Monday, October 27, 2008

Cute video

Sadie has just gotten so fast at crawling these days. This is a game she looooves when daddy comes home from work. I stopped the video when I did because I thought there would be tears, but when daddy came to comfort her, she thought the game was still going so she tried to crawl away again. I wish I wouldn't have stopped recording. It was cute.

Lots to do

I've been a slacker this past month when it comes to blogging. There have been lots of fun things that have happened but I have been so busy I haven't been able to post anything. Also, my computer didn't have a power cord for a while so I couldn't upload any pictures from my camera. is a look at my October.

Here is Sadie enjoying a book with her daddy.

She found a tissue and tore it to pieces. She didn't even try to eat it.

We enjoyed visiting with Rob's old roommates at the Malt Shoppe.

Sadie on her 8 month birthday!

My parents came to visit and Sadie loved it! She was all smiles practically the whole time they were here. That is, until she had to take a nap. She didn't want to miss out on the play time.

Sadie loves to swing.

Those are just some of the things we did in October. I will try to be better about posting things as they happen. This week is going to be a busy one for me. I need to finish sewing Sadie's costume (she is going to be Tinkerbell), I am taking a test for school, and I need to do all the things I normally do like laundry and making dinners and such. I'm excited for Halloween!

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Hubsand Rob...

Yes, I meant to spell it that way. Rob and I have this thing where we say words out of order...I think his family did it while they were growing up so I just thought it was hilarious. Anyway...

Last night I went to a stake volleyball tournament. It was a lot of fun, but it was a loong night. We had to play three different teams 2 games each. I got there at 7 and didn't get home until 10. So needless to say I am very sore today. When I got home last night, I walked into the front room and everything was clean. It was a mess when I left. I continued into the kitchen where Rob met me and was showing me all the things which he had gotten done while I was gone.

He did the dishes. (There were so many they were practically falling out of the sink!)
He made apple crisp.
He started a batch of apples in the dehydrator.
He canned three jars of tomatoes.
He threw out the yucky apples and yucky tomatoes so that I could finally see the top of the washer and dryer.
He cleared the table.
He made the bed.

He is amazing.

That is all!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Another use for baby wipes

Sadie discovered a new toy during the closing prayer of the last session of conference. We felt kinda bad that there is a prayer going on in the background of this video, but you just can't help it when your kid decides to do something really funny and cute. Enjoy!

Our little crawler

Sadie has been keeping me so busy! This past week she has managed to bang her eye on the side of the bathtub which turned into a pretty black eye, she then banged that same eye, in a different spot, on the dvd player and she has come very close to injuring herself on the sharp edge of our fireplace. Sheesh. I have been such a busy mom trying to just keep her from cracking her head opened. WE really need to so something about that fireplace because it is just an accident waiting to happen. Any suggestions?

This was Sadie's new trick a couple weeks ago. I would put her down for a nap and she just wouldn't go to sleep because she just wanted to play. Fortunately, she has learned that naptime is naptime.

This is her playing by/on the dangerous fireplace. She is so fearless.

Poor Sadie and her black eye. It actually got a little cut open too. But once we gave her hugs and put her back in the bath she was all smiles again.

This is two days after the accident.

One of Sadie's favorite things to do is take the lids off of these containers with her teeth. I caught her right after she took this one off (see the blue lid in the front of the picture?) Pretty cute face huh?

We have been very busy picking apples and drying them. I made an apple pie the other day. It was the first time I have ever made a pie and it didn't look so good, but it tasted great! We still have tons of apples left on our tree and they are really good so if anyone wants some, feel free to stop by and pick some up.

Anyway, this post is just about how much I love Sadie and Rob. They teach me so much every day and I really enjoyed spending all day Saturday and Sunday watching conference with them both. They make me so happy. :)


So this past week I woke up early in the morning and opened the door to find a pleasant surprise sitting on our porch. It was a little plate of cinnamon rolls with a little poem and a picture of a ghost. The poem read:

The Phantom Ghost
The Phantom Ghost has come to town,
To leave some goodies as I see you've found.
If you do not wish a curse to fall,
Continue this greeting, this phantom call.
First, place this Phantom where it can be seen,
And leave it there 'til Halloween.
This will scare other Phantoms who may try to call,
Be sure to participate - you'll have a ball!
Second, make 2 treats, 2 Phantoms, and 2 notes like this,
Deliver them to 2 neighbors who might have been missed.
Don't let them see you, be sneaky and quick,
The hardest part is deciding whose house to pick.
Third, leave at the door where there is no light,
Ring the doorbell, run, stay out of sight.
Be happy, have fun and come join the season,
The best kind of tricks are the ones that are pleasin'.
And remember this one very important fact,

Then it also had a picture of a cute ghost that you hang on your door so that people know you have already been "phantomed."

So I made some cupcakes and made some orange and brown frosting to deliver to our neighbors. It was fun to see them put their ghosts up on their doors the next day.

It was really fun. Then two days later, on sunday morning, we found another plate this time with carrot cake on it and a poem much like the first but a little different. It had a picture of a "Boo" ghost (basically a ghost with a bubble coming from his mouth that says boo) that we need to put up in the window and we have more treats to deliver. Its so fun. If any of you are looking for a fun activity to do one evening this is a good one. You could start the Phantom in your neighborhood! :)


Today I made a pizza for dinner...not just any pizza. The Best pizza I have ever eaten I think. Well, I had some really good pizza compliments of Shanna, but this is the best pizza I have ever made. The crust turned out perfect. The sauce turned out great and the toppings were delicious! It was a chicken alfredo broccoli tomato pizza. YUM! Rob is not big on broccoli so I left half of it without it. It was so so yummy! This will for sure make its way into my usual dinners that I make!