway, we got back on the freeway and headed home with Rob at the wheel. We made it to Thanksgiving Point (almost-about 1 mile away) when Rob noticed the car completely lost power. Great. We were in the carpool lane in the middle of rush hour traffic. So I told him to get over quick before we lost momentum. He was a pro and got over to the shoulder and we slowed to a stop. It wasn't a very big shoulder but it would have to do. We proceeded to call my mom and have her look up tow truck companies in the area so we could get towed because our car would not even start. We sat in the car for about 25 minutes and the kids were just being so great sitting in their car seats when finally someone said they would be there in 20 minutes. I didn't think the kids would last that long, so we got out and proceeded to walk down a dirt embankment (in my flip flops...now I know why my dad always told me to wear shoes!) and across a construction zone to a gas station across a street. Now, getting across the construction zone is a story all on it's own (I was carrying Zac, holding Sadie's hand and trying to figure out how to get across this huge trench while about 20 construction workers just watched. Finally a guy in a tractor hopped out and escorted us across!), but we made it to the gas station. From there, my brother picked us up and drove us home after we waited there for about an hour and a half.

Anyway, that night when we got home I was just pretty frustrated about the whole thing and why it had to happen. Especially when we remembered that we had left the kids blankets that they sleep with every night in the car at the shop. So annoying! Then I woke up in the middle of the night and wasn't able to sleep because I could not stop thinking about how blessed we were to have it happen how it did:

-We could have broken down that morning when I was alone with the kids without my phone. That would have been terrible.

-We could have broken down in a construction zone where there was no shoulder to pull over on or even where the lanes on the freeway split.(you know what I'm talking about if you have driven on the I-15 recently) In that case we would have caused a whole backup of the freeway.

-We could have broken down where the kids and I weren't able to get out of the car.

- Evan was able to come pick us up...even though him and his wife had plans to go out to eat that night. He came anyway and probably drove an hour total to get us home. Thanks! (Sorry Shanna!)

-Rob was able to get us all the way across four lanes of traffic during rush hour within seconds. It was amazing. I am so glad he was driving!

-My mom was home and able to help us look up numbers of tow trucks.

Now when I think about it, it is a little annoying not having a car right now, but it couldn't have happened any better. Kinda weird. Anyway, thanks to everyone who helped us get home last night. We won't find out how much it costs to fix our car until Monday. :)

And here is a picture of my little troopers. Sadie was a HUGE help at the gas station because Zac was being really wiggly and a nuisance. I love my kiddos!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Somebody is learning how to use scissors!

And she makes funny faces when she does it too. Ha ha. Reminds me of my dad who used to open and close his mouth when using scissors.

So funny!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Did I do that???

It was my fault really...I heard the crinkling sound that only the opened bag of Cocoa Roos sitting on our table could make. It took only 3 seconds for my to realize that was what the sound was and I came running out to the kitchen to see this...

"Am I in trouble??"

Fortunately, I thought it was funny. And it was very fortunate that we had already eaten half of the bag...so it didn't ALL go to waste! :)