Thursday, February 25, 2010

3 videos...

Sometimes I like to try to guess what Sadie is doing in the other room by listening to the sounds that she is making. For example, the other day, I heard her push a chair up to the kitchen sink and I heard some water running. That was it. So I waited a while because I was very comfortable on the couch...but I finally got up and this is what I found.

This is a mild version of what goes on when daddy gets home from work. Usually there is a lot more giggling and screaming going on. The routine is that Rob gets home, we eat and right after dinner Sadie tells daddy to lay down and open the bucket with bean bags in it. She throws them all over him and then he gives her all kinds of rides and flip-a-roos. Here is an example.

And finally, we taught Sadie how to give raspberries. Normally she gives them on our tummies, but to spare you all, we had her do it on Rob's neck. Actually we didn't make her do it on Rob's neck...he was pretending to be asleep and this is how she "woke him up". It was cute. And when she is done, she is saying "look at? look at?" because she wants to watch the video on the camera. Funny.

Our little snow day

The other day, we woke up to a thin layer of snow on the ground. We have been missing the snow around here. We haven't had a good snow since before Christmas so Sadie hasn't been able to wear her new snow pants or boots hardly at all. So I got her all dressed up in her pants and boots and took her out to play in the "snow". There was such a little bit that when we walked through it, it all stuck to our shoes so you could see the grass. sigh.

I was really glad that I brought her out to play before her nap because after her nap all the snow was completely melted. Sheesh. We did lots of walking, eating and exploring in the snow.

Here is Sadie showing off her gloves that are too big, but they do their job in keeping her little fingers warm. She spent a lot of time walking around and eating the snow...which was kinda gross because a lot of times, I saw pieces of grass and dirt going in her mouth along with the snow. But oh well...she liked it. Then we saw one of her favorite things:

The Mail truck! She loves that thing! Seriously, she can hear it outside and runs to the window everyday to watch our mail lady put our mail in the mailbox. It is really cute. So she was really excited to actually be outside when she came that day. She watched it drive down the street. Then we decided to go to the backyard to see if there were any deer. I wasn't expecting there to be any since it was around 11:30 and they are usually hanging around in the mornings or evenings. But...

Notice the 4 deer in the background! She was so excited and wanted to share the snow with them and give them hugs. But before she got the chance to get any closer, she heard another sound that she recognized coming from the front we ran out to see the...

Garbage truck! She loves to watch the garbage truck, but because it is so loud, I have to be right there or she gets scared. The garbage truck is the other vehicle that she loves. We got so lucky to be outside when both of them came.

Then we went back out to the backyard to look at the deer again, but I think the sound of the garbage truck scared them away because they were gone. Oh well, Sadie just busied herself eating some snow off of our broken fence.

Then she decided that it was time for the gloves to come off.

Then I decided that it was time to go in before her little fingers froze off.

It was such a fun time. I love watching her explore and have fun. She is such a cutie pie!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great Value Oreos

So...the plan for tonight was to update this here blog. I have some videos and stuff to put on that I'm sure the grandparents will love. Then, I started watching the olympics. Big mistake. Not just because they are really exciting, but because the computer that I put all my pictures on is hooked up to the tv. So I couldn't upload my pictures while I watched the olympics. The even bigger mistake though was opening the Great Value brand Oreos. I seriously ate about half of the package. Yikes! I was nervous that they wouldn't be as good as the real Oreos, but they were actually pretty tasty. And a dollar cheaper. Nice.

Then, I started sewing curtains...and moved on to a denim skirt for Sadie...then I looked at the clock and it was 10:20. Bedtime! Sorry about the lack of update, but hopefully tomorrow during Sadie's nap I will be able to put some pictures and videos up. But for now, here is an old picture to tide everyone over until then.

I am so excited for the summer to get here. I have really enjoyed the winter this year...but I just can't wait to let Sadie play in the water in the front yard. I think she is too big to fit in the plastic tubs this year, so I was looking at Walmart today for a swimming pool and found a cool one. Didn't buy it, but maybe next month I will! She will love it when the weather warms up!

By the way...Happy Birthday Grandma Hansen! We love you and hope your day is wonderful!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Broken fence, deer, and Sadie of course!

