Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nap Time

In the beginning, we had to "teach" Sadie to take naps. We had to let her cry herself to sleep for naptime because she always wanted to stay awake. After about 3 days of this, she was a great napper and went down without any crying.

Lately, her nap times have been getting longer and longer...a day that I never thought would come. A long nap for her used to be an hour tops, and now she usually sleeps at least 2 hours. It is so nice.

Anyway, these days when I put her down for a nap, there is never any crying, but sometimes she will stay awake in her crib for a while just talking and playing before she falls asleep. Today this is what I heard coming from her room...

"Wa-wa?" (Grandpa)
"Wa-wa?" (Grandma)
"Eba??" (Evan)
"Nanna?" (Shanna)
"Emo?" (Elmo)
"Emo?" (Elmo)
"Nanta?" (Santa)

It was so funny. These past few days she has been asking for all these people and I always have to tell her that they are all at their own houses. She is so funny. I love being a mom!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

More snow

We woke up to more snow this morning. I think snow is so pretty and Sadie just loves loves loves to play in it. Until her fingers get cold...

Rob is always very good about keeping our walkway shoveled and looking really nice. We both hate it when our driveway is covered in ice because that is how it was when we moved into our house 2 years ago and it was not fun. So he keeps on top of shoveling. This morning he was shoveling for almost 2 hours because he did our driveway and walkway really well, and then he walked across the street and shoveled a lady in our ward's driveway. He did have an interruption in the middle though when I informed him that a car was stuck in the snow down the street. So he ran over there and tried to help him get out for about 15 minutes until finally a guy with a four wheeler came over and pulled him out of it.

Later on in the day I noticed that our next door neighbor that we don't know very well, except that we wave whenever we see him, was also stuck in the snow. But his car was almost completely out of the driveway so it was blocking the road. I heard him revving his engine for about 3 or 4 minutes thinking that he would be able to get it out. So I told Rob and he ran out and pushed the front of the car and it got unstuck. Then he figured he might as well shovel his driveway too since he was in a shoveling mood. So he literally spent about an hour, maybe more, on his driveway. When he was almost done, Sadie woke up from her nap so I bundled her up so we could go "help". IT was fun, but by that time it was raining, so we didn't stay out too long.

Here are some pictures of Sadie helping Daddy.

It was hard for her to even lift the shovel, but she really wanted to help.

Here she is inspecting her new gloves that we found at the dollar store. They are too big, but they keep her hands warm.


All done! After we got inside, we all got ready and went to the indoor pool. It was such a fun day but I am affraid that Rob will be so sore tomorrow!!!

Oh boy!

We got our ultrasound on Friday and we found out we are having a BOY! We are all really excited about this but as you can see in the pictures, Sadie is especially excited about it. At random times during the day she will say hi to the baby in my tummy and wave to it or hug it. We taught her how to say brother so now she waves and says "hi baby brudder!" It is so cute!

PS. Rob was the one who came up with the name for the post. He told me on our way out the door of the doctor's office that I should name this post Oh Boy. Pretty clever eh? :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Wow, there has been a lot of snow this past weekend. We finally got a break from it today but I heard another storm will be here shortly. I actually enjoy the snow because Sadie just LOVES it. She literally looks out the window about 50 times a day and yells "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" (snow) She always wants to eat it so 2 or 3 times a day I will go outside and get a cupful and bring it in to her to eat because I don't feel like getting her all bundled up to go outside. Such a lot of work!

Anyway, we have taken her out a couple times this week while we shoveled the walks and what not so here are some adorable pictures.

Here is Sadie enjoying a bowl full of snow. YUM!

All ready to go out and play in her pink boots and snow suit.

So far still happy....The snow goes all the way up to her knees!

Then she fell and there was snow on her hands...no gloves = tears. Then I taught her how to put her hands in her coat pockets. She liked that.

I just think it is funny how she was walking. Her hands looked so cold. So maybe tomorrow I will sew her up a little pair of mittens. Then she will really be ready for the snow!

Chrismas Stuff

We have our house decorated for Christmas...meaning I pulled out my 3 decorations and put them on the mantle and we put up our little Christmas tree. It was fun having Sadie help us because she was just sooooo excited about the tree. Now we just have to keep her away from it because it isn't the most sturdy tree in the world. Thank goodness it is only three feet tall.

Sadie got to meet Santa at our ward party again this year. At first she just looked down and I thought maybe she was going to start crying, but then after a little while, she warmed up to him. Especially when he gave her a treat bag with candy and play-dough in it.

