Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our new shed part one

Well...we needed a new shed because we need to tear down our garage that is practically falling down already.  So Rob's parents were coming down so Rob decided it would be a good project for his dad and him to do together.  Of course, I was skeptical, but so far it is going well. In fact, it is almost 10pm and they are still out there nailing and hammering things all over the place.  (sorry neighbors!)

Anyway, so we needed to get a cement pad put in before we could build the shed.  We called a guy to bring us some gravel for under the pad, and he showed up in this HUGE dump truck.  The thing about our driveway is that it is very long and very narrow.  But this guy looked at it and said he was up for the challenge.  Then he got back in his truck to pick up the gravel and bring it back, but then his truck wouldn't start.  
 So he sat out there for about 45 minutes until someone came to get him.  The kids just played and played. The loved it.

 Then someone came and towed him away and he didn't come back that night.  Which I am pretty happy about because he told me I would have to help guide him in...with my three kids??  I don't think so.  So we thought he was gone for good and we would have to find someone else.  But the next morning at 7:30 am we hear the doorbell and he was there with the gravel.  Haha.  Fortunately, Rob wasn't gone for work yet and he got to do the honors of guiding him in.

 And he did a great job. 

 We were all standing on the back porch watching and Emery was still in her chair from breakfast.  I looked back to see she was watching too.  So then I scooted her chair closer so she could see better.

 The kids thought it was awesome!

 and up.  

Then for the next few days the kids had a fun thing to play on.  It was funny because Sadie put winter gloves on so her hands wouldn't get dirty.

Rob spent lots of hours leveling out that gravel so they could pour the cement on top.  It was a lot of hard work.  Good job Rob!

Swim lessons

 So Sadie started swimming lessons last week and she loves it!  She has come such a long way and will do things that she would never even try with me.  Like today I saw her float on her back by herself, float on her tummy by herself and put her face in the water and swim!  it was awesome.  I am so proud.  Now we need to go swimming as a family so Rob can see all of the stuff she learned too!

 I think this was her first day...Tomorrow is her last day of this session and I am both happy and sad.  Sad because I know she will miss is a ton, but happy because I don't like making the 15 minute drive to the pool every day and having to entertain Zac and Emery while she is in the water.  But it has been fun.

And just check out this cutie pie in her swim suit that a friend gave us!  Love those chubby legs!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Rob is 31!!

So yesterday started off great with Rob opening two of his gifts before he left for work.  He got a little blow up punching bag (Zac picked it out himself!) and Kung Fu Panda 2 the DVD.  Then he had to go to work.  So the kids and I just played at home until he got back.  Then he went to buy himself some ice cream because I had a cake but no ice cream.  He got home and we ate dinner and then I revealed to him the cake that I made really quickly during naptime that day.  ha ha.  It actually turned out a lot better than I thought.  And Sadie was helping me and told me where to put everything on top of the cake.  So he blew out candles and we ate cake and ice cream and then we went for our nightly (well almost nightly) walk.  I hope Rob enjoyed it. 

THis is the cake that I made.  Sadie told me where to put the rose that I made and she put all the raspberries on.  Then she told me what to write and where to put it.  My cake decorating skills are getting better...which isn't saying too much because they were terrible to begin with!  ha ha.

 Candles lit and ready to be blown out.

 Emery helped blow out the candles.

 The kids got out their sunglasses.  Zac cracks me up because we have like 3 pairs of boy sunglasses and he would rather wear the cheap star sunglasses that have yellow lenses.  Silly boy.

 Emery and Zac get the seats.

 And Sadie sits on top.  It is perfect.

We love Rob and we really appreciate everything he does for us!  He is the best dad in the world and husband too!  Happy birthday!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Birthday!

I just wanted to say a quick happy birthday to my best friend.

And here is 31 reasons why I love rob...

Just kidding.  There are way more than 31, but I am not going to type them all out.  But I will do a proper birthday post tomorrow complete with pictures.  So look for that.  but for now...Happy Birthday to my awesome husband!  Love you!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fathers day pictures

 On Father's day I decided that before church i would take some pictures of the kiddos since they looked somewhat decent.  We were going to a friend's ward to watch them bless their baby so we took some pictures and headed over there.  It was funny because we were there and Sadie was sitting with some friends and the primary kids got up to sing some father's day songs.  Sadie was coloring, but she put her markers away and walked right on up there and stood on the stairs on the side(because there wasn't anywhere else to stand.  there were a lot of kids) and she sang the songs with them.  They even did one in sign language and she just followed along. It was soooo cute!  She is so brave.  It made me proud and brought tears to my eyes!  Anyway...onto the pictures.

