Monday, July 28, 2008

Hair clip givaway

This and That, Tabicat: Hair Clip Giveaway!

This is my friend's blog. She makes the most adorable stuff and she is giving some cute hair clips away. All you have to do is make a comment on her blog and link back to it in your own blog and you can be entered to win! Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

It really makes my day...

When I can get Sadie to laugh. It is so fun to play with her and see her smiles and hear her laughter. We are so blessed to have her in our lives!

Primary Class

Last week in primary, I made some salt dough for the kids to make something they are grateful for out of. One kid just flattened it and put a P on it and said it was a pancake. The other kid did the same thing but said his was a Pizza. The only girl in the class that day made this: It says "I'm thankful for Sadie" And she gave it to us. It is adorable! (Keep in mind that she is only 6)

Who wouldn't be thankful for Sadie? She is such a cool babe!

Yard work with dad

When I was done cleaning up our dinner mess, I found Rob and Sadie outside like this. Rob pulling weeds and Sadie just enjoying sitting in the grass. So I got a blanket and joined them. I'm not brave enough to sit directly on the grass since I have seen so many ants in our yard.

Sadie being a cutie. She is so good at sitting up by herself. Just after I took this picture, a tiny dog ran up from out of nowhere and started licking Sadie on the mouth. It was so funny. She just sat there looking at it. Unfortunately I had turned off my camera, so I didn't get a picture. It was funny though.

So Happy!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Lagoon Trip

So last Wednesday, Rob's work had a "Lagoon day" where they paid for the employees and their families to go to Lagoon. We were really excited to go although we knew it would be different with little Sadie to take care of. On our way to Lagoon, we passed a car on the side of the road that had a flat tire. I looked over and noticed that they were a cute older couple so Rob and I decided we would stop to help them. We took a few seconds too long to decide that we were going to actually stop, so we had to go to the next exit, turn around and go back. Unfortunately, the next exit was 3 miles away, so it took us about 15 minutes to get back to the car. Right as we got there, Rob ran out to see if they needed help and they were packing up. They had just finished and were getting ready to leave. It was a fun adventure though. Next time we are just going to stop right away no matter what...

When we got to Lagoon, we both decided that we would each go on one ride while the other had Sadie and we would spend the rest of the time in the water area. Rob went on some roller coaster called Spider I think. He said it was a lot of fun but the line took too long. He had to sit in the same car as a few screaming teenage girls so he got a few laughs. Then we went to lunch and the company passed out t-shirts for everyone...they even had a tiny one for Sadie. It was so cute! Then I went on my ride. I went on a ride called the cliffhanger where you are tipped upside down and you go through water and stuff. My car unfortunately did not tip upside down but I did manage to get completely drenched. Fortunately I had just changed into my swimsuit. We spent the rest of the time in the water. Sadie loved it and so did we. She went down a small slide with Rob and splashed her feet in the water a lot. We love our little girl! Here are some pictures...

This is a ride that my little brother went on when he was about 5. The pictures that I have seen of it show him looking terrified and crying. So we just had to get a shot for him.

This was during the lunch. Sadie found a new friend. She is about 3 weeks younger than Sadie but has 5 times as much hair!

This is me after the ride that i went on. Ridiculous. Sorry that it is sideways!

Right before we get into the water. With our matching cute! Sadie just happened to be yawning right when they took the picture.

First ride on a slide!

4th of July

I know I'm a little behind, but here are some pictures from the fourth of July. We had an awesome holiday. Rob's brother Duncan was staying with us so that made it even better! We started the day off with a trip to Bridal Veil was pretty busy there, but it was really fun to see the falls and play around in the water. It was freezing, but Sadie loved splashing her feet in it.

Then we went to a picnic lunch that our friends invited us to. There was so much good food there! Yumm. Anyway, it was a pretty big deal with a big "HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY" sign and everything. The boys played football and frisbee while most of the women took care of their kids. There was a little pool that they filled up with water that the kids played was fun watching them splash around in there. Rob just loved playing football with his buddy although he was very sore the next day.

After the picnic, we went to hang out with my brother Evan and his wife Shanna. We had a BBQ and played frisbee and all that fun stuff. Around 7 we walked over to our spot to watch fireworks. It was the best spot I've ever had for fireworks. The flyover was really neat and the parachuters were awesome. I kept thinking that they were going to crash and how tragic that would be in front of such a big audience. Thankfully, they all landed safely. The fireworks were amazing and Sadie even liked watching them. We were worried that they would scare her, but she just watched them without a problem.

Rob, Duncan and Sadie at Bridal Veil

Us at Bridal Veil

Sadie looking cute sitting on the grass.

Waiting for the fireworks to start!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sitting up

Sadie is just growing up so fast! We have been practicing sitting up on our big bed because she is still learning how to balance. She can sit for about a minute as long as there are no distractions or things for her to reach for. :) But she is learning and growing so fast...she needs to SLOW DOWN!

Now you all are probably going to think I am such a mean mom in this next video because I just watch as Sadie falls on her face, but she usually can wiggle onto her tummy and turn over. This time she was a little bit stuck, so I decided to help her after a little bit. Rob thought it was so cute and he wanted me to put it on here. So here it is...Don't worry. I'm nice.

First Rice Cereal

WE fed Sadie her first rice cereal last friday. She really enjoyed it...but not as much as she enjoyed just playing with the spoon!