Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our very friendly girl

This evening after dinner, we decided to go for a family walk. We were originally going to just let Sadie walk along with us, but she insisted that we bring the stroller. I am sure glad we did because she was being so cute in there. Our shadows (rob and mine) were in front of the stroller because the sun was behind us for a while. So Sadie saw our shadows and kept saying hi and waving to them. So we would wave our hands so that she could see the shadow wave. It was so funny! I'm glad I brought my camera so everyone could have a laugh tonight. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oregon- Part 2

Here are the rest of the pictures from our vacation. We went to Corvallis to visit Rob's brother and sister in law and their kids. We only stayed for 3 days, but it was a blast! The kids played together in the backyard the first night. They all seemed to love the water, so Sadie fit right in.

The next day, Ben and his family led us to the coast and treated us to lunch at a place called Mo's. Rob was brave enough to order actual sea food, but my bravery ended with tasting a scallop. I didn't like it. But my meal was delicious! I got chicken alfredo and a side of the clam chowder. Yummm. Our last morning there, we went and picked about 3 pounds of rasperries at a farm near Ben and Lindsy's house. Sadie didn't understand the concept at first so she just rolled around in the dirt and made a really messy diaper that Rob kindly changed. After all that, and we had decided to leave, Sadie realized that she liked raspberries and ate some that she pulled off the bush.

We absolutley loved our entire vacation and are thankful to all those who let us stay with them or fed us while we were there. It was so great to see everyone and we hope it isn't too long before we see them again!

Sadie at her cousin's house trying out the water slide.

We think she liked it!

THis is at a museum we went to after we visited the beach. It was so neat because it had little (fake) tide pools with sea stars and all kinds of living sea creatures in them. The best part was...we could touch them! It was pretty cool to see Sadie get excited or grossed out when she touched the sea anemone. Way fun!

This was my favorite tide pool. There were sea stars of all colors!

This is at the beach. It was pretty cold and very foggy and Sadie looks dead hanging there in Rob's arms. She was just looking down at the water as the tide came in.

On our way to clean off the kids and go to lunch.

This was the only picture that I got of all of the cousins (minus Thea) together. I wish I had thought to get a good picture of their whole family together. Oh well. Next time.

On our way back to La Grande, we stopped at Multonoma Falls. It was well worth the stopp to stretch our legs and look at this cool waterfall. The mist was nice and Sadie loved it. As we were walking up to a bridge to get a better view of the falls, Sadie would wave and say hi to everybody that we passed on the trail. It is so funny to see different people's reactions. Some just pretend that they don't see her, others just laugh and others say hi back. Sadie is definitely very social!

This was as we were getting ready to leave when she finally decided to try a raspberry. First you pick it...

Then you EAT it! She loved them and ate a lot on the drive home.

Definitely a lot better tasting than the dirt she ate before.

And finally it was time to go back home to Springville. we were sad to go, but happy to get back home to our house and garden. Just in time to harvest some tomatoes! Hooray for being home!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Oregon- Part 1

Today I picked some fresh tomatoes. Our first one of the season! We are so excited. We've got like 6 plants and a few of them only have smaller tomatoes on it and one of them is cherry tomatoes I think. There are tons of little tiny tomatoes on it ready to turn red and be eaten by us! Yumm.


Our trip to Oregon was very very good. We loved every minute of it. It was so nice to just relax and visit with the family. Rob had his 10 year high school reunion which is the main reason we went. It was fun to meet all of the people that he had been telling me stories about. Rob is very social and of course wanted to talk to everyone. I enjoyed listening to everyone's stories.

So this post is about our first few days in La Grande and tomorrow I will post pictures of our trip to visit Rob's brother Ben and our trip to the coast. For now...Here are pictures from our first few days with Rob't mom and dad and family.

Sadie was such a trooper in the car. I think our total driving time on this vacation was around 31 hours or so. That is including our trip to Corvallis and the coast too. She was just a joy in the backseat. She mostly played with a spraybottle that we brought and read books.

She just loved it when Daddy would wave to her in the rear view mirror. She would laugh and smile and Wave right back to him. It was cute!

Right after we got there, Grandma Kevan whipped out this cute hat that she got for Sadie from her friend who makes flowers out of fabric. It is super cute and she even got a flower for me so Sadie and I can be matching! Her friend's etsy shop is here if you want to take a look.

