Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What were YOU doing yesterday during lunch?

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Because this is what we were doing. And it made me smile. A lot. Enjoy!

Just so you all know...I tried doing exactly what SAdie was doing to make him laugh...and he didn't even smile when I did it. Sheesh. It was really cute.

And here are some totally unrelated pictures. I just think they are awesome!

Hope your day is awesome!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zac Laughing

Tonight we got Zac to laugh a TON. It was a good laugh too...I can't figure out if it was because it had been five hours since he had slept, or because I was being really hilarious. I had been trying all day to make him smile and laugh, and then tonight he just wouldn't stop. I love it. Now the poor tired boy is sleeping. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Zac moves

Zac is almost 4 moths old. Wow. Anyway, he can now hold onto some of his toys and cross his eyes while looking at them...see?

Isn't that awesome!? Ha ha. Sadie still loves being his big sister and is always asking to hold him. I love this picture because Zac is wearing a cute little vest.

We got a walker for Zac (for freeeeee) because he loves to be upright. My arms get tired of holding him up all the time so I started putting him in the walker. He loves it for the most part. Sometimes he tries and tries to get those toys in his mouth but they are just centimeters out of reach. Poor guy. He can actually move it pretty well. Only backwards though. Here's some proof.

Zac has actually been really fussy for the past week which is really out of character for him. So I started looking around in his mouth and it looks like he might be getting a tooth. On the bottom but off to the side. I hope that is what it is because that will mean that the end of his fussiness is in sight, but who knows. We'll keep you all posted!


...califragalisticexpealidocious. Pretty sure I don't know how to spell that word. But all of you Mary Poppins fans out there will get what I'm trying to spell. So this past March was my birthday. I had the privilege of having my family and my grandma in town to celebrate. Well, they were actually here for Calvin's (my nephew's) baby blessing, but it was a bonus that my birthday was at the same time. So my Grandma gave me a birthday card that had a clip from that song that would play when you opened the card. Sadie has loved that card since the day I got it. She will open it and close it and dance to the music.

Well, two days ago (yes, the batteries have lasted this long) somehow the card ripped and we could see the little devise that made the music play. We figured out how to make it play by hand so that is how she started playing with it. Then one time I heard the music start to play...it sounded...different. Something like this:

She somehow figured out how to make the music speed up by touching some of the connections with her finger. It has been endless entertainment. So thank you grandma for getting me that card. Let's hope the battery lasts a little bit longer!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sadie and her bike

Sadie got a bike from Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas this last year. She has loved it and pretty much rides it every day. We have taken it outside a few times, but she has mostly enjoyed riding it inside. So today we took it outside and she loved it. It was hilarious! She put on her hat and her sunglasses all by herself and wore them the whole time we were outside.

She would wave to the cars that drove by and at one point she would try to race them. It was so adorable. SHe can't quite reach the petal yet, but that sure doesn't slow her down. I love her!

And this is what Zac has been doing all day long. Discovering his voice...very loudly. This video doesn't really show it that well, but he gets camera shy!

National Smore Day

I opened my email two days ago and saw an email from my mom about how it was national s'more day. National S'more day is on August 10th. I have always LOVED s'mores...maybe it has something to do with the scene about s'mores in the Sandlot movie. Anyway, So I decided that our family would have s'mores for dessert last night. We unfortunately didn't get to making them last night, so we made them tonight instead. It was a blast!

We roasted the "mallows" in the oven. It worked out pretty good.

We decided to eat them outside because we knew they were going to be a big mess. So Rob took his s'more and Zac, and went outside while I helped Sadie go to the bathroom. We were going to meet him out there. Anyway, when I got there, this is what I found. It was sooooooo funny.

He couldn't quite reach it with his tongue. Zac seems to think it is pretty funny too!

Messy but oh so good.

Sadie quite enjoyed them too.

Two of my favorite people practically wearing their s'mores.

It was a fun little activity! And since I was snapping pictures outside, I didn't get to eat my s'more until we were inside and Rob was giving Zac and Sadie a bath. (I know...he is the best!) And since they both got a picture taken after their first bite, I took a picture after my first bite. Not quite as messy though, but I didn't put it up because it wasn't a good picture.

Happy National S'more Day! Maybe we will make it a yearly celebration!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Highland water park.

I know I know...three posts>??? Well, I need to catch up.

But first, can we just admire how cute my kids are? I mean seriously?!? Look at that.

Ok...back to business.

So on Saturday, we took the kids to the highland water park. Sadie loved playing there last year and this year she had even more fun. It is so fun to watch her play. At one point, Rob came over and sat down with me and Zac and we just watched Sadie from a distance. She is so funny. She just ran around and would follow other kids around. She is such a cutie. Anyway here are some pictures.

Rob was such a good dad. He took Zac for a lot of the time, and when I was tired of chasing Sadie around, He switched with me. I just love him. He is sporting the sombrero we bought at DI right before we went to the park. We actually bought it for me, but the wind kept blowing it off even when it was tied. Oh well, He looks pretty cute in it I think.

This was right before we left. I love how Zac's lip is sticking out like that. He didn't really like having his feet in the water. It was pretty cold. And check out Sadie's smile. So funny!

This was the first thing she did when she got in the water. Lovely.

Then she went over to the spray fountain things. She loves these. She kept trying to push the water back into the ground. So funny. I love this picture because she is mid turn. She was running all over the place.


Sadie and Zac make me smile constantly. That is, when Sadie isn't throwing a fit and Zac isn't pooping on me. (which happened twice this weekend. YUCK!) She is always wanting to sit in his walker toy and the bumbo chair that we borrowed from friends. It is pretty funny. Here are some pictures of my sweet kiddos.

Here is Sadie trying to keep Zac's head still so she can kiss him on the cheek. She gets really frustrated that he doesn't keep his head still for very long.

She finally planted one right on his chubby cheek.

And he was all smiles about it.

He is three months old now, and he weighs 16 pounds. My arms are getting really strong is all I have to say. :)

Our garden

Well, our garden has been treating us very well this year. Sadie loves to pick our peas and eat them raw, and we have picked a TON of green beans. We have picked a handful of cherry tomatoes every other day or so, a few cucumbers and some bell peppers.

These were all picked on one night. Guess what we had the next day for dinner? FAJITAS! They were delicious.

I just picked our first "big" tomatoes that have turned red. They look so yummy. I can't wait to slice into them. And I got one cucumber too.

As you can see, two of our tomatoes look like this on the bottom. Anyone know why this happens? Are they just rotten?

Anyway, we are really pleased with our garden so far and we can't wait until our corn starts getting ready to be picked!

Zac Laughing

Rob was making Zac laugh while I was getting ready for church on Sunday. Of course I ran and got the camera to make a video of it...I was recording for about a minute when I realized that it wasn't recording!!! Sheesh. But lucky for us, Zac kept on laughing long enough for me to make a short video of it. Enjoy.

Sorry the lighting is so TERRIBLE. Guess I should have turned on the light in our room.