Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our Week

Our week has been pretty good. We got to see two for free. The first we saw was Get Smart and it was HILARIOUS! We were laughing the whole time. The one downer was that we had to wait like 45 minutes because they were having problems with the projector thing. I was worried that Sadie was going to get impatient and be loud and squirmy during the actual movie, but she slept the whole time. It was good. Then after the movie they gave us free passes for making us wait so long. So with the free passes, we went to see Kung Fu Panda. We really liked that one too. Rob was laughing louder than anyone in the was great. We recommend both.

On Friday we started Sadie on rice cereal. It was the cutest thing ever watching her try to figure out the spoon and how to swallow. I will post pictures later. But trust me, she was cute. That night, we let her cry herself back to sleep to teach her to sleep through the night. I, of course, hated every second of hearing her cry, and Rob just slept right through it! I couldn't believe it. Well she only cried for about 30 minutes and went to sleep...and me, being the worried mom that I am, woke Rob up and asked him to check on her. He went in there and she was sleeping, but on his way out of the room he kicked something that was on the floor and she woke up and started to cry again. Only for about 10 minutes this time though. I just trusted that she was ok when she stopped crying because Rob was pretty upset about me waking him up. he he. The next night she only cried for about 15 minutes, so hopefully tonight she won't wake up at all...

Rob and I have really started to get into yard work these days. I used to want to do it, but couldn't because I was soooooo terrified of bugs. Well, I am still super scared of the bugs and if I see one, I will just call it a day, but Rob bought me some garden gloves. So I do ok pulling weeds in the garden and stuff. And it is fun to be outside.

I finally got to hang out with some of my old roommates this week too. It was great. Oh I miss spending time with people my age. I love Sadie, but I need to talk to people who understand me and can talk back to me. Anyway, we went out to eat and I was holding Sadie when she decided to make a really loud high pitched laugh/squeal. Everyone in the place heard it and practically all of them stopped talking and eating to look in my direction. It was funny.

SO we have had a great week and this week seems like it will be very busy, but good.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday To Rob!

We had a great time celebrating Rob's 27th birthday this last Saturday. I made him breakfast, we played some games (Yatzee being our favorite) and he spent a lot of time outside working on the backyard. I felt bad about that but he said he wanted to because he loves yard work. He is amazing and I am so glad that we met and got married. He is the most patient man I have ever met...seriously. Anyone who lives with me has to be patient. Anyway...I also made him a german chocolate cake from scratch along with the coconut frosting. Sadly, we ate dinner too late so we didn't have any room for cake on his actual birthday...but we had it the next day. It was delicious.

Sadie is continuing to amaze me at how quickly she learns and grows. She is adorable and keeps Rob and me smiling all day long. Another great birthday present for Rob was that on Saturday night, Sadie slept through the night! From 8:30 to 6. It was amazing and random but she is doing much better these days going every other day or so without waking up. We love her so much!

This first picture is Sadie on her 4 month birthday. She was just so happy that night!

The next picture is Sadie in a cute dress that my boss Heidi bought for her.

An finally, the last picture is of Rob and me at the Art City Days talent show. There are a lot of very talented people in Springville!

Here are pictures of our garden. Everything is getting so big!

These are our sunflowers. The tallest one is about as tall as me.



This is Rob rotatilling the back yard because there are so many weeds. We are excited to plant some grass and make more room for a bigger garden next summer.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Baby laughs just melt my heart...especially when it is coming from my little girl Sadie. Precious.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


WE knew the day would come when Sadie would start grabbing onto and playing with her feet...but she has also found her toes. She loves to stick them in her mouth and suck on them. It is pretty cute. Its a good thing that she doesn't walk yet or it would be pretty gross. We just hope she breaks the habit before too long or we will have to put hot sauce on her toes! : )

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Here are just a few fun pictures from our Arizona trip...we had an awesome time! It was fun spending time with my parents and Grandma. Sadie did extremely well on the car ride down and back. Just a little bit of crying but mostly she slept and played the whole time. It was great. It was fun to take Sadie on new adventures and we are looking forward to our trip to La Grande in August.

This is us taking a break from being in the car on the way down. We are at the Glen Canyon Dam just taking a rest in the lovely green grass.

Grandpa! She loves her grandparents!

Rob's battle wound from the driving range.

Sadie meeting my grandma's dog Billy. She loved her! She would smile and giggle. Billy however, was a but scared of her I think.

Our little circus performer

We found out what Sadie wants to be when she grows up. A circus performer!!! And a cute one at that~

First swim

While we were in Arizona, we took Sadie swimming for the first time. She seemed to like it. She would kick and kick and kick! It was cute!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our first harvest...

So, we came home from Arizona to see that our garden is doing great! We were a bit worried about it because we could only have it watered once while we were gone because we couldn't find anyone to do it. Luckily, it made it through the 5 days with only one watering. Our sunflowers are getting pretty big and our corn and tomatoes look great. Those were the two that we were particularly worried about. Anyway, we noticed that our radishes looked ready to be picked, so I went to town and picked about half of them. I think they are cool because they come in three colors. Red, purple and white.

Anyway, so now we have a ton of radishes. Anybody know what else to use radishes for besides in salad?

Here are pictures. If you want some radishes, let me know because we still ahve a ton in our garden ready to be picked! :)