Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Family Pictures

 Obviously this first picture is not a family photo...but it is to document how long my hair was before I cut it.  I got it cut the night before we had our family pictures taken by Rob's sister Crys, so it is still curled the way the person cutting my hair curled it.  I have yet to reproduce this look on my own.  ha ha.  And just excuse my red face in the above picture...I had just gone running.  ha!

A HUGE thank you to Crys for taking these.  She got all of these shots (these are just my favorites...she took tons more good ones) in about 30 minutes.. Pretty good huh?!?  I love them so much!  It was just supposed to be pictures of our kids because I am not super excited about getting pictures taken right after I have a baby, but I figured since my hair was done we might as well go for it.  :)

 Even though ROb has a funny face on this picture, I love it.  My kids are adorable!

 Emery - age 2

 Sadie - age 6

 Zac - age 4  He has a bruise on his forehead  Oops.  He wanted to play ROb's ipad, so I dropped it onto a stack of pillows just as he leaned forward to get it from me.  Ouch.  ha ha.

 Riley - age 8 weeks  She wasn't very into getting her picture taken.  In retrospect, we should have taken hers first instead of last.  Lesson learned.  But I still love the ones we got!

Thank you so much Crys!  I love them all!


 Sleep is like gold around here these days.  We aren't getting a ton of it because of our precious little baby (and other kids...), but it is well worth it.  But sometimes, I wish I could sleep as soundly as my kids.  They can sleep anywhere in any position it seems. 

 One night I went in to check on Emery...I couldn't find her in her bed because it was so dark, and then I finally found her here.  I have also recently found her laying perpendicular across the hall in the middle of the night and on the floor of our bedroom.  It is a miracle she hasn't been stepped on yet.  

 This was after a walk one day.  Cute.

 This is how I found Sadie one night.  How can that be comfortable?!?!

Even though we are pretty tired around here...these guys are totally worth the sleep deprivation!

Just look at these guys!  Lets get a close up of the little one shall we...

Ha ha.  She is so loved around here.  Such a cutie!

Sunday, September 21, 2014


 We signed the kids up for soccer!  So far they have each had three games.  I think they both like it...they don't really know how to play except to run after the ball and kick it into the goal.  But that works.  ha ha. 

 Uncle Duncan and Aunt Crys came to the kids' first games.  She took some great pictures and posted them here.  I put some of them on this blog too...I hope she doesn't mind.  :) She also held Riley for a long time so I could focus on the game.  Thanks Crys!

 This was Zac at the end of his first game.  :)  He is doing so his age group the kids pretty much just huddle around the ball until someone kicks it away and they all go huddle around it again.  But in his last game Zac had a few break aways and dribbled the ball almost to the goal!  It was exciting.  In his game yesterday, he actually scored a goal!  It was awesome!  I was so proud of him!

 Here he is taking a corner kick.  

 This picture is hilarious.  Zac and a few other kids are going for the ball, one of the kids is just looking at it, the boy on Zac's team at the far right of the picture would break out in tears every two minutes because the kids would "take the ball away from him"  ha ha.  So funny.

 Here is Sadie.  She got a neon yellow uniform.  I think they call themselves the green dragons.  

 There is more running involved at this age, but it is still a lot of huddling around the ball.  ha ha

 Sadie does pretty well with the running, but by the end of the game, she is pretty tired.

This picture makes me laugh.  The ball was in that group of people, but it looks like it got kicked away and they are all in the process of going over to it again.

It is so fun to see my kids learn new things.  I hope they enjoy soccer, because I sure enjoy watching them play!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Family and Fun

While my parents were in town for Riley's blessing, they introduced us to a place called Rita's.  It is a frozen custard and slushie place.  It was really yummy.  We all enjoyed our ice cream and I can't wait to go back.  I guess I will have to wait until next year when Rob starts eating treats again.  :)

The kids were excited that they had a little table for kids.  

The whole gang.

Then we all got cold from eating our cold treats, so we moved outside.  Much warmer out there.

The last time my mom came to visit she noticed that my kids were really into playing with smurfs.  We had about 5 smurf figurines and the kids would play with them for hours every day.  So when she came this time, she brought some smurfs for them.  They were thrilled!  They love them and still play with them at least once a day.  Here they are all lined up in a row:

I didn't get a picture, but grandpa spent a LOT of time playing smurfs with Zac and Emery while he was here.  He is just so much fun!

Playdoh + Smurfs = hours of fun!

We went for a walk to the park.  I started off carrying Riley on my chest, then my mom took over.  She was still asleep when we got home so my mom put her on the couch like this.  Pretty cute.  

Bonding with Grandma.

We went to a food truck round-up close by one night.  I had never been to one, so it was kinda fun.  They also had these bounce houses for free that the kids could play on.  Score!  The only problem was there was no supervision or anything.  So there were big kids going crazy in there at the same time there were tiny kids.  Sadie and Zac did pretty good in them...but Emery tried it twice and this is how it ended both times:

Yes...she got bonked or something and was in tears both times.

Here is grandpa with baby Riley.  Thanks grandpa for all the work you helped with while you were here.  I guess we should mow the back lawn again sometime...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Riley's Blessing

 On August 31, Riley and baby William (Luke and Taylor's baby) were blessed.  It was so great to share that day with so much family!  First we drove down to Provo and saw William's blessing and then we all drove back up to West Jordan so we could bless Riley in our ward.  Ha ha.  It worked out pretty good.  It is so fun to have two precious little babies so close in age.  Can't wait until they grow up and can be buddies.  :)

 Here we are in our backyard before we left for William's blessing.  

 My parent's holding their 6th grandchild.  I didn't get too many pictures of Riley in her blessing dress.  I feel bad about that, but she wasn't wearing it for very long.  It almost didn't fit her...we had to leave the top button unbuttoned because her neck is too big.  ha ha.

 The whole group. A surprisingly great picture for using the timer and having so many people in it!

 Brothers and babies.  I love this picture.

 I have four kids!  It still blows my mind.  I love them all.

My friend from my ward made this beautiful blessing bracelet for Riley.  I love it!  It looked so cute on her chubby little wrists!  

The blessing went great and I could hear everything that Rob said.  A lot of times when a baby is blessed in our ward, the microphone isn't very loud.  I told Rob to make sure he spoke loudly.  :)  We loved having so much family around too.  Come back soon everyone!