Saturday, May 11, 2013


So today I was out back with the kids and Rob was out front doing some yard work when I heard him call me and the kids to go out front.  We went out front and this is what we saw:

 Aren't they adorable!  I loved it!  The little ducklings were so cute.  They would follow their mom everywhere.  If she stopped, they would stop and crouch down in the grass.  If she nibbled on something in the grass, so would they.  We stood outside and watched them waddle all around for about 15 minutes.  I could have stayed out watching them for hours.  They are so cute!  So glad we got to see these little guys today!
On a completely unrelated note...we played with shaving cream the other day...
And then we took showers right after.  :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Wedding and Zac's birthday

I have tried to write this post like three times, but our internet and computer have been acting up, so the pictures wouldn't load.  Finally I got them to load!  So a couple weekends ago, we got to see Luke get married.  It was tons of fun.  We loved having a lot of family around and the kids especially loved having their cousins over.  They are still asking me when we are going to see them again so they can play!  I guess we need to plan a trip to Oregon!  :)

Anyway, the wedding was really nice and the kids did really well. 

The day before the wedding was Zac's birthday!  He is three!  He kept saying "it's my birthday right?"  ha ha.  I love that kid.  We put up some streamers across the hallway so he had to run through them when he woke up in the morning.  We told him to run through them, so he backed up, started running, and then crawled under them.  Ha ha.  It was so funny.  We just hung out that day and then that evening, we had the family come over to eat cake and ice cream. 

It was such a fun weekend!  Here are some pictures. (not in chronological order)

 Here is Emery on our way home after the wedding reception.  She was so tired!

 Rob giving his congratulations to the groom.

 Zac's birthday cake.  He had Cars candles.

 Enjoying some delicious birthday cake.

 One of our attempts at a family picture...

 Here is another...

 I love this picture...they had their reception at a barn at Wheeler Farm, so instead of throwing rice when they left, they gave us birdseed so the birds could eat it later.  So fun.

 Bride and groom with all the nieces and nephews.  Well, almost all of them.

 Zac got a hold of the camera and took this picture,

Then Sadie got a hold of the camera and took this picture.  Which turned out awesome.  I love it.

We are definitely in need of a new camera because as I was looking through all of the pictures we took over the weekend, i noticed they were pretty much all blurry.  :(  Any suggestions as to what kind we get?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sidewalk chalk

We have lots of space to draw with sidewalk chalk at our new house, so the kids have fallen in love with drawing outside.  Their favorite things are simon says color, we draw shapes on the ground and I call out a shape and they run to it, and they love when I trace their whole body.  It is lots of fun. 
 Here is Zac.  He did an excellent job tracing the line that I drew for him.
 Of course he wanted me to take a picture of him on himself!
 Here is Sadie's creation.
And I wasn't going to do Emery, but before I knew it she layed down just like this and patiently waited until I came over and traced her.  ha ha.  I helped color her in though.  :)