Here is a picture of our broken fence. We have another spot on the opposite side of the yard with about the same damage. I think the deer think it means they have free range over all three yards. The other day Sadie and I went out in the back to get the stroller from the garage and we saw about 15 deer (without antlers) all run into our backyard from the neighbors yard. It was amazing. Sadie loved it and wanted to give them hugs, but they all just stood there and looked at us for a couple minutes before we were on our way. And no, I am not exaggerating when I say there were 15. Seriously. Crazy.

Anyway, here are some more cute pictures of Sadie. I am just so amazed at how grown up she is these days. We can actually have conversations ...kind of. It is awesome!

All bundled up outside. I love the little hanging mittens.

Sadie and Daddy getting ready to jump in the pool.

Swimming! She will swim for hours if we would let her. I just wish I could still go in the pool with them. It is so fun. I don't have a swimsuit that fits me anymore though. :(

This is my job...keeping her warm after she gets out.

I love that Sadie plays with her toys by herself now. Many times I will find her exactly like this on the floor. All of her dolls lined up next to her with her in the middle. She is always saying "there you go" as she is laying them down. It is so cute.

And she loves to put the blanket on top of herself and the baby and then pretend to be asleep. I love her!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sadie turned 2!!!

Wow. I can't even believe that Sadie is 2 now! We went to the store and went shopping on Monday for some new clothes for her and I suddenly realized that she really isn't a baby anymore! I mean, her clothes size doesn't say 24 months anymore. Now it is 2t, or 3t. Sigh...

Anyway, Sadie's birthday was awesome! It fortunately was on a Saturday so Rob was able to be home all day to play with her and just be with us. And he had Monday off too, so that was a bonus! It was hard to say goodbye again this morning as he left for the bus, but it was nice while we had him home. :) Sadie's birthday started out with her opening a present from Grandma and Grandpa Selin. It had been sitting up on the mantel all week long and she could hardly contain herself, so we let her open it right when she woke up. It was a new Blanket! She loves it. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Then we spent some time just playing and going to Young Womens basketball. After her nap the party really began. We checked the mail and Sadie had gotten a package from Grandma and Grandpa Kevan. She loved her gift from them too! She is still playing with the balloons! Then our friends Brad and Becky came over and so did my brother and his wife. Sadie opened all her presents and then we ate cake and ice cream. It was a great day.

Here are some pictures from that day. They are way out of order...i can't ever get them in the order that I want them. So hope you enjoy them.

I found a little temporary tatoo while I was organizing a little nook in the house and decided to put it on Sadie. She LOVES it! She shows it to me all day long. It is cute. I am just worried about what will happen when I wash it off!

Sadie waiting for us to finish singing so she can blow out her candles. She actually did a very good job of blowing them out and not spitting or drooling on the cake!

Eating a cupcake. It was a mess. Good thing I put a towel under her!

First bite. Evan unfortunately saw her teeth, so her wish didn't come true. :)

Sadie playing with Uncle Evan. She just loves that guy! She also loves his little boy Calvin...I don't know how Calvin feels about it though because she is all over him giving him hugs and kisses. It is pretty cute, but Calvin probably doesn't like it that much. Her baby brother will have to get used to it I think. He will think it is just a way of life to always have a little girl hugging him and petting his hair.

Sadie showing off her new blanket.

Opening her first present. I think she actually gets the concept of opening presents now. It is so fun!

She can't more pictures!

Oops, sideways. But this is her birthday card from Grandma and Grandpa Selin. She just loved getting something in the mail!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I really need to update this blog! It seems like I have a lot of pictures on my camera that I want to post about, but I have been so busy trying to get Sadie's birthday presents made and ready for her birthday on Saturday. I literally put her down for a nap or bed, and I run to get my projects out so I can work on them as long as possible. Well...there may have been a few days when I took a nap while she was sleeping...but a woman's gotta rest doesn't she?

Anyway, I'm almost done with her quiet book and that is the last thing that needs to be finished before Saturday. Sigh....I will definitely be posting my projects on my other blog when I get pictures of them and actually take the time to transfer them to my computer. Don't expect any updates before Saturday evening!

PS. My brother Isaac was supposed to get home from his mission today, but all the snow delayed his flight. So now he is scheduled to get home on Saturday. I'm excited!