Monday, March 24, 2008

More Pictures.

Sadie zonked out after church and slept in this position for about 3 hours. She is adorable!

Aunt Crystal and Sadie.

Rob and his cool brothers.

Me and my hunny.

Here is a video from the egg bash. My mom got out pretty early on, but after it was all over, she went against everyone with this unstoppable egg. She beat everyone and this is her going against Shanna, the champion.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend!

Well this weekend has been so fun! Our families came to town for Sadie's blessing and we had the annual Easter Egg Bash. The Easter Egg Bash consists of rolling hard boiled eggs at each other and whichever one cracks is out. It is a lot of fun i must say...except now we have about 20 hard boiled eggs that we need to eat. I was dethroned this year by my sister-in-law Shanna, but it was still loads of fun. I was out right near the beginning but Rob made it pretty far. I love having my family around. It is always sad to say goodbye to them. are some pictures of the events of the weekend.

This is me with my egg...It got broken shortly after this picture was taken.

Rob and his demolished ASU egg. I guess he should have written BYU on it. He might have had better luck.

The champion with her trophies!

Rob and I with our beautiful little Sadie in her white dress.

BIG SMILE! She has been smiling more and more lately...I love it!

Since I used to work at the MTC, I got to go see my little brother who is there right now. He entered the MTC on my due date so I wasn't there when he got i got to go let him meet his niece. All of the missionaries were jealous that he got to hold her. :)

Four generations.

Us in our cool headbands getting ready to dominate at the Easter Egg Bash.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ahhh the beauty of Sleep...

So Rob and I made a breakthrough these past couple of days. We were having trouble getting Sadie to go to sleep and stay asleep. She would Go down for about 20 minutes and wake up and cry so we would try to sooth her to get her to be happy again. Well, then on Tuesday night Sadie decided not to sleep at all. This really took a toll me so Rob worked from home the next day to help me out. Well, she still wasn't sleeping, but we knew that she was tired because her eyelids kept wanting to close. She just kept on fighting sleep.

So when she woke up about 30 minutes after we put her down, Rob decided that she was just going to have to stay asleep. He didn't let her move around...he wrapped her tight and rocked her. Of course she didn't like this one bit. She screamed and screamed for about 10 minutes (which broke our hearts, because it wasn't just a regular "I'm hungry" cry. It was a deep mad cry.) Anyway, after about 10 minutes of this, literally mid squeal, she fell asleep. She was out. She stayed asleep for about 3 and a half hours. This same thing happened again the next time she went down for a nap, and Rob did the same thing, and the same thing happened. But this time, I don't think she cried as long. It was great!

So when night came, I was a little worried because I thought that since she slept so well during the day that she would not want to sleep at night. But, she did so well! I feel so rested and have been able to get so much stuff done today already. As I am typing she is sleeping and has been for a couple of hours. Its so nice... She is the best.

I'm so excited for the weekend because both mine and Rob's family will be here for Sadie's blessing on Sunday. We are going to have the annual Easter Egg Bash...good times!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

St. Patrick's Day!

So I guess St. Patricks day was officially on the 15th this year because of something...not many people knew I don't think, but we dressed up on Saturday for it anyway. Sadie had on her cute little onesie that my friend Stacie got for her. So we decided to take pictures. The thing is, we kept putting it off later and later in the day, and I was holding her and felt an explosion in her pants...quickly I checked to make sure I was clean and noticed that her onesie got some bathroom materials on it. So I yelled for Rob to get the camera so we could snap some quick shots before it was too late. :) They turned out pretty cute.

Sadie also took her first steps this past week and we just happened to capture it on video... check it out!

In other news...We got a washer and dryer!!!! Hooray! No more Laundromat! I can't even express how excited I am. he he

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daylight Savings Fiasco

Well...being from Arizona where there is no Daylight Savings Time, I always get confused when to change the clocks and whether to move them forward or backward. Well, on Sunday Rob and I decided to take Sadie to Sacrament meeting for the first time. We woke up a little bit late because Sadie kept us up that night, so i had to feed her and get ready in about 45 minutes. Sadie usually takes about 30 minutes to eat which left me with about 15 minutes to shower and get ready. Well, I did get ready barely in time and Rob and I arrived about 5 minutes late. I was proud. WE were out in the hallway and we heard someone bearing their testimony so we were really confused. We asked someone nearby if that was our ward and he said yes and reminded us about Daylight Saving Time. Whoopsie. So we just decided to walk back home.

I was a little upset because I got all ready and dressed, so I asked Rob to take my picture with Sadie.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My First Blog!

I did it! I made a blog. I don't really know what I am doing yet, but I'm excited to keep everyone posted on what is going on in my life.

We are currently very busy and sleep deprived...but we are loving every moment spent with our little girl. She is the most beautiful baby we could ever ask for. We are so blessed to have her in our life! Last night and today have been kind of rough. Sadie woke up at around 1 this morning and hasn't slept well since then. She finally went to sleep for a good long nap at 4 ish when Rob got home from work. I love that girl!

Speaking of rob...He surprised me yesterday with flowers! He is the greatest! He got me three gerberdaisies (i don't know how to spell it) and they are so pretty! He is the best husband in the whole world!

We are planning to bless Sadie on Easter Sunday because that is when all of our family will be in town. WE are so excited to see them and have all the grandparents meet Sadie!