 Emery looking cute with a hairbow.  I never put these I figured I better take a picture of it!

 A few family shots...I can never get a good one of all of them...but they make me smile anyway.

 Silly Zac.

 Brother and sister.  On a ladder.  ha ha.

 Just look how adorable he is!  Ahhh!  I love it!

 My turn with the kids.  

And this was our amazing father's day dinner:
Popcorn, pickles, meat and cheese.  Ha ha.  Maybe I will do better next year!  Love you Rob!

Sadie with the camera

 I don't know why I like this so much, but Sadie had the camera the other day which I like never allow.  I don't let the kids have the camera because I don't want to have to buy a new one!  ha ha.  Anyway, I guess I was in a good mood because I let her play with it for a while.  And I loved watching her take pictures and then giggle at them when she saw them on the camera.  Here is a sampling of her pictures.

 The laundry least they were all folded!


 My legs...and Zac.

 Emery's Swimsuit.  She told me to hold it like that.

 And then about 50 pictures of her boots.  I really loved all of these pictures.  It made me laugh to look at them all!

 Close up.

 She was being funny and trying to take a picture of the fireplace with the camera backwards.

And a picture of brother.  Maybe someday she will be a photographer.  ha ha

Splash pad

 So we go to the splash pad a lot.  It is free entertainment for my kids on hot days.  But it seems that every time we go there something happens to Zac.  So far he has been pushed down (for no reason whatsoever...just a kid being a punk), he has been yelled at (another punk) and this last time we went, he was carrying his own towel and before we even put our stuff down he fell face first on the cement resulting in a bloody lip.  Poor kid.  I think he still likes it though. 

Now Sadie on the other hand loves the splash pad.  Well, she loves the bike rack.  This is what she plays on the whole time we are there.
 Sadie and friends on the bike rack.

 Silly girls!

And then my kids like to bum food off of the people that come with us!  Thanks LeeAnn! 

Monday, June 18, 2012


When my mom came out last, she brought us a hummingbird feeder that hangs on our front window with a suction cup type thing.  We hung it up a couple months ago, but we hadn't seen any hummingbirds.  Until a few weeks ago.  Now it is part of our day to sit on the couch and watch for them to come drink from the feeder.  It is really neat to see those little birds up close and see their long beaks and their wings moving so fast.  Anyway, I have been trying and trying to get a picture of one, but when I sit there with the camera, they don't come, and when I get the camera when there is one there, they fly away.  But I finally got a picture of one.  YAY!

 This is just a cute picture of Emery I had to include.  Her shirt says "I love to smile and be happy."  That is really true. 

 Here is the hummingbird I got a picture of.  I think it is such a cool feeder because they come right up to the window so we get a great view.

 We were all sitting here waiting for the birds to come...

 And Zac decided to bite Emery's leg.  He got to spend the next two minutes in time out.

This is how the kids wait for the birds.  They hide because movement scares them away.  ha ha.

Thanks mom for the great hummingbird feeder! We love it!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

 These two crazy kids have been keeping me on my toes lately.  They are best of friends and each other's worst nightmare.  One second they are sharing and pretending they are at school...and the next they are screaming and pushing.  But I still love these two...

 On mom and dad's bed watching netflix!

 Do you see how tired Sadie looks??  She can hardly keep her eyes opened, yet she insists that she is NOT tired!

 Playing in their jammies in a tent.

This is a shape game thing that I bought a long time ago and we pulled in out again the other day.  Zac loved it!  He was literally playing with it ALL day long.  And Sadie and him played with it so well together.  She would help him if he needed help.  So cute.

Painting with water on our chalkboard.  They love to do this!  And no mess!

So if I am ever having a hard day with these two, all I have to do is look at these nice pictures and remember that this is all worth it.  :)  Oh and these videos are sure to make everyone smile!

Love that girl!