Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Dress

My grandma made me this dress when I was little. My mom brought it to Utah a few years ago and it finally fits Sadie. The amazing thing is, I just hung it in her closet and she picked it out one Sunday and said she wanted to wear it to church. Awesome. And I think she looks really cute in it! Thanks Grandma!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I seriously love these two!

This is the second post in one night! I am on a roll...

This is just some funny things that the kids have been doing lately.

Calvin got to come over one day while his parents went to the temple. It was a blast! He played with pretty much every toy we have I think. ha ha. And the kids loved having a friend over to play with. This is Zac and Calvin playing with the fireman hats.

Pretty cute firemen I must say!

All of the kids in our little cardboard house having fun.

We finally said goodbye to the cardboard house. We had it for a long time and set it up and took it down lots. But it was so used that it was breaking, so I let the kids demolish it. They had a lot of fun crawling through this window.

Zac even got in on the action. I was surprised he could make it through the window, but he did and this kept the kids busy for at least 20 minutes.

I got a rug and put it by the kitchen sink. The kids think it is their blanket apparently.

They like to lay on the floor and pull it on top of them, and drag it to the living room and roll it up and unroll it. Pretty silly. What is really funny was when I showed Rob this picture on the camera, he asked me who that third person was under the rug. I had to explain that it was just Care Bear. ha ha. In his defense, the screen on the camera is really small.

The kids have been playing together so well lately. I love it. It is so fun to see them interact well with each other. They definitely have their moments of hair pulling and pushing and tears, but I love seeing them actually having fun together. Sadie is such a sweet big sister and Zac wants to copy everything she does. It is cute. I love these two. Can't wait to see how Zac is as a big brother!

Hide and Seek

I have a great husband. He is amazing with the kids and plays with them tons when he gets home from work. As an added bonus, he is extremely funny. He has me laughing all the time. Anyway, yesterday he made me laugh so hard that I cried, so I thought I would let everyone in on his hilarious comment.

He had gotten home from work and was playing hide and seek with the kids. Sadie would run and hide and Zac would kinda wander and Rob would go find them. This was going on for about 10 minutes while I was in the kitchen. Then I went to find them and it was Sadie's turn to hide. She ran off and Rob turned to me and said "the balloon is going to be a dead giveaway..." in a really funny voice. It was so funny. Let me show you why. Take a look at all of her hiding places.

Thinking about it now still makes me laugh, but last night it was so funny. I could not stop laughing. She had no clue that the balloon gave away where she was hiding EVERY time. Actually in the picture where the balloon is barely sticking above the bed I thought she had caught on because as I was trying to take a picture the balloon kept getting lower and lower. So I thought she was pulling it down so Rob couldn't find her. By the time I couldn't see the balloon anymore, I looked down and Sadie was under the bed by my feet. So the balloon had just followed her under the bed. So funny! I love my kids. They are great.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Homemade Ice cream

We borrowed somebody's ice cream maker last week while we were learning about the letter I in preschool. We made 2 batches of homemade ice cream and boy were they yummy! The first batch was strawberry because I had bought 8 pounds of strawberries from the store (for only 6.99!) and so we needed to use those up. The second batch was really yummy because it was cookie dough. So good! If anyone wants to get me an ice cream maker for Christmas, I wouldn't be opposed to the idea. The great thing about this machine was that it didn't need any ice or salt, and the ice cream was done in 30 minutes. So I started the ice cream right before we sat down for dinner, and by the time the dinner mess was cleaned up, there was fresh yummy ice cream waiting for us to eat!

This is just a funny picture of Sadie. She is sitting inside a light box thing that I use sometimes to take pictures of the earrings that I sell in my etsy shop.

The kids were so intrigued by the ice cream maker. They wanted front row seats.
It was pretty cute!

I think it was done now...that is why they look so happy! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Raking leaves

The other day I was inside fixing dinner and Rob ran in and said "come out here with the camera when you get the chance." Now he usually doesn't think about taking pictures very often so I thought this must be good. So I grabbed the camera and headed out to the backyard. This is what I found :

The kids were helping Rob rake the leaves in our backyard. Apparently Zac saw Rob get the two rakes out and headed over to the garage and picked out that huge shovel for himself and dragged it all the way over to where they were raking. By that time, Sadie was done helping so Rob gave him the other rake. Funny.

The other funny thing is that about 2 hours later, we had a huge wind storm that lasted pretty much all night. The leaves are now everywhere. But at least they had a good time.