Thursday, September 24, 2015

Paris Trip

 So, I went to Paris for a week at the beginning of September.  I've been dragging my feet to blog about it because it is going to take so long because I want to document it well, but I am going to start soon I hope.  Here are a few pictures to show you I was actually there.  :)

 The Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. 

 Under the Eiffel Tower.  I think the tower was probably my favorite thing we did there.

 Up close and personal with Mona Lisa.

 The best part about the Eiffel Tower is that it sparkles every hour at night for five minutes.  So pretty. 

This was all of us back together again.  Sadly, Riley was sick when I got home and has been teething ever since so she has not been a very happy camper.  But is was fun to be in Paris with my friend, and it is great to be home again!  I'll fill in the details soon hopefully!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Color Run

 My friend and I signed up for the Salt Lake color run.  It's a 5k where at certain points through the run people throw colored chalk at you.  It was pretty fun.  I think I will definitely do this one again! 

 Had to get a picture of my gold tattoo.  I loved it!

 After we were done running.  Then we went to that stage area behind us and participated in a color throw.  You just count down and throw colored chalk in the air. The air was so thick with color we couldn't see inches in front of us.  ha ha.  It was fun.

This was after the color throw.  It definitely got us more colorful!

When I got home my kids thought it was weird that I was so dirty.  ha ha. 

First day of school 2015

 This post is a few weeks late...but better late than never right?!

This year I have TWO kids in school.  Zac is in half day kindergarten and Sadie is in 2nd grade.  Sadie started school about a week before Zac did.  Poor Sadie had to stay home from school with a fever of 103.4 on the second day of school.  Weirdest lasted the whole day but the next day she woke up feeling normal and back to her old self. 

 Zac on his first day!

 Sadie was so helpful...she showed him where to go and was just so sweet.

 All the kids...a little blurry, but they are all so cute!

 For the first week, we would park at the church down the street and walk the rest of the way.  Sadie held Zac's hand on the first day.  So sweet.

 Zac and his good friend Austin.  There are a lot of kids from Zac's primary class in his kindergarten class.  It's pretty fun.

 Here is Sadie on her first day.  She is growing up!

 Big second grader!

This was Sadie all day the next day....glad she got better quick!  She was so sad to miss her second day of school.

Here's to a great year!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Outside fun

 We have had lots of outside time this summer.  The kiddie pool and slip and slide were well used.  We might have to buy a new one next year...the pool has a small crack and the slip and slide leaks a little.  But they have last two years so far so they have served us well! 

 Nothing like popsicles in the pool.  

 And hanging out in our swimming suits all day.  Sadie is so good with Riley.  She loves to help her play the piano.  :)

 And while the kids loved slipping and sliding on this thing, they also loved using it as a communal drinking fountain!

 Sadie...while we were waiting for some friends to meet us at the splash pad.

 Zac- who I still can't believe is in kindergarten.  He loves it.

 And Emery. 
 When we got out to play in the splash pad, the kids just wanted to climb on the fence.  ha ha  IT was pretty windy and chilly. 

Then we had a picnic with friends.  

I'm kinda sad that summer is over and we have to have a schedule now with the kids being in school.  But it is good for them.  We will always have next summer!

Numb face

 I went and had some cavities filled a few weeks ago.  There was on on each side so my whole upper lip was numb.  After it was done, I had to go to the bathroom...I glanced at myself in the mirror and burst out laughing.  I looked really funny.  So I had to snap a picture so I could show Rob later.

 Ha ha.  

This was a few hours later, so it was getting back to normal by now, but the kids kept asking me "are you trying to smile right now??"  ha ha  

So funny.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Garden Park

There is a park nearby that is all about teaching everyone how to conserve water.  There was a party in the park that I heard about and decided we should go to it because they were going to do a butterfly release.  I thought the kids would really like that.  So we went and there were all kinds of fun things to do. 

This guy had an owl and was telling us all about him.

Also, Spiderman was there.  Zac loved it.

And then of course we had to say hello to Elsa and Anna.  

Emery was loving it!

The kids all did a scavenger hunt where you had to go around to certain booths and get a stamp and at the end they would get a prize.  We walked around (it was really really hot!) and got all of the stamps and they got their prize:

little antennaes! ha ha.  It was a lot of work, but they were glad they got their prize.  

The butterfly release was pretty cool too...the kids were right there and saw it pretty good, but I was in the shade with Riley and grandma because it was so hot waiting in the sun surrounded by hundreds of people!  

Cecret Lake

 We hiked Cecret lake while my mom was in town.  We had done this hike with the kids a couple years ago with some friends and that experience left a bad taste in our mouths.  We thought it was a lake you just drove up to with not hike involved.  Then we read a sign that said it was about a .25 mile hike (or so we thought).  Rob carried his guitar the whole time, I carried a lunchbox with cookies in it and I wasn't even wearing tennis shoes.  Anyway, it ended up being at least a mile long hike with pretty steep switchbacks at the top.  Ha ha.  I'm sure we looked ridiculous.  So ever since then we didn't like Cecret lake. 

We decided to give it another try though.  We thought maybe if our expectations were set at the right level it would be better.  And it was so much better!  It is a great little hike as long as you know it is an actual hike.   ha ha. 

 There were pretty wildflowers everywhere.  

 Family picture near the beginning of the hike.

 Riley got to ride in the front pack.  I think we need to invest in an actual hiking baby backpack someday.  :)

 The hike is pretty much at the top of the canyon.  So it was really pretty. 

 The kids loved finding big rocks to stand on for pictures.  

 We finally got to the lake and found a little spot to sit and throw rocks in.  Riley was just wanting to get in the water the whole time.

 Family picture at the top.

 This was Riley at the end of the hike.  Ha ha.  All that carrying must have worn her out!  :)

All of the pictures above I took with my phone.  I gave Sadie the other camera to take whatever pictures she wanted to.  I love seeing what she thought was photo worthy.  She got some awesome pictures too. 

 This was one of the first pictures she took.  A squirrel hanging from the chain.

 Mommy and Emery.

 There were a few signs along the way that we stopped to read or look at the pictures.  

 Grandma actually took this picture.  

 The lake

 A cool hole in a rock.

 I think my mom actually took this picture too...but this girl was rock climbing near the top of our hike.  It was fun to watch for a bit.

 Sadie really liked this tree trunk.

Pretty flower

Pretty Emery