Friday, May 22, 2009

Yet another video.

This happened yesterday. Sadie made this game up all by herself. Of course, it was while I was trying to go through all those ads and make a shopping list. But whatever keeps her busy and happy right. I jsut made my list later...


Thursday, May 21, 2009


I've been spending the last few hours of my time not cleaning like I should be, not crocheting like I want to be, not playing guitar hero like I want to be, but jumping from blog to blog reading about talented women around the world. It is truly amazing how creative some people can be. I'm not too creative, but I see something that I like, and I can try to make it.

I spent a good amount of the last few hours on this blog: It is so awesome! I've been inspired to get my sewing machine out and make myself some cute clothes! And some for Sadie too.

I just wish I had unlimited resources to fabric, yarn and any craft supply I can think of...but *sigh* everything costs money. I have a monthly budget for my hobbies, but I can spend that in a little less than 5 minutes if i wanted to. Also, I have been trying not to spend too much money so we can pay for other things. Anyway...I am working on a few projects and will hopefully post about them when they are done. That is if I'm not too lazy. :)

Check out that blog. It is awesome.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sadie pictures and videos.

I have a lot of cute pictures and videos of Sadie so I thought I would finally put them on the computer so I can show all of you guys!

This is a box that Rob got when he went to Sam's Club. She loves it! She will just sit in it for like 20 minutes. She especially likes it when we push her around in it.

Nothing is safe anymore. This happens about 5 times a day. I need to put a child lock on that door! As you will see in a later video, her favorite dvd cases to look at are the high school musical ones.

We went to feed the ducks. There was duck poop everywhere!!! When we got in the car to go home, I looked back and the bottom of her shoe had a huge chunk on it. It was pretty gross!

This is the only picture I got of Sadie and her fat lip. You can't really tell, but her upper lip was pretty swollen. Poor girl.

Today I needed to go get some things from the grocery store, so I packed Sadie in the stroller and we walked to Reams. She was just being so good that I decided to get her a treat. I was going to buy some popsicles to share when we got home, but I had to walk home in the heat, and I don't think they would have made it home. It was pretty hot. So I bought her a little pushpop thing. She LOVED it. I kept checking in the stroller to make sure she was doing ok...and after a while, I just couldn't look anymore. She was SO messy. haha. You can't really see, but her whole shirt is COVERED in the melted pushpop. It was a fun outing!

This is a video from when Evan and Shanna were over. Sadie kept saying "what's up with that". It was so funy. Of course, when I pulled out the camera, she didn't do it as much. She says it a couple times here though i think.

This is at the place we had been babysitting. sadie just loved the trampoline. I never let her get on when Rob wan't home because she would run so close to the edges that she would almost fall off. It was scary. But she loved it. Here she is just playing and running in circles. In the next video, you'll see what happens when it is time to get off.

She can usually avoid the edges longer than that so that Rob can't reach her, but she lost her balance, so he caught her quick that time.

Hope you enjoyed the vidoes. I will post soon about stuff I have been working on. Have a great day!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Babysitting, Fat lip and happiness

What a whirlwind these past few days have been. Since last wednesday, we have been babysitting for a family whose parents went on a cruise for their tenth anniversary. They asked us to do this like last summer so we were prepared. We are watching only 2 of their 4 kids. One little girl is 3 and the other just turned one. So I have been hanging out with three little girls the past few days. At first it was hard because none of the kids wanted to sleep. Actually Sadie slept really was the other 2 who wouldn't sleep. But that is taken care of and now it is so much more enjoyable. The one year old actually got really high fever, like up to 104 so the grandma took her to the doctor and found out that she has an ear infection. Like her 5 or 6th one in a row...but she is doing fine on the antibiotic. It has been a fun experience.

This morning though, while the older one was at preschool and the one year old was taking a nap, Sadie totally face planted right onto her mouth on the hard kitchen floor. I picked her up and her mouth was all bloody. Her little lips swelled up and she was pretty sad. But I gave her a piece of ice to suck on and that cheered her right up. I'm just glad that she didn't land on her nose...that would have left a mark!

On mother's day, Rob treated me so well and made me pancakes got me guitar hero for the wii. I was really excited about that. WE haven't gotten to play it much since we are staying at this other house, but we got the weekend off, and the kids grandma came to watch them, so we played a little bit on sunday before we came back. It was a blast!

