Friday, June 24, 2011

Sadie's gymnastics class

So last Saturday, we signed Sadie up for a free one time gymnastics class in Orem. It was awesome. She seriously loved it. She had no hesitations and loved being around all the little kids her age. And of course, she loved running and jumping around, and hanging on bars etc. We really need to sign her up for something like this because she LOVES it. She is so social.

Trying out the parallel bars.

Sit ups. ha ha.

The bar. She is so flexible she would be hanging by her arms on the bar and she could bring her feet up and curl her toes around the bar while still holding on with her arms without a problem. Sheesh.

Her with the other kids and the teacher.

This class was an hour long, but she loved every minute of it. I think if we had a second car, I would sign her up for this class because the instructor was so good with the kids. Anyway, we will see.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Art City Days

We did a few of the activities during art city days this year. We went to the parade, went to the children's art festival(which we won't do was sooooooo crowded and stressful!) and we went to the carnival. It was really fun. Sadie loved the carnival and the parade. Zac was just along for the ride. ha ha.

Zac loves balls.

Zac got to meet Cosmo at the parade...he even gave Sadie and Zac a high five! They must be really cute or something!


Zac and mommy chowing down during the parade.

Watching...notice Sadie covering her ears...this was when the fire engines were going past. Ha ha.

At the carnival. Sadie was in heaven. Yes, we spoiled her by buying 10 tickets which meant she got to go on 4 different rides. Lucky girl. She is lucky that it almost costs the same to buy 4 tickets that it does to buy 10...or else we would have just bought enough to go on the merry go round.

On the train ride.

On the flying ride...she is one brave cookie. I thought she would get scared, but she loved it. And this ride seriously went on forever..there were no other kids on the ride and none in line. So the guy just let it run forever.

On the merry go round. Zac didn't really like it, but Sadie loved it

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Rob and I got to go to Salt Lake for two nights on a little getaway thanks to our awesome neighbors and friends for watching our kids for us! It was so fun to just be able to have a whole day where we could be spontaneous and see two movies and ride the trax and eat out. It was great. But I think if it were to have lasted any longer, I would have gone crazy. ha ha. Too much free time! :)

Anyway, I didn't take too many pictures, but I did want to document about when I tried sushi. Rob really wanted to take me out to this sushi restaurant he had been to before. So we started walking from our hotel...we walked...and walked...and walked in big circles it seemed before we finally found it. The funny part is, it was right next door to the Melting Pot which is where we had walked and ate the night before. ha ha.

So Rob had told me that there were lots of "American" choices on the menu...but when I looked at the menu, I realized that my idea of American choices and his idea were completely different. So we decided to stay and I would let him eat there and then I would find something to eat later. Then I looked at the menu and saw that they had a Zen roll. It was sushi, minus the raw fish. ha ha. It had avocados, tomatoes, and asparagus in it. I went ahead and ordered one and it was alright...not my favorite, but I did manage to eat three pieces of it. :) And then I didn't feel so bad about making Rob eat in front of me.

Doesn't it look good! Yummy veggies wrapped in rice. I think I would have liked it even better if it didn't smell like fish in the restaurant!

Proof that I actually ate it!

Before I decided to order myself the Zen roll, I would take some of Rob's yucky sushi and put it on my plate so the waitress didn't know that Rob was the only one eating. Ha ha. Tricky!

Rob was in heaven! :)

We had a blast! But one of the best parts was coming home and seeing how excited the kids were to see us! :)


The other day I packed a picnic lunch and decided to take the kids to the park to play and then eat. It was a great plan...

When we got to the park it was a beautiful sunny day. I remember thinking to myself "wow, this is the warmest it has been in a loooooooong time!". There was a daycare group at the park already eating their sack lunches. So we just played on the playground and the swings for a long time. Then the teachers let the kids loose and they all came over and swarmed around us and started asking us all sorts of questions. It was pretty funny actually. After about 15 minutes, I decided it was time for us to have our picnic. Sadie was done playing anyway and was just sitting by me on the bench.

So we went over and found a nice spot of grass to spread our blanket on. Not two minutes after I got all of our lunch stuff out (leftover pizza, grapes and cheese sticks) some crazy clouds rolled in. It was so crazy. So I told the kids to eat fast...of course, with a three year old and a one year old, that doesn't really mean anything. Then the thunder came. Sadie hates thunder. She would cover her ears and close her eyes. So cute.

So when we finished our lunch I told Sadie we would eat our dessert at home(brownies). We hurried home and made it just in time to close the door and watch the rain poor down. We didn't get wet at all. It was a miracle! Crazy weather. So we decided to finish our picnic in the living room. I think the kids liked it and we will probably be doing picnics at the park a lot this summer.

Brrr...she was cold. It got pretty chilly when the clouds and the wind came.

Zac doesn't care about the weather, he just cares about taking big bites of his pizza.

Getting comfy on the picnic blanket. The kids from the daycare kept coming over and saying "hey you have pizza! Yum!" it was funny.

I just thought this was cute...some of the daycare kids were crowding around Zac so Sadie took his hand and led him over to me. Such a good big sister.

Eating dessert at home. It was a good day.

This was a video I took of our picnic. Sadie doesn't want to hear the thunder if you can't tell...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sadie and Zac have something to say...

Baby Kevan coming December 14, 2011. (Hopefully before then though!)