Monday, March 31, 2014

Lunch with Dad

 A couple weeks ago, Sadie had the day off of school, so we decided to go eat lunch with Rob at his work.  The kids love going inside the building where he works...even though there's not much to see.  :)  But the cafeteria is pretty nice.  They have lots of choices for food.  We lucked out that day because they had macaroni and cheese so the kids got that of course!  So while Rob gets all the food ordered and ready, the kids and I pick a spot to sit.

 Sadie and Zac...I can never get Zac to smile anymore.  ha ha.  This is cute too.

Emery and I shared a bench in the booth.  It is always interesting sitting next to her...Rob usually does it during meals when he is home.  He is a good dad/husband!

 This is what the kids did while they waited for our food.  Normally I wouldn't let them if we were at a restaurant, but this place was a little more relaxed (and clean) so I let them play under there.

Emery always says "pretend I'm the baby ok??" Sadie loves to "take care" of her, so she is always up for it.  ha ha.  Here she is giving her a hug.

Finally the food got there.  Note Zac's face again.  ha ha.  We all left very full.  It was yummy.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Living Room sleepover

 A few weeks ago I walked out and looked at my calendar and saw Rob's handwriting on it.  This usually doesn't happen.  So I looked a little closer to see what it said: (look at the 21st)

 Living room sleepover.  At first I thought it was a Young Men's activity or something so I was a little worried about it.  But Rob told me it was Sadie's idea.  So I said it sounded fun!

 Luke and Taylor happened to be over at our house that evening because earlier that day, they took Sadie and Zac to the brand new aquarium.  They won free tickets to a preview of the aquarium (which they said was not even finished yet) before it opened to the public.  The kids had a blast of course. You can see Taylor's blog post about it here.  So glad she took some pictures since I wasn't there to see it.  :) So Luke climbed into the "tent" for a while and played with the kids.

 They had fun.  We actually just used our kitchen table with blankets over it for the tent.  :)

 Then we finally started the movie.  Wreck it Ralph.  It was a cute movie.  We had never seen it before.  The kids each got a few snacks and some popcorn to eat while watching the movie.

 Emery didn't last the whole movie.  I put her to bed about half way through I think.  But these two just sat still through the entire thing.

 Rob even slept out there with them the whole night.  I don't think he actually slept much though...

This is what I found in the morning.  I think they had fun...although it probably wasn't our best idea to let the kids stay up three hours past their bedtime when they were sick.  Saturday and Sunday were pretty rough on them.  But it was a fun activity and we will probably do it again soon!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


 It seems i have way too many posts on my blog about us being sick.  But that is life.  My kids never just get a runny nose or a little cold.  Their coughs are always accompanied by a high fever for a few days, low energy and most of the time they throw up.  Weird.  It seems like they should have built up immunities to this virus or whatever it is by now.  Oh well.  Sometimes it is nice to have some slow days and turn movies on and lounge around. 

While we went to church on Sunday, Luke and Taylor were so nice and stayed at home with our kids.  Both Rob and I had to teach that day so we were so grateful they could do this for us.  When we got home from church, this is what we found. 

Zac cuddled up with Luke, asleep in his lap.

 And Emery asleep on Taylor's shoulder.  So precious.

 This is what Emery looked like most of the week last week.  Fortunately, she has her energy back now.  

 She made herself a bed in the oddest places.  This is on the floor in my room.  She always had her water bottle with her too.

 Of course the sickness spread.  This is Sadie.  She liked to lay on the tile after she ate lunch or breakfast because she didn't have the energy to walk the five steps to the carpet.  ha ha.

 Zac got it too.  He spent a lot of time on the couch as well. 

 Another sleeping Emery.

Here is Sadie trying to get her fever down.  Poor girl.

The good news is that (knock on wood) they all seem to be better now.  Hooray!  Just in time for the rainy  ha ha.  The weather was so nice when they were all sick.  Oh well, it will be back soon i'm sure.

Happy birthday Grandpa Kevan!

Rob's family came down to Utah to visit during their spring break.  It was a fun time.  We love having people over!  The kids love all of the extra attention too.  :)  Rob's dad was here on his birthday (last monday) and he was nice and took everyone out for dinner at Golden Corral.  My kids love buffets because they get to choose lots of different things to try.  We had a great time and we hope grandpa had a great birthday!