On Sunday, we were singing in choir and I was off to the side a little bit because Sadie was being really wiggly. I saw a guy walk in with his wife who looked like a general authority. I was pretty sure I knew who it was but I wasn't 100 percent positive. Anyway so they came up and sat on the stand just as I put Sadie down to grab my bag. She ran right up to him and was just looking for something of his to get into and he played with her and said "she knows who loves little girls doesn't she" I laughed and made some kind of joke, and then went down to find my seat. When the bishop got up toe anounce the program, sure enough, it was Elder Nelson! So awesome! I guess his wife's sister lives in the ward so while they were visiting, they stopped by and spoke in our ward. It was pretty neat.

Some other good news is that I ordered some really cheap clothes online. Each were less than 7 dollars but were originally like 80 or 100. They came in the mail today and they all fit!!! WOO HOO. I love them!

I guess that is all. pictures!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Arizona Trip...Finally

These pictures are not in order, actually they are backwards from when they were taken. But you get the idea. I went down and spent a week in Arizona with my parents with Sadie. It was such a blast! I drove down with my parents because they had been in Utah visiting us kids and then we flew back to Utah with my mom so she could see my brother and sister in law graduate. Sadie did so well on the way down to AZ in the car. Hardly any crying and a lot of laughing. Sadie sure enjoyed all the attention from her grandparents and she really loved that she got to explore a new house with tons of new things to get into. That girl is BUSY! We went to the zoo, visited my grandma in Mesa and just hung around at home. I helped them pack a little bit because they were moving the next week. They are now in their new home which is AWESOME by the way. I need to go visit them again soon. :) There are a lot of pictures so you don't have to look at them all. They are mostly of Sadie...but they are just so cute! Enjoy!

This is my mom crossing a street in Salt Lake. We had so much luggage because my brother needed my mom to bring him up a huge suitcase for when he goes to DC for the summer. We took the shuttle from the airport to Temple square and since Rob was working in Salt Lake that day, he just picked us up from there...well kinda. We had to walk to his aunt's house. It isn't too far from temple square, but it is practically all uphill. And we didn't have a stroller. We did have 2 big suitcases, two carry on bags and a car seat to carry though. It was pretty funny. Here is a picture of my mom carrying one of those orange flags. She loves that.

Me and Rob and Sadie together at last! It was so good to see him again!

I just love this picture. She is so enjoying her popsicle. And look at her little blue hand...adorable!

Enjoying a popsicle on a hot summer day.

That carseat makes Sadie full of static. The sun was lighting up her hair so I just had to take a picture!

Sadie playing with Billy, my grandma's dog.

Playing in the mud for the first time.

PLaying with the hose. She was playing with that for like 20 minutes. She would have kept going too, but I thought she had drank enough water by then!

Grandpa and Sadie playing in the sprinkler.

We went to the zoo and fed the giraffes. Their tongues are so long!

Mom reaching to feed the giraffe.

This activity kept Sadie busy for a long time...whenever my mom or I wanted to get something done, we brought these out.

The night we got to AZ, this is the first thing that we did. Went on a walk with Sadie in nothing but her diaper and shoes. Hahahah. So funny. Sorry, blogger is not letting me rotate this one.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why I haven't been blogging lately

I have a new obsession! Crocheting!!! Literally every night I am crocheting from when Sadie goes to bed until I go to bed. There are just so many cool things you can make with yarn and a hook. Here are just a few things I have made so far.

Baby booties...I must have messed up because one is way smaller than the other. Oh well

I found a pattern for a granny square. It is so easy and quick to make. I think I am going to make a big blanket out of a lot of granny squares like the one on the left.

My most favorite thing to make...FLOWERS! I love making these because they are so fast. I can get like 5 or 6 done during Sadie's nap. I have so many I don't know what to do with them. I have some cool ideas though...

This was one of the first things that I made. They went to my mom for signing up on the get and giveaway on my blog a few weeks ago. I really liked them so I made myself a pair.

I have actually made myself about 3 pairs in different colors so far. They are pretty quick to make and I found a way to use some of my flowers. I wish I could remember where I found the pattern. I will make a link to it when I find it.

So this is why my blog has not been updated in a while. I am going to try to be better now that I have my computer set up in the living room so I can update while Sadie is awake. That is, if she will let me. :)

Arizona pictures are still coming...check back later!