Tuesday, May 25, 2010


There is no napping in this house while Sadie is awake. Just ask anyone who has ever tried. My brother Scott seems to try to nap every time he is here and Sadie is always trying to walk on him or poke his head...he seems to be able to sleep through it pretty well though. When my mom was here she didn't nap much...she was busy helping me with anything and everything. But when she did dose off on the couch, Sadie would climb right up and get really close to her face and talk to her.

And here is Daddy trying to take a nap...

I may or may not have been the one that suggested playing with stickers...but I didn't tell her to put them on him. That was all her. Luckily, he is the best husband in the entire world, so he didn't really mind.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mushy Face

Here are some more pictures I have taken of my two beautiful kiddos. It is so funny because I feel like I haven't taken nearly as many pictures as I did when Sadie was Zac's age...I guess that is because he is not the only one I am taking care of. Sadie makes it kinda hard to take a lot of pictures. Anyway...I think I have some good ones. Enjoy!

He is kinda smiling in this one. I love it! Sadie just would not stop biting her nails though.

Sadie kept trying to put her Elmo guy in Zac's hand. I kept telling her that her to stop because he can't hold things yet. Well, she kept at it and he grabbed onto it. It was so funny how excited Sadie got when she saw that he was holding it.

I just thought this picture was funny. Sadie loves to give Zac hugs and kisses and this picture shows how much she loves him. See how his face is being mashed. So funny! I think that is Daddy's hand trying to pull him away from her. Haha.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What do you get when...

...you have a two year old and a newborn? Lots of messes. This is what Sadie does when I am immobile nursing Zac.

She took out every single potato from our 10 pound bag of potatoes.

And put them in the inflatable pool that was in our living room.

Then she stuck them all down her night gown. Sheesh. What an imagination!

I found these stuck into the couch cushion like this...who knows what that was about. Sometimes when she is coloring or doing something that she wants them to "watch" she will put them like this.

This is what our living room looks like most of the time. Every time I am done feeding Zac, Sadie and I go around and clean up all the messes she made while I was feeding him.

I love being a mother of two...but I wish I had four arms!


We took Sadie swimming a few Saturdays ago. She is such a cute little swimmer. She would stay for hours and hours if we would let her...but I think we get tired way before she does. :) I was just watching this time because I had Zac with me, but it was such a fun time. She is getting so brave. Her favorite thing to do is jump off the side into Daddy's arms. Here are some pictures. (Not the best quality, but what can you do?)

Friday, May 14, 2010


These two just make me smile.

Ps. I was watching Rachel Ray in the background. That is what the noise is.

Brother Sister Love

Here are some pictures of our last week. Sadie just adores her little brother...sometimes a little too much. She always wants to give him "soft hugs" and "soft kisses". It is adorable. She has been such a good helper. Whenever she wakes up in the morning and sees the dirty diapers that we changed during the night in the hallway, she always picks them up and throws them in the garbage for us. She is really amazed at how many times we have to change his diaper during the day.

She also helps me pick out his clothes. The other day I left her alone in her room after she helped me pick out an outfit for Zac, and when I went back in, this is what I found:

Yes...that is 4 onesies that she put on like pants. As in, she put her little legs through the arm holes and was waddling around like that for a good 30 minutes. Silly Sadie.

She also loves to share with him. Yesterday I found him like this. She shared the racquetball with him and also some stickers that grandma left for her. Cute. At least she didn't put them in his hair or something.

This is her favorite thing to do. Lay next to him on a blanket. She hates it when he is sleeping because she can't lay next to him and share his blanket. :)

Right after bath time. I love how his hair is sticking up!

My handsome little boy!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Grandma Selin

My mom has been in town for a couple weeks. It has been so great to have help with baby Zachary and Sadie. She really has been busy. Here are a few of the things she has been up to:

We took Sadie to feed the ducks (before Zac was born). She chased Sadie around so I didn't have to! It was nice!

She got to play with Calvin a lot too! Calvin is just such a cutie and we are going to miss him and his parents this summer!

She went to my brother Evan's graduation and when little Calvin was having a hard time, she walked around with him and put him to sleep. Unfortunately, he woke up a while later and his mom had to take him out for the rest of the ceremony.
He sure is cute though!

She has done lots of work around the house. She has cooked, cleaned and she even painted our bathroom and stained the cabinets! This is when she was cleaning under the fridge...who knows how long it had been since it had been cleaned. I know it has been at least a couple years. It was yucky! But now I know how to clean it and will hopefully do it every few months or so.

This box has been where Sadie and Grandma spend a lot of their time. Sadie loves to color on her box with Grandma. They do it at least once a day. There aren't very many empty spots to color anymore. :)

And of course, she has been holding baby Zac a lot. She is very good at getting him to sleep. This is her first time holding him in the hospital.

And she keeps Sadie occupied while I have to feed Zac. Who knows what I will do with her when my mom leaves! Just kidding...I will figure something out. This is them making a yummy yellow cake for the super delicious strawberries that I bought. It was delicious!

That is just a small list of things that she has been up to while she has been here. We will sure miss her when she has to go back to her life in Arizona! I know that Sadie will especially miss her. Thanks for all your help grandma!

PS. Zac is excited to meet his Grandma and Grandpa Kevan and Grandpa Selin in July!
My mom

Friday, May 7, 2010

I love these two!

Sadie loves to hold Zac in her "lap."


Zac can never lay on a blanket by himself. Sadie always has to be right there!

My kiddos are the best!