The next morning we had a photographer in La Grande take some family pictures. We love how they turned out. This was right after our session on the playground at riverside park. It is seriously the coolest park ever. It has so many playground toys and separate areas for big and little kids. And...there is a RIVER! Sadie just loved it there.

Something else she loved was her uncle Andrew. They had fun times together.

Grandma Kevan found this nice tub for Sadie to use as a pool at a garage sale. We were quite the pair at those garage sales. She found lots of stuff for her costume shop and I found some nice wooden puzzles and books for Sadie. Yay for garage sales!

She had a blast playing in the backyard. The trampoline and the water were her favorite things...put them together and what do you get?? A happy Sadie!

Sadie and Uncle Andrew played dress up.

This was the only picture we got at Rob's reunion. HAH! Sadie totally fell asleep in my arms! This was at the park for a barbeque, and she fell asleep about 20 minutes after we got there. So I found a spot away from the big crowds and just held her until she woke up. Which was about an hour!

On our way to Corvallis, we stopped at a fish hatchery where we could look at and feed the fish. It was really fun and of course Sadie loved it because she was surrounded by water! I think her favorite part was this fountain. She kept wanting to go back to it. It was hard to tear her away.

After we fed the fish, Sadie tried to go for a swim with them...

Luckliy Daddy was there to stop her. :)

I just realized that these are all pictures of just Sadie. I think we took more family pictures in you can see those ones tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To Oregon we go

Well, we are off to Oregon for a few days. Sadie enjoyed "helping" me pack. We are really excited to spend relaxed time with family and friends. My dad is always telling me to add more pictures and videos to the blog so these are just to tide everyone over until we are back home. Enjoy!

Daddy laid down in the grass and Sadie was so cute and tried to lay down next to him. She wasn't sure about the grass though and never put her head completely down. She would almost have it touching the ground and then pull it back up quickly. So funny. I don't blame her. I wouldn't want my head touching the ground either. Think of all the bugs and spiders that could crawl in your hair. Yuck!

This is a video of Sadie's new game. She loves to play in water so sometimes when I need to get something done outside, I will make a little puddle for her to stomp around in. She loves it! This time, Rob and I were just watching her as she discovered a new fun thing to do. Drop racquetballs in the water and watch it splash!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Check out my other blog

So a lot of my friends have separate blogs for their family stuff and their crafting stuff. So I copied them all and made my very own craft blog! Hooray! Maybe this will encourage me to keep busy with my crafting. Anyway...check it out. Put it on your blog lists because there will be some good giveaways coming up in the next couple weeks/months. Here it is....drumroll please.


The Park

Sadie and I go to the park a LOT. Mostly because it is really close to our house and it has good toys for little kids to play on. Some parks are mostly built for older kids, but this one has good things for Sadie. Although she is getting brave and yesterday she went down the big twirly slide all by herself. I was proud. Anyway...Here are some pictures of our fun adventure to the park. I like to bring my camera when she actually has her hair done and a little flower in it because she just looks so cute. If I brought it with me every time we went, we would literally have thousands of pictures from the park. :)

Climbing up the stairs. She looks like she is concentrating really hard!

I showed her how to talk into this thing and she loved it! She was making noises into it if I held her up so she could reach.

Mom...stop taking pictures of me!! I'm trying to play!

This is her favorite thing to do at the park. She climbs up this slide...

And slides down this one. It is nice because if she is really feeling it, she will just go in circles for ten minutes without losing focus. Then I can sit on the bench and just watch.


I CUT MY HAIR! It had been over a year since I had gotten it cut and it was getting really gross on the ends. So I just chopped it all off.

Rob tells me he loves it. So maybe I will make it a tradition to grow my hair for over a year, then go chop it. I've done it twice now...third times a charm!

We are headed to La Grande this week. We are so excited to see Rob's family and go to the beach. Hope you all have fun plans this week!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

Here we are on the MTC field in Provo waiting for the fireworks to begin. We had a fun time although next time we are going to bring our frisbee. It is pretty cool because there were tons of people all around, but there was kind of a designated throwing area where you could play frisbee or softball or soccer. We pretty much just sat on our blanket...well, one of us was on the blanket while the other followed Sadie all around the field. She is so social! Sheesh. She made all sorts of friends and even tried to steal snacks from people. Well, she was just exploring. We always made sure she didn't get away with anyone else's stuff. :)

We tried to get SAdie to sit down and relax and maybe even take a short nap before the fireworks started because we thought she would be exhausted. Her bedtime is usually 7:00 pm. But with all the people around, there was no way that was happening. It didn't really surprise us much. So we thought that maybe, if we could immobilize her, she would realize how tired she was and fall asleep. This was our plan...

