Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It is going to be a great day!

Well, it is currently 7:35 am and Sadie is still sound asleep. Hooray! It has been so long since she has slept this late. I personally don't mind waking up at 6 am to get her from her crib because I have always been an early riser. Some days Rob gets her and lets me sleep in. What a guy! :) But it is nice to have this time in the morning to just get things done without Sadie trying to turn the computer off on me. he he.

Well, at church on Sunday, there was a little boy sitting behind us that was about a month older than Sadie. Whenever he made a noise, Sadie would copy him. At first it was just high pitched squeals, but then he said the word "no". Now that is a word that Sadie knows. She would repeat "NO NO NO" over and over only to have him say it again and it went on and on. It was pretty cute.

Anyway, I think I am going to try to get some dishes done before Sadie wakes up. Have a great day!

Here are some pictures so this post isn't too boring!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Get and Give away!

March is National Craft Month, So...
Be one of the first 3 people to leave a comment on this post by Friday @ Midnight and you'll receive something handmade by me. But there is a catch, you have to do the same thing on your blog. So if you're a reader, but a non blogger you're out of luck.


Friday, March 20, 2009


Well, I went to a primary teacher activity tonight. We had ice cream and played games. It was really fun. Right when we got there, Rob and I were the only ones there besides the presidency and their families so we were all in the nursery just watching the kids play with all the toys. Everyone was talking and having a good time when I looked behind me because I heard a little cough. There was a little boy (almost 3) who was playing over there with some chairs. Anyway, he was sitting against the wall and his face was turning a little bit purple and I noticed that he had a big wad of something in his mouth. Everyone else was talking so they didn't know anything was happening. I ran over and stuck my finger in his mouth to take whatever was in there out, and realized it was a BUNCH of peanut M&Ms. So i swiped them out of his mouth and he was still coughing. So I was pretty much freaking out and panicking and my first instinct was to just do the heimlich but then I remembered all of those first aid training classes I had sat through. When they are coughing, you just tell them to keep coughing until they can't cough or it comes out. So i started patting him on the back and telling him to keep coughing. Eventually all of the M&Ms came out and he was fine...of course, I was covered in neon colored drool and spit. Then someone noticed what was going on and brought me a towel so I could get all of the pieces off of the floor. Sheesh...it was scary. The rest of the activity went great though and Sadie just loved playing in the nursery with all of the kids and toys.

When Daddy Calls

This is just too funny. Sadie has been doing this for a while now every time she hears any kind of beep. The microwave, the oven, a car honking outside or when the cell phone rings. She especially goes crazy when she hears the ring I have set for when Rob calls. It is so funny!

So when I made the last video, I had Rob call once before but she didn't have the same reaction she usually does. I think it was because we were outside...anyway, the cool thing about this video is when she picks up the phone and says "daddy". She totally knows it is him calling!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some things that we have been doing...

So we have been having lots of fun these past few weeks. We are currently trying to paint the downstairs apartment so that we can get tenants living there again. Our previous tenants moved out like 2 weeks ago, so we have been making the downstairs look really nice since then. We even removed an ugly gas heating unit and a friend of ours did some drywall work. It looks soooo much better!

Something funny happened the other day. I decided I was going to make a double batch of cookies so I got 4 sticks of butter out and put them on the table to soften. When it came time to make the cookies I decided to just make 2 single batches because it gets hard to mix when there is so much dough. Anyway, so I made the cookies and they were all baked and stuff and then I put Sadie down for a nap. By that time I didn't want to make the other batch of cookies anymore, so I did something else. When I went into the kitchen a couple of hours later, there was a liquid all over the table and dripping on the ground. I had no idea what it was, so I went to check it out and realized that the butter was right in the direct sunlight from the small crack in the curtains. DOH! I completely lost one whole stick, but I was able to put the other one back in the fridge before it ran out of the package. sigh...next time I will just soften the butter in the microwave!

Sadie is as curious as can be. She never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge. She knows where lots of body parts are and she can say ball, dad, hi and bye bye. I'm sure she can say more, I just can't think right now.

Rob has been so busy with work and fixing the downstairs. He has been doing a lot of handy work like changing the electrical outlets and fixing the drywall. Today he even put up some shelves in our kitchen and they look awesome! He is such a handy man!

Here are some pictures and videos for your enjoyment.

Here she is with her very first ponytail in her hair! So cute. It didn't last too long, but it was cute while it did. She also found a candy cane and got it all over her face.

This is Rob and I on my birthday. It was an awesome day!

This picture is so funny! I took a normal picture of her because she didn't have any pants on but she brought me her shoes and wanted me to put them on. So I did. So I took a picture and the flash went off. She wasn't quite looking at the camera in that picture, so I started to take another one, but she figured out the flash, so she kept squinting her eyes. It was hilarious!

THis video is of dinner time. She kept throwing her food on the floor, so we put her in time out for like a minute and she was really sad. So we felt pretty bad and held her and tried to feed her that way. Well this is what happened. She is such a nice girl!

I caught Sadie playing her piano like this yesterday! Hah! She is going to be so talented on the piano!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sadie Sadie Bo Badie

Well, my life has been good lately. We have been having a good time hanging out in the nice weather on the front grass. Sadie just loves being outside now that she can walk around and explore everything. She used to just walk around on the sidewalk, but she has discovered that she can go on the grass. A whole new world.... She loves it!

Rob and I are painting the downstairs apartment because the people that lived there moved out yesterday. We are going to miss them a lot because they became really good friends, but they only moved a few blocks away, so we will still see them. I love painting, but I don't know if I would ever want to paint our house while all of our stuff is in it. It is so nice that the apartment is empty and all we have to worry about is covering the carpet. Moving all the furniture out of the way would really add a lot of work. I'm still hoping to paint our place sometime...don't know if it will ever happen though. Oh well.

So Sadie is just learning new things everyday. It is so much fun to watch her grow and discover things all the time. Here are some things that she has "discovered" the past couple days.

She discovered our swimming goggles. She didn't really know what to do with them at first, but after I put them on me, she figured it out. Such a cutie!

This was my discovery of the week. She finally has enough hair to put a hair clip into! So exciting since I recently have been obsessed with making hair clips. It doesn't stay in very long though because she pulls at it. :(

The last discovery is the cutest in my opinion. Enjoy.