Monday, March 16, 2015


We finally got a good snow a few weeks ago.  It was on a Tuesday and I totally didn't know it was coming.  The kids were so excited and kept going out and playing until they got cold, and then they would come inside and warm up and head back outside.  It was a fun day for them.  It was really good snow for making snowmen too.  But I didn't get the chance to go play outside with them because I stayed inside with the babies (I was watching William that day). 

Emery cleared off this slide by sliding down it.  So fun.

They rode the teeter totter.

And climbed on the swing set.  By the time Sadie got home from school, a lot of the snow was melted.  ha ha

Riley and I hung out inside while the kids were outside and William was taking a nap.

And this girl is getting too big!  Pulling herself up on the couch!

When the kids weren't outside playing in it, they were inside eating it!

THey stuck suckers in the top and called them their birthday cakes.  ha ha  Silly kids!

Thursday, March 12, 2015


We went outside the other day to enjoy some beautiful weather.  So I decided to do a little photo shoot.  Here is Riley enjoying the sun.

Then I got the other kids to sit down for a minute.  I should have moved the green bin out of the background...but hey, I pulled the dead flowers out finally!.

Then Emery wanted me to take pictures of her.  Such a cutie!

Three years old.

And Zac is almost five...

Riley exploring the grass.  It went right into her mouth. ha ha

I love warm days that we can sit out on the grass.  So fun.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hogle Zoo

 We went to the zoo with some friends last week.  It was pretty fun.  We had never been to the Hogle zoo before, and I thought it was pretty great.  Not too big, and you could get pretty close to the animals.  The first ones we saw were these zebras.  They were fighting.  Sadie and her friend didn't like it.  They wanted to go tell a worker so they could do something about it.  ha ha.  But really, one of the zebras was not being nice.  So we went to find some other animals. 


 Emery was excited to see the lions.  He was just sun bathing.  

 We got to go on the carousel twice.  I'm getting too old to go on things that turn in circles!  It took me a little while to stop feeling dizzy.  ha ha.  Zac sat with me on the bench one time around.  he loved it.

And Emery sat on a lion one time around.  she was smiling the whole time and waving at all the people waiting in line.  Thank goodness we have awesome friends who let us into the zoo for free with their season passes!

 ANd this is just a funny picture.  Emery likes me to draw faces and then she holds them up like this.  I think this picture is hilarious! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Sadie is SEVEN!!!

 Sadie's birthday is the day before Valentines day.  So this year her class had their Valentines party on her birthday.  She got to wear pjs to school and eat tons of treats.  Yum!  Here she is on her way out the door. 

 Here are three of the kids all ready for Sadie's birthday.  

Sadie just loves her baby sister Riley.

She went on a long treasure hunt to find her last present.  This was it.  A doll bunk bed!  It is my first woodworking project.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

And I think Sadie Likes it because she keeps it in her bed every night.  ha ha

We love our silly SAdie.  She is always working on little "surprise projects" for her brothers and for us.  It is so cute.  Her last project was locking herself in my sewing room and finding treasures to wrap up for everyone.  it was cute.

Zac and Emery helped me decorate the house.  ha ha

Streamers everywhere!

Opening her first present which happened to have new jammies in it for her to wear to school!

Here they are trying to put together a puzzle which had her last clue on it.

The next day we invited some friends over to play just dance on the wii.  It was a lot of fun.

And her friends had fun too.  I think.  ha ha.

Like I said , Sadie is so sweet.  SHe is always thinking of others.  She is very patient with her brother and sisters.  She even saved them some streamers to run through the morning of her birthday.  She knew they would want to break some down, so she made sure she didn't get all of them.  I can't believe she is SEVEN!  Happy birthday Sadie!