Saturday, August 19, 2017

Oregon trip- part 1

I'm finally getting around to blogging about our trip to Oregon. We had such a great time.  We headed out right after our neighborhood bike parade and made the drive to La Grande to visit with Rob's parents for a couple days before heading to Portland.  It was an uneventful drive...which is a good thing.  No throwing up, no big fights between the kids, no big back ups in traffic.  It was a great drive.  I thought I would be really uncomfortable, but I wasn't.  Phew!  We only had to stop a couple of times which was great!  Our kids are such great little travelers.  And we changed up the seating arrangement a little bit and it worked out great.  Sadie was such a big helper with handing things to Riley and Emery and keeping them happy in the back seat.   

 Off we go!

 Emery is the happiest (98% of the time) when we are taking long trips.  She just entertains herself with toys and coloring.  I love it.

 At the gas station.  These girls are so cute!

 We ate lunch at this gas station that had a bunch of tables set up in the shade.  Above us we saw about 20 nests in the trees and the birds were chirping so loud.  It was fun.  

 We made it to Oregon!  Wahoo!

 We took a minute to rest in the shade.  It was pretty hot in the sun.  

 One of the "new" things I got for the trip was some cool stamp markers.  I handed them out about an hour before we got to Rob's parents house.  Because Riley was in the very back of the car, we didn't see that she was just coloring all over herself.  I did see the stuff on her face and then we took the markers, but when we got to La Grande, we discovered her arm.  Ha ha!  The marker came off just fine when we went swimming at the hotel that night.  :)

 When we got to the house, we were greeted by Uncle Duncan and a sword fight.  

 The kids loved it!

 Then of course, the girls headed right downstairs to try on the costumes.  We forgot to make sure they were all put back away, so we didn't get to go back down the next time, but it was fun for a little while. 

 Even Riley got into it.  Her red nose matched her dress.  They also love these big building blocks on the back porch.

 Then grandpa told the kids they could harvest his onions.  Rob is so jealous of these huge onions his dad grew!  They were so big!  Ours always turn out really small.

Thanks for letting them pick the onions!  

 After church on Sunday.

 Sadie found some fun glasses.  I think she makes them look great!

 Then we went down to Riverside park.  It was really hot, so I got our spray bottle out of the car and kept spraying people down to keep them cool.  

 We usually stay clear of the river, but this time we took the kids down there.  They loved it and wished we had brought our swimming suits.

 We saw some little fish in there too.  Zac was just in heaven throwing rocks and sticks.

 We crossed the bridge...then turned around and came back.  ha ha.

 In the hotel, the girls all slept on the floor (they wanted to!) and I found this one of the nights.  Cute girls sharing a pillow...although later on that night Riley woke up crying because she couldn't find her pillow.  Ha ha.  I had to go help her steal it back from Sadie.  :)

The next morning, we woke up and headed to Portland....

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Visit from William and Taylor

 A couple weeks before we went to Oregon, Taylor and William came to Utah to see her brother get home from his mission.  While they were in Utah, they drove up to Provo one day so we drove down to see them for a bit.  We visited the Bean Museum and the Creamery for ice cream.  Riley took a minute to warm up to William, but once that happened they were little buddies.  IT was so fun to see them together again. 

 Playing with the ant tunnels.

  Checking out the butterflies and a group picture.  Usually we get one from the other side where the giraffes are, but this time we can just see their behinds.  :)

 Cute group of cousins.

 And the best part...ICE CREAM!  The BYU creamery seriously has the best ice cream. 

 Here is my attempt at getting a good picture of Riley and William together.  I think Taylor got a much better one.  ha ha.  And Zac ate an ant.  Rob always tells us they taste like lemon drops, but Zac said he couldn't taste any lemon.  ha ha

Bike parade

Every year for Pioneer day our neighborhood does a little bike parade for the kids.  This year Rob was going to lead the bike parade on his bike so none of the kids got lost.  I was going to walk around with Riley and Emery, but Riley started crying on our way there and didn't stop until after we started walking home.  Sigh.  Everyone was asking how they could help.  She was inconsolable.  It was rather frustrating. I was worried that she maybe had an ear infection or something, but the rest of the day (which was spent in the car driving to Oregon) she was completely pleasant and happy.  I don't know what was wrong, but I guess it is something to look back on and laugh at now.  :)

Here are some of our friends.  Their mom also made them some cute patriotic shirts.  

Gathering around to start the parade.

Look at the cute wagon.  That's how I would want to do a bike parade.  :)

Cute neighborhood kids.

If you look closely Rob is getting ready to lead the parade.  I didn't get any great pictures because I was holding a screaming Riley the ENTIRE time.  So these will have to do.  Some days are just like that I guess. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pioneer day parade float preview

Every year in Salt Lake they do a big parade for Pioneer day.  We have never been because to me it doesn't sound like a ton of fun to navigate downtown in the crowds with 4 kids in the hot sun.  So we always try to make it to the float preview in Sandy.  They put a lot of the floats in a big room and you can walk around and see them up close.  There is often a marching band marching around playing songs and some of the floats have little activities for the kids to do.  Its a fun time and it beats sitting hours in the sun.  :)

The kids liked this one of the American Flag.  

I thought the animals on this float were really pretty.  Colorful and sparkly...two of my favorite things!

The kids like this peacock.  It's pretty amazing seeing the creativity of the people who make these floats.  

One lady was begging people to take pictures with these jellyfish umbrellas.  Nobody in front of us was taking her up on her I told the kids to run and grab them and I would take their picture.   Zac looks thrilled to be there.  

And of course we always have to find the BYU float.  

Then we found this cool hot air balloon.  

The kids got a few suckers and some taffy.  We had a great time.  I think our favorite part was the marching band.  It was so fun to listen to them and watch them march around.  We had to run out of the way a few times so we didn't get run over.  ha ha. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Riley is 3!

 A few weeks ago my little Riley turned 3 years old!  I can't believe how fast time has flown by.  She is such a happy, silly girl and we all love her so much.  She keeps us laughing.  She tells the other kids that she loves them forever.  :) She picked out a sugar doughnut for breakfast.

 Yummy.  Sugar for breakfast.  ha ha.  But look how cute those kids are!

 She got this duplo lego set that you can build rocket ships out of.  She loves it!

 Riley said that she wanted to go to the splash pad for her birthday, so we did.  I love watching my kids when we are out in public because a lot of the time, they just all stick together and play together.  Riley keeps up with the big kids.  I guess she is turning into a big kid herself.  

 I've discovered that if I bring buckets to the splash pad, it keeps the kids interested longer than if I don't.  So I always keep buckets in the back of the car now.  :)

 The splash pad wasn't very crowded that day even though it was really hot!  I love it when that happens!

Thank you to everyone who wished Riley a happy birthday.  She had a great day.  And she loved blowing out her candles!  Happy birthday Riley!