Monday, January 31, 2011

Following in daddy's footsteps

This is the thing that Zac does most during the day. He crawls over to the computer and he loves to bang on the keyboard. It is pretty cute, unless I am trying to do something on the computer. :) And of course, Sadie loves to help.

Playing in the snow.

Last week I was so tired of being in the house. It has been a loooong time since I had gone out for longer than 5 minutes. So I bundled the kiddos up, and even though they were both sick, we went outside to play. It was great. Zac loved it. He crawled all around and Sadie ran through the snow in her boots. It didn't last more than about 20 minutes because Sadie was running around so much that she started coughing really bad. So we went in...but it was so nice to be outside for a little while. I can't wait until spring!

Zac exploring the outdoors on all fours!

Sadie impatiently posing for a picture...she just wanted to run off.

Trying to get a decent shot of the both of them in their cute hats.

Nice. Showing off her cute gloves.

Guess what is happening in 14 days???

Sadie's Birthday!

Sadie has been asking about her birthday since just after Christmas. I guess it is my own fault for mentioning it to her. I'm serious...she must have a photographic memory or something because she remembers things from when she was only 18 months old...I'm not kidding. Anyway, so the other day we decided to make a countdown chain. Now she knows exactly how long until her birthday. We are all pretty excited about it. Yesterday I was discussing a little party I was thinking about doing for her...just 2 friends will be coming over to have cake and do a little craft. She overheard me say "Sadie's party" and she got really excited and said "THANK YOU MOMMY!!!" It was so cute.

So I think it will be a hit. she keeps telling everyone that she wants a puzzle and a train for her birthday. hmm...we didn't get her those. It's a good thing we already have one of each of those things. :)

On to the good news. I think (crossing my fingers) both of our kids are healthy! Hooray. It has been a loooooooong few months and if Zac gets another ear infection I think I will go crazy. He is still on antibiotics for his third ear infection in a month and a half. Crazy. But things are looking good. It is great to have both of our happy children back. I love it!

When I brought Zac into the doctor last week, he said that Zac had bronchialitis. Don't know how to spell that one. Anyway he said that if we had a nebulizer that might work. And we do. Sadie has been using it...anyway, so we tried to use it on Zac a few times. He didn't like it. But the little mask that they gave us was pretty cute. And Sadie liked it too.

I like the little eyeballs. It was kinda too big for his face, but he did NOT like that thing on at all.

Here is Sadie trying it out. She actually preferred holding the mouthpiece. She only used the mask once.

So here's to keeping my kids healthy! Let's hope it lasts this time for real!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Has anyone ever had edamame out there? I don't really know how to spell it, but I think that is right. Well, my friend introduced me to it when we went to Costco one time. She bought a huge bag of frozen edamame and she gave me a package to try at home. Well, I loved it! It is so yummy. So we went to Sam's Club yesterday and they had the same huge bag in the freezer section. So I bought some. And it is a hit! I love it, Sadie likes it, and Rob loves it. Zac kinda tries to eat it too, but they aren't super soft, so it is hard for him. Anyway, you should all go try some. It is yummy...and healthy too!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Wanna see how I made this?

Go over here and check it out!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And here are some random videos!

When my parents visit, they always take very good care of their sleeping stuff. They always fold the blankets nicely and roll up their sleeping bags and safely store their air mattress in Sadie's room. One morning I guess my dad got a little too ambitious at rolling up the sleeping bags. Here's what happened!

In AZ, we gave the kids a lot of laundry basket rides. It was really easy because in my parents big house, there was a perfect little circle that we could go in, and it wasn't such a small circle that you could get dizzy after 2 rounds. Anyway, Sadie wanted to try it here, so I pulled both of them around for a while, but it was just too hard because when I got going, I had to turn around. So when I told her I was done, she took matters into her own hands. ps...notice the adorable matching shirts that Aunt Crys got for them!

Here is a crawling video of Zac. He is so hilarious. We have decided that he likes chaos. If there is a pile of anything on the floor, he will start crawling straight for it and plow right through it. Dominos, paper, laundry balls. You name it, he will plow it. So funny. This is one of his favorite games. Chasing a ball around the floor.


Wow. Zachary is almost 9 months old! He has been keeping us on our toes for about the last 4 months or so...He has had 2 double ear infections, a couple of colds, and the stomach flu. And now he has a bad cough and a super runny nose and he is getting some teeth in the bottom of his mouth (finally). So he was really fussy for a couple of months, but despite being sick and teething right now...we finally feel like we have our sweet Zac back. He is very pleasant to be around and smiles all the time. It has been rough not seeing his sweet smile very much in the last few months. But it is back with full force!

Here are some updates.

-He LOVES to eat. You cannot eat ANYTHING in front of him without having him scream at you to share with him. Today I was eating a piece of cheesecake and he wanted some. So I gave him a little bit and when he saw that I took the last bite...he started crying. Silly boy!