We also went to the festival of trees with Evan and Shanna. Sadie just loved the trees, but she loved Evan and Shanna more. After we were there for about an hour, she didn't really want to walk anymore so she was crying and laying on the floor. I couldn't get her to start walking again...but when uncle Evan came over to help...she just got right up and went with him happily. Sadie was with them for most of the time we were at the festival of trees...which I kinda felt bad about just because it is a lot of work to carry her around everywhere. But they seemed to like it. They even drove us all the way to Salt Lake in their cool mini van...we owe them. :)

Sadie was really good at bringing all 10 of our ornaments over to me. :)

Of course, the stars were her favorite!

Sadie with her buddy Santa.

The festival of trees was so cool but I think my favorite part was the gingerbread houses. This one was really cool. Can you tell what movie it's from? UP! I love the balloons made out of Jellybeans. There were so many cool houses and trees and I didn't take nearly enough pictures. But this was one of my favorites.

This is us in front of a huge weird looking Santa. Sadie loved all of the Santa decorations everywhere.

And here she is with her new best friends. Sometimes we will just be at home sitting around and she will look at me and say "evan?? Nanna?(Shanna)" I have to explain to her that they are at their own house.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some Updates

Well, it has taken me a while to do it, but I am finally updating the blog!! Hooray! These past few weeks I have been sewing sewing and sewing for a lady that gave me a bunch of fabric to make her some clothes for her. Mostly little jumper type dresses, but I just gave her 6 tonight and it feels good to have it all done. Well, not really, I still have about 7 or so to make, but I am going to take a little break I think. So I finally have a free evening to post some pictures from Halloween. We were kinda bums this year because I was pre-occupied with this other sewing project so Rob and I didn't even dress up. But Sadie was a little Minnie Mouse Ballerina. So Cute! I made the little ears and put the ribbon up her legs to look like ballerina shoes. The actual costume is from her grandma Kevan. She was the cutest little Minnie Mouse there ever was!

We missed most of the trick or treaters (not that we get that many) because we went and visited some friends and got back pretty late. But it was fun. We did get a ring on the doorbell at about 10:15 just as we were crawling into bed. I literally had just asked Rob if we remembered to turn the porch light off...and DING DONG! Rob answered and apparently it was some high school kids dressed as the Aquabats or something and they sang an entire song of theirs. I guess it was Mormon band or something. Rob knew who they were though so it is a good thing that he answered the door.

Here is some proof that Sadie was the cutest Minnie Mouse on Halloween.

We are just leaving the door and she already has candy in her hand. Sheesh.

CHEESE! This was the best we got. See the pink NERDS in her mouth. Yeah.

Daddy was helping her get ready.

So this post was entitled updates wasn't it?! Well, one update is that SADIE IS POTTY TRAINED!!!! Seriously. Like completely Potty trained. I totally didn't expect it to happen so fast, but I guess she was just ready or something. I literally bought the potty on a Saturday and didn't really start trying to teach her about it until tuesday morning(although and Sunday morning we got lucky and she actually went on the potty) By Thursday she was pretty much good. Since then there have been 2 accidents and one of them was because as she was sitting down on the potty, Rob called and she got distracted and started dancing. I guess she forgot that she had to go. Ha ha. But seriously. It is awesome. I didn't even really do much at all...she just caught on really quick.

This is a picture of her standing in my shoes next to her little potty. Don't worry, there isn't anything in it or anything, and her dress is wet because we were playing with water in the sink. We are so proud of her!

Update #2- I am teaching Sadie how to clean the house. Just kidding. But the other day we did have fun pretending with water. She is very good at getting everything wet, just not wiping it up afterward.

My parents were in town for a weekend and Sadie just loves her grandparents. The entire day after they left, every time that she heard a car outside she would yell "grandpa" and run to look out the window. She was so dissappointed when he wasn't actually outside. Thats ok though because we will be in Arizona visiting them in a few short weeks for Christmas.

Here are some pictures of their visit.

I know this isn't the most flattering picture of Sadie, but i just had to show that my mom painted her toes. This is her blowing on them so they don't get messed up by her touching them. Notice Sadie is wearing her Big Girl Undies!

Grandpa and Sadie on the swings!

Sadie went down this slide with Grandpa soooo many times. She was just loving that he would go down with her because I usually just make her go down by herself. By the time she was done on the slide, her hair was sticking straight up!

More slides with Grandpa!

And finally the last update...

Sadie is going to be a big sister!!! We are so excited to add one more person to our little family. I am due May 1st and we couldn't be happier.

I guess that is all of the updates for now. Hopefully it won't take me another 2 weeks to update this thing!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BYU Volleyball and Leaves

Sorry...I know this is like my third post tonight, but I had a lot to catch up on!

