Monday, April 25, 2011


The other night the kids were soooo pleasant right before bedtime. That doesn't happen. Like ever. Sadie is usually pretty good, but Zac is just super fussy especially right before bedtime. So it was such a nice thing for them to both be enjoying themselves so much at that time of day. Check it out!

Monday, April 18, 2011


I must say that Zac and Sadie are pretty much the two cutest kids around. They make me smile all the time, and they really are getting to be good friends. They are also beginning to treat each other like siblings. They do things that they both know will bother the other one. And Zac is really catching on when he is being left out of a fun activity. That is why we MUST do preschool stuff while he is sleeping! :)

Anyway, here are some fun pictures.

Zac and daddy outside! It was a beautiful day. We flew a kite and Zac loved it!

This was Rob and the kids making breakfast one morning. So cute...and yes, I am spoiled!

Taking a bath. Apparently Zac stuck his face in the water and this is how it came out. So funny.

We found this set of cookie cutters at DI for 2 dollars. There must have been 100 in that bag. I sent about half of them right back to DI, but these babies have provided a few hours of entertainment already...and we haven't even made cookies yet!

Here is Zac enjoying his very first sucker. Well, the first one of his own that is. Sadie has shared a few licks of hers in the past, but Zac was so cute holding his own little dum dum pop.

Eating suckers.

Zac flying a kite

Friday, April 8, 2011

Zac laughing

Here is that laughing video of Zac I was telling you about. Enjoy. I have watched it about 20 times.

My life these days

It has been a rough few months over here because of sicknesses and having to stay inside because of weather (and having no car). So we have had to come up with new things to keep us busy. The other day, Sadie wanted to be rolled up like a burrito.

So I rolled her up like a burrito and proceeded to tickle her since she couldn't get her arms out. I know...I'm mean. But she was having a blast!

The other morning Rob got up with the kids and let me sleep in. I know, he is awesome. So when I got out of bed, he was in the bathroom and I came to the living room to see this. Both kids just chillin there with their bowls of cereal watching a movie. So funny.

Zac loves to climb on things.

I am trying to get Zac to drink soymilk ever since we found out he is allergic to milk and eggs. I don't know if it is that he doesn't like the taste or what, but he doesn't really drink it. This day he actually took a few sips. I was so happy. But he went back to not drinking it anymore.

So cute!

This is a video of something that Zac does every day. He loves to push Sadie around in the chair, but when she doesn't cooperate, he let's us all know. Typical Zac.

THe other day, Rob pointed out a little tiny bug crawling around on the floor. We showed Zac and he loved it. He was playing with it and poking at it. Well, we thought he loved it.

Here is a video of Sadie laughing. I love hearing my kids laugh. I have a great video of Zac laughing...I will post it tomorrow because it is still on the camera.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sadie got her nails done!

So we have awesome tenants. We never want them to move away. We have become great friends with them...and Sadie thinks they are just the best! She goes downstairs all the time to hang out with them. She talks through the vent to them sometimes. She loves them.

Yesterday, Amanda's whole family was in town and they all went to get pedicures. She invited me to come along with Sadie and Zac, but it was right during Zac's naptime so I decided I better stay home. But she was so nice and brought Sadie along with her even though I didn't go. Sadie had so much fun. When she got home, she was so happy and told us all about how she chose her own colors and how they painted her toes and fingers. So cute.

I added these pictures just because I thought they were funny. I hemmed Garlan's pants (downstairs neighbor), and Sadie wanted to try them on. So funny.

I think they are just a little bit too big! :)

Here are pictures of her fingers and toes. Her fingers were yellow with white polka dots.

There's a better picture.

And her toes were blue with white polka dots. So cute!

Not an hour after she got home, I noticed that one of her fingernails was completely bare. I didn't bring any attention to it, but then when I noticed another one had the nailpolish off, I mentioned it to Rob. He was vacuuming at the time and messing around with the kids and he said "uh oh...I think the vacuum sucked the nail polish off of your fingers". When she saw her two bare fingernails, the tears started rolling down her cheeks. So sad. But then this morning, she peeled all of the nail polish off of her fingers. That stuff just didn't want to stick on her little fingers. But her toes still look great. :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Conference weekend!

So the day before general conference started, the weather was so nice. Then on Saturday the clouds started rolling in. Rob wanted to wash the car before my brother and his girlfriend came by for dinner so we all went outside. Zac immediately went to play in the puddles of water and eventually we all ended up in the backyard on the swing set. Let's just say, the kids were MESSY!

Then Isaac and Kristina (spelling?) got here along with Evan and Shanna and Calvin and we ate dinner. Then the next morning we woke up to SNOW! And lots of it! It was crazy. Sadie and Rob went out to play in the snow before the first session started and it is a good thing they did because the snow melted pretty fast. Anyway, here are some pictures of the weekend.

Good picture with Uncle Isaac and Kristina

Silly Faces!

Sadie jumping outside.

Zac playing in the puddle. His diaper was sooooo full of water when we finally got him changed!

Mr. Wet Bum.

He loved this bucket.

Trying to see what is inside!

Rob took Zac out for a few minutes in the snow...I love Sadie in the background! She is so funny! I'm glad she likes to play in the snow now.

Our cute little Sadie. She is such a sweetheart!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Chocolate chip pancakes

I used to always make pancakes from scratch just because it was so fast and easy, but for Christmas my grandma got me some pancake mix for my food storage. I love this mix! So yummy...and even faster than making them from scratch! So we enjoy pancakes around here about once a week. Nice. Anyway the other day I made pancakes and added some chocolate chips. They were delicious, but very messy. See for yourself!

I was taking pictures of Zac and she did not want to be left out. She does have a little bit of chocolate on her face. :) messy!

All over everything. But he really loved eating them!

Then it was straight to the bathtub for those two! We love pancakes!