Saturday, March 31, 2012

Three things that turned into five

1. The kids (meaning Zac and Emery) got hand foot and mouth disease. A very mild case that went away rather quickly. But I had never heard of it that was interesting.

Zac and Emery's can't really see Emery's spots, but you can kinda see Zac's. He called them his "bumps". He he.

2. Zac is a big boy!

We converted the crib to a bed! Hooray. And so far (knock on wood) the transition is going SOOOOOOO much better than it did for Sadie. The only time he gets out of bed is when Sadie is in there egging him on. At naptime when she isn't in there, he does great!

3. Sadie made Emery laugh...and I caught it on camera.

4. I know this is titled three things...but I just found another one. This is Emery when she looks in the mirror. So funny. But the hilarious part of this video is at the very end when you see that Emery has a good hold of Sadie's hair. I keep telling her not to get too close. ha ha.

5. And now I feel bad that this post doesn't have anything about Sadie in here is a little funny thing that happened this morning. We have been telling Sadie about General Conference all week so she was excited about it. Mix that with her excitement for St. Patrick's Day a few weeks ago and you get " Mommy!!! Is it St. Conference day???!?!" Yes. She really asked me that this morning. Man...I have cute kids!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

BYU softball game

I got a text from Rob on Friday saying that there was a BYU softball game that night and asked if I wanted to go. YES! So we took the kids to the game. The weather was great and the kids loved it. So then they said there was a game today at of course we went to that one too! It was a blast. I love watching softball, it brings back memories of my softball playing days.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. And Cosmo was there. Bonus. Except at first Sadie was scared of him...she wasn't watching the game, she was watching where Cosmo was to make sure he didn't sneak up on her. It was pretty funny. But then I went over to a less crowded section to feed Emery and I looked over to see Sadie and Zac giving Cosmo high fives. After that, she wasn't scared of him anymore.

We hope to go to more games this season!

We were sitting right behind home plate. There weren't a lot of people there...

Cosmo! Zac looks a little weary in this picture, but he was smiling and saying cheese right before I snapped it!
On our way to the game. And those suckers my mom sent us for Valentine's day. They lasted such a LONG time. Seriously. Sadie was eating it the whole time we were at the game.

And this is what Emery did...well, she slept most of the time, but then she happily tried to eat her fingers.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Almost four months!

I really can't believe that Emery is almost four months old. She will be on April 1st. Crazy! She is such a sweet baby. She is just all smiles almost all the time. When she starts to fuss, I know that she is tired, so I wrap her up and she goes right to sleep. She is so tolerant of big kisses and hugs from the other kids and the occasional ball hitting her in the face while she is in the bouncer chair. Ha.

I told Rob the other day that this was probably mean, but when Emery cries, like really cries, I sometimes just hold her and watch her for 30 seconds or so because she hardly ever cries and it is cute when her little lip curls up. Then I put her to sleep or feed her to make her happy. Honestly that only happens a couple times a week and I can always calm her down quickly. She is such a sweetie. I just knocked on wood so that I didn't jinx myself or her by writing this post. :)

here are some pictures I took just yesterday:

Getting a little fussy after I took about 50 pictures of her. ha ha. Love that face.


Zac LOVES to hold her. He is so sweet too because he just constantly giggles and gives her kisses when he is holding her.

And she loves being held by him.

Sadie loves her too...she mostly loves to tell me to take their picture together.

And here is her latest trick:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

We had a fun St. Patrick's Day this year. Sadie was so excited to wear green...she had been "saving" her green shirt all week to wear on Saturday. It was cute. And she helped me pick out a green outfit for Zac too.

After nap time, the kids went upstairs, they found a note on the door. It led them on a treasure hunt and they found treats at the end. It was kinda fun...I found the idea on pinterest...look on my St. Patrick's day board if you want to find it. :)

Then that evening we went to a roller derby (just me and rob and emery) because my Zumba class was doing the half time show. It was lots of fun. We left after half time though.

Anyway, that was our day, hopefully next year we can have more fun with the green theme and rainbows and gold coins!

This is just cute...Emery in the tub!

Rob is Zac's favorite person right now. Seriously, he is always wanting Daddy to hold him and play with him. It is nice for me, but probably hard on Rob. He never gets a break!

Zac trying out Sadie's skates. He did pretty well on the carpet, but had a hard time in the kitchen on the tile. ha ha.


A blurry picture of everyone in their green outfits.

A letter from the leprechauns!

They found a St' Patrick's Day bingo game and some skittles and bubbles at the end. It was lots of fun. Sadie LOVES treasure hunts!

How was YOUR St. Patrick's day??


Why do all kids love spinning in circles??? I remember loving it when I was little too. But now, I can only spin three of four times and I start to feel sick. Even just watching the kids spin in circles makes me feel sick. But my kids love to do it. In fact, the other day when Rob came home from work, he was really nice and spun the kids in circles for quite a while. Then he felt sick the rest of the night and he was really pale too. Ha ha. pretty funny.

Anyway, here is a video of my kids spinning and getting dizzy.

Monday, March 12, 2012


I forgot to post this video in the last post. Calvin and Sadie and Zac were all playing together on Sunday after the baby blessing. It was really cute and funny, since they usually don't really play together. enjoy!

It's too bad Calvin and his family are moving soon...we sure will miss them!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Emery's baby blessing

Last Sunday we blessed our sweet little Emery. She really is the sweetest baby. She will smile at anyone and everyone that looks at her and she doesn't really cry unless she is tired. She goes 4 hours between eating and 7 or 8 at night time. And don't even think about trying to get her to eat when she isn't hungry...she will cry and yell at me until I stop. It took me three months to figure out that she doesn't need to eat every three hours. Ha!

Anyway, her blessing went great. Rob's family came for a really quick visit to see the blessing and that was fun. And it happened to be my birthday too! I got some nice shampoo, a Zumba skirt, a nice bracelet from a friend and Rob got me an ipod touch and a cake decorating set. Now I just need a kitchenaid mixer so I can make some good cakes and we will be set! :) Thanks to all who celebrated my birthday with me...the best gift was being able to be with family and blessing our baby girl.

Here are some pictures in random order from the day.

Sadie got some footed pjs which she has wanted for a LONG time. Thanks Grandma! She loves them.

My crazy kids after birthday cake. Love their cute faces!

We left the cake on the table and when Zac was being too quiet while I was feeding Emery, this is how I found him. Ha.

Sneaky kid!

Emery in her outfit. The bonnet a friend from our ward made for her. It is a hanky folded up so she can take it to the temple with her on a wedding day. She didn't end up wearing it during the actual blessing because she didn't like it, but at least we have a picture!

Zac made himself comfy during dinner one day. It was pretty funny.

Our family of FIVE. So weird to say that! I wish I would have put the blanket down for the picture...I forgot it was there...oh well.

It was a great day and thank you to all the friends and family who were there to celebrate with us!