-He can crawl...really fast.

-He pulls himself up onto everything these days.

-He LOVES bath time. He would stay in there all day if we let him.

-He likes to follow Sadie around the house. And she loves that too.

-He is almost sleeping through the night. Last night he woke up at 5am but went back to sleep after a little bit of fussing until 6. Nice.

We love our little boy. Here are some fun pictures!

Did I mention he loves to eat?

Hanging out with Dad. Literally!

Kneeling down by himself. I don't know why, but I think it is so cute when little babies learn how to kneel down.

More playing. Check out that hoodie I made for him the other night! I will share details on my craft blog hopefully tomorrow. I am making one for Sadie too.

Playing with Sadie's new kitchen. Did I ever post about this? Rob made that kitchen out of some diaper boxes and duct tape. I think it turned out really good!

Standing at the couch. This is what he does every morning while Sadie is drinking her milk and eating some dry cereal. She is very nice and always throws some cereal on the floor for him to eat. ha ha.

Happy boy.

We love our little boy! Now...we just need to teach him how to stay healthy for longer than two days! :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Uncle Luke

Uncle Luke (Rob's brother) came and stayed with us for a few days while he looked for a job and a place to live in Provo. It was fun to have him here. Sadie especially loved it. It was pretty funny because we would be up at 6 with the kids and he would still be asleep on the air mattress until about 9 every day. Every time he moved or turned over, Sadie would run and grab two books for him to read to her when he got up. So I don't think there was a day that he woke up without Sadie staring right into his face. Pretty funny.

Brothers. It was nice to have some extra hands around the house...especially while I was making dinner!

He was also very good with Zac. He had another double ear infection while Luke was staying with us so he was up most of the night screaming. Hopefully he is getting better sleep at his new apartment!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sledding trip

We took the kiddos sledding a few weeks ago because there was some good snow. We were really excited because Sadie loved sledding last year and she is big enough to actually slide down some hills instead of us pulling her around. So We got all bundled up and headed on our way. Our friend and neighbor Amanda came too. We met Evan and Shanna and Calvin there. By the time we made it to the hill, Sadie was already crying and she pretty much stayed that way the entire time we were there. We did convince her to ride down the hill a couple times with daddy though. And I think the first time she went down, this crazy dog chased them all the way down and barked at them the whole time. I don't think that helped her mood.

Zac did great. He was wrapped in a blanket being held the whole time.

We are hoping our next trip will be better.

Amanda and her nephew. Thanks to her, we didn't freeze our buns off. She let us borrow some snow gear.

Selin family. I love Calvin's look. So cute.

This is how Sadie was the whole time.

All of us right before we left to go home.

Sadie getting ready to go...she was actually happy. Didn't last long.

Me and Mr. Zac.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I loved spending time with my WHOLE family this Christmas. It was so good to have everyone together for a while again.

Anyway, here are some fun family pictures that we took on vacation. Sorry, there are a lot of them. But I like them all.

I put this in here because it is just hilarious!

Scott with the kiddos.

Yep...that's Isaac for ya.

Grandparents with grandkids. I love Calvin's face in this one!

Just us.

Just a good one of everyone.

Anyway, that you to Isaac's girlfriend for taking the pictures for us! They turned out great!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas a little late

I have no excuses for waiting this long to blog about Christmas...but here we go!

We went down to Arizona for two whole weeks for Christmas this year. It was great. About 3 days before we left, Sadie got sick with the stomach flu and passed it along to the whole family. And then when we got to AZ and passed it along to everyone who entered the house pretty much. Sorry Guys! Anyway, after everyone got better, we had a great time!

Here is Zac and Grandpa in their bow ties on Bow Tie Sunday. (We made that day up :) )

Grandpa with Sadie and Zac in the backyard. Zac was always happy when he was outside. He was a little grumpy pants while we were in AZ...

This is a funny picture. Calvin and Zac in their matching Christmas shirts. I love Zac's face...his cheeks look like they have ping pong balls in them. So funny.

I also love this picture. Look at everyone's faces. I loved seeing Sadie's excitement when she opened her gifts, even when it was a toothbrush.

This was also a daily activity to keep the kiddos happy. Put Calvin and Zac in the basket and pull them around the room and they loved it!

Taking a golf cart ride at great grandma's house.

This is at Cabellas by my parents house. Sadie saw a snake and said "look at that worm!" so funny.

This was at the Children's Museum and Sadie loved it! We will definitely be going back there next time we are in AZ.

At the park. I realized that I had dressed all of us in the same color that day. So we took a picture.

And Zac loves the swing. If I took him out, he would yell at me until I put him back in, and if I didn't, he would start crying.

It was a long two weeks without a lot of sleep for me, but it was so worth it to be able to spend time with my family. It was great to be with everyone.