Rob wrapped her up really tight and tucked in all the loose ends to this blanket. We thought for sure that would keep her still, or busy trying to get out for at least 5 minutes. The second after I took the above picture...
She was half way out! Sheesh. She does NOT like to sit still. Haha. We had such a fun time though just playing and laughing together.

Here is Daddy showing her the pretty clouds in the sky. Luckily, the storm didn't interrupt the fireworks. It just sprinkled a little bit on us near the end. But finally when the fireworks started around 10, that got Sadie to sit still in my lap. She just watched the fireworks and sat so still in my lap. The fireworks were going about 5 minutes then there was a 20 minute or so break before they started again. I was amazed that Sadie wasn't up and roaming the other blankets around us after about 10 minutes. I looked down and realized she was sleeping! HA! So she missed the rest of the fireworks, but what she did see, I think she really enjoyed.

I did notice that after the first 5 minutes of fireworks, the streets started filling up FAST. I was so surprised that people would start leaving when obviously that wasn't the end. They were probably sitting out there for hours before the fireworks started and the stayed just to watch the first 5 minutes of the show. Wow. Just to beat traffic. I wonder what the kids were thinking as they saw the fireworks start up again as they are driving away. I can just imagine the dad saying..."just look out the window kids!" haha. Funny. Oh well, I guess they got home a lot faster than we did, although we weren't stuck in traffic much at all.

Anyway...I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! We sure did.

This is a picture of the 4th of July skirts I made for Sadie and I. Mine was such a headache to make because I messed up about 50 times. So I think I will just cut it up and make it into something else someday. But it was good for the 4th.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sunday fun...

2 posts withing a few minutes...I know. I'm on a roll! Scroll down to read about the balloon fest!

So last Sunday I was talking to my dad and he asked when my next blog post was going to be. He told me pictures are good, but videos are the best. So we started snapping shots of Sadie right after I hung up with him.

She was being so silly and wanted to climb on me and then try to walk up toward my head. I kept laughing though, which made her laugh, so she never made it. See for yourself. Then she caught me off guard by bouncing right on my stomach. So that is why I sound so funny at the end!

Then we went outside to water the grass patches in our front yard, and we made a little puddle for Sadie to splash around in. This is what I found. I guess she sat down in it.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAND....We are famous. We were in the Springville paper. They were spotlighting different parks every week and we just happened to be at this park when they were taking pictures which isn't much of a surprise since I am there so much. I sometimes go multiple times a day. I love it. Anyway, thanks so much to the Jesse's because they brought us this copy of the newspaper because we don't get it delivered to our house. We would have missed it!

Hot Air Balloons!

I love this first picture because I think I caught Sadie in the middle of saying "ball ball ball!!!" She was so excited to see such big "balls" or balloons. This morning we went to the annual balloon fest in Provo. It is such a fun thing to go to because you can walk right up next to them and see them up close as the are being filled and as they are taking off. We love the balloon fest. Sadie loved it too. She thought they were all balls at first, and then we told her they were balloons. But she couldn't say that they were just balls the whole time. It was very early in the morning. We woke up at 5:55 in order to get there before the balloons took off because the funnest part is seeing them up close on the ground before they take off.

Anyway, right after we got there, they started taking off. It is so cool to look everywhere and see hot air balloons hovering just a few feet off the ground. Well, the next part of this event is where the pilots of the balloons get to come back and throw bean bags at a target on the ground or try to pop balloons that are tied to the ground but floating really high in the air. This gives them a certain number of points and the person with the highest amount of points wins. Well, I guess the air currents weren't cooperating because only 2 of the balloons could ever make it back to the field to throw their bean bags. We waited there for about an hour and a half until we finally just had to leave. It was kinda disappointing, but we got to see the big balloons take off. So that was cool.

Here they are taking off. There were probably about 15 - 20 balloons total. I don't know how they kept from colliding in the air because they all took off within seconds of each other it seemed.

This is me showing Sadie all of the balloons taking off. She loved it but it was pretty early and we had to wake her up to get there on time. So it took her a little while to warm up to them.

This is right when we got there. There were more people than I thought there would be.

Sadie and Daddy. I love these two!