Thursday, March 31, 2011

What a day has been a day. First, Zac didn't take his morning nap. He had been in his room whining for about 30 minutes, but he had been quiet for about 10 so I figured he was asleep. Nope. He was just sitting up in his crib being really quiet. So I decided to just get him out and take a walk to the post office because I had some things I needed to send out. When we got home, Zac got his little finger completely shut in the door. Yikes. I ran to his rescue and Sadie learned why it is important to be careful with doors around Zac. Sigh. Then at lunch time, I was trying to wheel my chair over by Sadie, and it completely tipped and I whacked my head on Sadie's chair on the way down. She was very concerned about was cute. But now the kids are down and I am about to go lay down too to get rid of my headache!

Anyway, on a happier zumba group did the halftime show at a "minor league" (that's not what it is called, but you get the point...not NBA!) basketball game. It was pretty fun. If you want to watch it go here. You can't see me the whole time, but at some parts you can...but you will have to find me yourself because I'm not going to tell you where I am! :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

This is a video I took last week. Sadie was watching Jake play outside across the street and she was so sad that she couldn't go play with him because she was sick.

Poor Sadie! Let's hope this week we can all get healthy!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My new shop!

I don't know if you guys noticed, but on the side of my blog, there is a link to my new etsy shop! right now, I have only posted the earrings I have been making, but hopefully soon I will add some of the other stuff I have been working on. You should check it out...especially because the first 10 orders get free shipping...and I have had 9 orders. So if you want to get in on this deal go HERE!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today's preschool activity

This week we are working on the letter B. I just happen to look at one of my favorite blogs MADE and she had done this activity with her kids. So I decided it would be a fun thing to do with Sadie. Perfect for B week too. Butterflies!

I cute out the bodies and she decorated them with markers, crayons, glue, paper, and paint. It was really fun and we did it during Zac's entire nap. So about an hour and fifteen minutes. Nice.

Working hard.

This orange tablecloth is our "preschool tablecloth" If I forget to put it on the table before we start an activity, she will say "UH OH! We forgot the preschool tablecloth!!!" So funny.

Then we hung them on the wall. She made sure I did them high enough so Zac couldn't reach them.


And this picture is just because I thought it was cute. She is holding her bear's hand while she plays games on ha ha.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sadie and me

Like I said in the last post, the kids have been sick around here for a while. So we haven't done much of anything except playing inside and on the occasional warm day we play outside (which both kids LOVE). So we get a little bored in the house. The other day we were playing with the new camera. Sadie wanted to take silly face pictures. Here is what we got. (just don't pay attention to my face...Sadie's are really funny.)

And this is what else we have been doing...making funny videos. Enjoy.

Poor Zac

So we have discovered that Zac is allergic to Milk. He was eating some Kraft mac and cheese and he got hives all up his arms and his lip swelled up a little bit. more milk for him I guess. We are most likely going to take him to see a allergy specialist to see if he is allergic to anything else. The poor kid has been sick since November. Well, a couple weeks ago we enjoyed about a week where both kids were healthy and happy and sleeping. But they both came down with a little stomach bug and now a nasty cold/cough this week. Last night was TERRIBLE. Zac didn't sleep much. So we took him to the doctor today and he said he probably has a sinus infection so the kid is on amoxacillan again! Poor guy...well he loves it. But I feel bad for him.'s to spring and healthy kids!

His poor lip and runny nose. Sorry...I guess I should have wiped his nose before I took this picture. :)

I don't know how well you can see it, but his forearms were covered in hives all the way to his elbows.

Another shot.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Camera

We finally got a new camera!!! YAY! Our old one was so slow to take pictures that I always missed Zac's smiles. Seriously. I was beginning to feel like a bad mom for not having any pictures or Zac smiling. I have hundreds of Sadie when she was a baby. I guess our camera wore down in the two years before Zac came around. :)

ANyway, I haven't had much time to use it yet, but so far I like what I see...

Zac laughing! Hooray!

Mr. Blue eyes.

Sadie is brilliant at making crazy faces...but she happens to be brilliant at everything she does. :)

These were the first two pictures taken with our new camera. YAY for new cameras!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I started "preschool" today. It only took about 20 minutes, but we are starting with the letter A and we will move our way through the alphabet. We will see how it goes. It gives me more one on one time with Sadie, so I am excited about it.

Today I taught her how to write the letter A and we practiced with paint. Then, I was planning on making apple prints by cutting an apple in half, dipping it in paint and putting it on paper. That didn't turn out too well, so I cut a stamp out of the apple and we printed the paint on a piece of fabric (since all I have is fabric paint ha ha). Sadie wanted a circle stamp so I carved a circle out of the apple. When it dried I sewed up the sides and let her help me stuff it with polyfil and now she has a fun little pillow that she made.

Now, I just need to come up with more ideas for the rest of the week for letter A. Any suggestions?

Making her apple prints.

We also made some ants on the paper at the bottom of this picture. Sadie is so afraid of bugs though, so we only ended up making 2.

I think her A's turned out really good!

So grown up!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday Balloons

My awesome friend Laurel brought me some yummy ice cream and some birthday balloons on my birthday. I loved them and the kids loved them even more. They literally played with them all day long, and when they floated to the ceiling, Zac would just stare at them. So funny. Here is a little video for your viewing pleasure...

Snow and sun all in one week!

These pictures are way past due, but we had some crazy weather these past few weeks. About a week and a half ago, it was so nice and sunny outside that we decided to go to the park. It was so nice to be playing outside again. And Sadie was so excited that Zac could actually (kinda) play with her on the playground and swings. Zac loves the swings. He gets mad at me when I take him out...but he didn't stay mad for long because I let him crawl around on the playground. FUN!

Sadie helping Zac down the slide. She is such a good big sister...always looking out for her brother!

Check out this handsome guy! He looks soooo cute in this picture. I love it!

Notice how Sadie is pumping her legs in this picture. She is catching on pretty quick!

Then these snow pictures are from 2 days later. We woke up to about a foot of snow. It was crazy! Rob decided to work from home that day because he didn't want to drive to riverton in this mess! So during Zac's first nap Sadie and I got all bundled up and went outside so I could shovel the walk and she could play in the snow. She LOVED it! SHe was jumping and running and rolling around in the snow. And it was perfect because it wasn't super cold outside so she didn't get too cold. It was really fun. Although Zac woke up like right after we went outside. That little stinker. :)

Rob and Zac were feeling left out, so they came outside for about 2 minutes to say hello.

This is how they were most of the time...warm and cozy inside the house. I kept throwing snowballs at the window. Zac loved that. :)

Sadie made her first snow angel. The snow was kinda heavy though so they didn't look exactly like angels. That's ok though.

This was her favorite thing to do. Just fall belly first in the snow. She made me do it with her a bunch of times too. But I was wearing jeans and she had snowpants. was cold and wet for me. But tons of fun.

And oops. I left the stroller outside. I had to get a broom and sweep all of that snow off.

Later that day, I took Sadie outside and pulled her around on the sled. It was very tiring, but very worth it. She had a blast. Way better than our last sledding trip!