Monday, November 19, 2012

BYU basketball game

 So our friends called us on the Saturday before Daylight Saving time and asked us if we wanted to use their tickets to the BYU basketball game.  Of course!  But the game started at 7 which is when the kids go to bed.  But fortunately, we were planning on going out to ice cream in Provo anyway and keeping them up later so they would adjust to the time change so we took the tickets and went to the game!  It was tons of fun.  The kids just loved it. 

 At Baskin Robbins.   They seriously have the BEST chocolate almond ice cream.  The best.  And Emery loved any kind of ice cream she was fed.  ha ha.

 With Cosmo!  Ha ha.  We were too far away to get a high five from the real Cosmo this time.

 The kids watching the game.  It was so fun to go to this with them.  

These next pictures are random.  Here is one of Zac looking really handsome.  Holding his ducks.

 Isn't he cute!?

 And of course Sadie needed a picture with a duck too.

 Check out that handsome guy!

 This is a picture from the park.  I was talking to my friend and looked over at Emery and this is what she looked like.  ha ha.  She had been sticking her face in the dirt!

Here she is when I was sick with the stomach flu.  She took the opportunity to take the Kleenexes out of the box.  But it kept her happy while I was I let her go at it. ha ha

Saturday, November 17, 2012

First big snow!

 Last Saturday we woke up to this:

 Yeah.  About six inches of snow.  It was so awesome to see the kid's reactions.  Sadie was convinced that it was Christmas and Zac just thought it was cool.  And Emery would just point out the window and stare at it.  It was so cute.  So I offered to go shovel the walk bright and early.  I love shoveling snow.  It is fun for me.  So I went out and started shoveling and I told Rob to put the kids in their snow clothes.  It seriously takes FOREVER to get those kids out the door in their snow clothes, but they made it.

 Me taking a break from shoveling.

 The kids finally made it outside and loved every minute.

 Rob brought Emery out in a blanket because she doesn't really have any snow clothes.  She seemed like she liked it though.

 I made a snow angel with the kids.  I didn't stay down long though because I could feel the snow seeping into my jeans rather quickly.  

 On Monday I took the kids out again in the snow.  Here they all are.  Zac was sad because his glove came off and Emery was trying to eat her zipper.  ha ha.

 The kids (I) made a little snowman.  This is about how long he lasted too.  Zac knocked him over within minutes of taking this picture!

 Zac spent a good 20 minutes just throwing snow at the fence.  It was so cute to watch.  He is such a fun kid.

And now for a random funny picture of Mr. Zac.

Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Halloween Half Marathon

 So two Saturdays ago I did something that I never thought I would or could ever do.  I ran a half marathon!!!  And I survived and ...dare I say it...I'm thinking I may do another one or two in my lifetime.  :)  I found out that I really enjoy running, but only when I am running with someone that I can talk to.  Running by myself...not so fun.  Anyway, I am really proud of myself for finishing the race and I ran the whole thing.  (well, I did stop to walk with less than a mile left because my knee and foot on the same leg were in a lot of pain, but I walked for about 2 minutes and realized that it still hurt whether I was walking or running, so I just ran the rest of the way)  This was a Halloween half marathon so it was fun to see all the other runners (and there were a LOT of runners) and their costumes. 

I dressed up with butterfly wings and a tutu because it was a costume that was easy to run in and my two other friends that I ran with were doing the same.  It was freezing cold at the beginning of the race because it was in provo canyon and we had to be there for about 2 hours before the race started.  Luckily there was a heated tent, but it was PACKED with so many people.  It was crazy.  All in all, I had a great time and I may do it again someday.

 I hesitate to post this picture because I look really silly, but this was .1 miles (or so they felt a lot longer than that) from the finish line.  I gave Rob the double thumbs up.  

 My friend and I with our medals.

 This is in the heated tent.  Showing my awesome light up butterfly wings.

 Us trying to stay warm before the race.

 This is how many people were there.  Crazy!

 All three of us with our wings.

 Some of the fun costumes.  I saw one guy that passed me in the last mile who was wearing a crash dummy costume.  It went all the way over his face and mouth so you couldn't see him at all.  I can't imagine breathing through fabric to get air in my lungs for 13 miles, but he did it.  And he beat me too!

And the avengers.  Thank goodness my friend too pictures...I took like 2 and then Rob and family were ready to go home.  ha ha.