 Emery wanted some ice cream from the dessert table, but she decided on this fluffy pink cotton candy instead.  She was a little weirded out at first because it was kinda hairy...but uncle Alan showed her how to eat it and then she dug right in!


 Here is the whole group!  Yay!

 Happy kids eating their desserts.  Zac got ice cream and Sadie also chose the cotton candy.

The kids really enjoy having their grandparents here.  Here the kids are cuddling up to him as he reads them a story.  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Smoothies and popsicles

 Every once in a while, I decide I want to make a smoothie for myself for breakfast.  The kids don't really like them, and Rob will drink a little bit sometimes, but mostly they are just for me.  You would think by now that I could have mastered the art of making just enough smoothie for one person.  Nope.  I always add the fruit and look at it and think "that's not enough" so I add a few more blueberries and peaches and maybe a little more banana.  Then I blend it all together and somehow it multiplies into a smoothie for 5!  Ha ha.  Every time.  So recently, I came across a popsicle mold I bought a long time ago and decided to pour the leftover smoothie into that.  Score!  The kids loved them!

Don't ask me why they won't drink fresh smoothie, but they will eat it when it is frozen to a wooden stick.  ha ha.  Oh well.  It works.  Last week we had some beautiful weather and we were able to go outside and enjoy a yummy smoothie popsicle. 

 Emery was very good at taking bites.

 This is just cute...her hair is ALWAYS in her face.  She refuses to let me do it in the mornings...and sometimes it is a battle I just don't want to fight.  :)  SO When her hair gets in her eyes I tell her I can't see her...

 This is her solution.  Ha ha.  Look at that cute face!

 Showing me her technique.  Pretty good.

Many more smoothie popsicles to come as the weather heats up I'm sure!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Zac's haircut

I finally cut Zac's hair.  I don't even remember the last time I cut it.  It had been a LONG time.  Mostly it was because our hair clippers were broken, but also because I am lazy.  :)  I finally went out and bought new clippers (the cheapest who knows how long they will last.  ha ha) and cut Zac's hair.

He absolutely hates getting his hair cut.  He hates having the little hairs all over his face, so he cries and sucks all the hair into his mouth which makes him more upset.  So it is very difficult to give him a good haircut, but what can you do?  I think it turned out ok this time.



 Mess...don't mind all the crumbs.  That's a lot of hair.  We won't wait so long between haircuts next time.  

 After.  So handsome.

Much better!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My birthday!

 My birthday was last week but I have been so busy that I haven't had time to post about it yet.  What have I been busy with you ask?  Well...just look and see...

 Rob got me a KitchenAid mixer for my birthday!!!  I have been wanting one of these for YEARS.  Seriously.  So I have been busy mixing and baking up a storm since I got it.  :)

 I love it.

 And the kids love to watch it in action too.

 Here is Rob putting my cake together.  I mixed the cake batter and I made the frosting so I could use my new mixer.  :)  Turned out delicious!

 While Rob was putting the cake together, Emery was tucking Uncle Duncan in for a nice nap.  She put that blanket on him herself.  ha ha

 Then she joined him for a nap.  So cute.

 Lighting the candles...He didn't actually put 28 on there.  Can you believe that?!?!?  I think I only got nine!  ha ha  

My mom and dad joined in the festivities while I blew my candles out.  :)

I had a great day and I love my present.  It has been put to good use so far.  And I've only had it a week!  Rob is the best!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's a....

GIRL!!!  That's what the lady giving the ultrasound said anyway...and that was after she had to poke and jiggle and try to get a better look.  The cord was right between her legs, so I'm only about 70% sure that it is a girl.  I never trust the ultrasound 100% anyway.  But we are so excited about having another little girl in our family!

We put some pink balloons in a box and had the kids open it to find out if it was a boy or girl.  They opened the box and yelled "balloons!!"  So I said "so are we having a boy or girl?"  And they didn't know.  ha ha.  I guess we should have explained that pink meant girl and blue meant boy before they opened the box.  :)  I asked Zac if he thought pink balloons meant girl or boy and he yelled BOY!  ha ha.  Then we told them it was a girl since the balloons were pink.  Then he referred to his balloon as a girl the rest of the night.  ha ha. 

Another girl!  We are so excited!