So just keep scrolling down!

And, for some reason in firefox, like half of the pictures aren't showing up, so you should look at this in internet explorer! :)

We brought Sadie to a volleyball game at BYU last week. She loved it! I mostly wanted to bring her to a game because we taught her the end of the Cougar fight song and wanted her to experience it for real. She had so much fun watching the ball go back and forth and watching Cosmo walk through the crowd. She always knew where he was and would point to him. Then he came to our section and there were tons of parent who brought their kids to see him so we passed Sadie down to Shanna who was on the aisle. We thought we missed the opportunity because Cosmo was kinda walking away but he looked back and saw Sadie sitting there on Shanna's lap and he picked her right up and started dancing with her. He danced with her for quite a while too. Luckily right before he put her down I got the camera out and Rob took a picture really quick. It was fun to go to the game and hang out with Evan and Shanna for a while.

Sadie at the game. She was excited about something.

Her and Comso. If only I had tohught sooner to get the camera out we could have had a better picture. Oh well.

There was a really cool rainbow outside our house the other day. It was acutally a double rainbow but you can't really see it that well. This picture doesn't do it justice because it was a big beautiful arch and it was pretty dark too!

Last week Sadie and I took a walk and found a church building that had TONS of leaves in the parking lot. So Sadie and I stomped in them for a good 30 minutes or so. So the next day, i brought Rob over so he could see the cuteness.

They had a blast stomping in the leaves together. I'm glad that I took her to enjoy the leaves last week because it snowed today so fall is coming to an end...

They found this basketball in the parking lot and Sadie carried it with her almost the whole time we were there.

Huge pile of leaves with a cute Sadie in it.

This is a funny face that Sadie started making. I love it...I think Rob taught her that one.

And this is what happens when you let Sadie dress herself. Sweater with a diaper and her pink boots! Don't forget the shades!

Here is a video of the stomping in the leaves. I think my favorite part of the whole video is at the very beginning when she throws the ball down and says " bye bye ball". It is just cute. And when she falls down and says "weeee". Sorry, I'm giving away the whole video...here just watch it!

Say Cheese!

This is what I get when I try to take Sadie's picture. I love how her mouth is wide open and her bottom jaw is always to the side. So cute!

This one is actually a pretty natural smile...Nice one! She is standing in our garden that we seriously need to clean all of the dead plants out of.

This is her camera smile. I just love the open mouth and crooked jaw. So cute. These are her new pajamas too. Doesn't she look so cute!?

Again with the open mouth...but hey at least she is starting to stand still for pictures.


This is a seriously huge scallion from our garden. All summer long, I thought they were regular onions so I never picked them. Finally when they were huge, I asked Rob what they were and he said scallions. haha. Oops. Sadie picked this one by herself. HUGE.

Apples, Apples and More Apples

Our neighbor who lives directly behind us had an apple tree this year that produced about 950 pounds of apples. Wow. We were happy though because they kindly shared the excess with us. Our poor apple tree only produced about 8 apples and I think next year it will be completely dead. So we got two full boxes and got to work.

Both Rob and I love to munch on dried apples so we have dried a lot of them, but we also decided to try canning some. So we made a few batches of apple pie filling to can and then we made some apple crisp. YUM! We still have about a fourth of one box left but I think we will just dry the rest. We are so thankful for our neighbors for sharing their apples. Actually not even a week before they gave them to us I said to Rob " since our apple tree didn't give us any aples this year, we should just go buy a bunch and dry them." So we were lucky and didn't even have to buy any. We love our neighbors!

Here is som eof the apple pie filling we made. Looks so yummy. Now I just need to learn how to make a good pie crust!

The first night we had the apples, we did them all by hand. Rob cut them up and I hand peeled them. Luckily, we have cool sibblings that have an apple peeler/slicer/corer thing that is awesome! And they let us borrow it. Thanks Evan and Shanna. That saved us sooooooo much time!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

General Conference weekend

Wow. We realized this time around that it is a lot harder to pay attention to conference with an 19 month old vs a 13 month old. Seriously. We don't remember being so distracted during the April conference at all. He he. We still enjoyed all the talks that we did hear, and are looking forward to getting the Ensign next month so we can read the talks that we didn't hear. Saturday morning was awesome because we got fresh warm cinnamon rolls from a little boy in our ward who was selling them so he could buy a ticket to a BYU football game. We thought it was a worthy cause, so we bought some. And they were DELICIOUS! YUM. I may have to make some this evening after church because my mouth it seriously watering right now. Anyway, we had a great Saturday and even enjoyed the company of our friends Whitney and Kirkham during the afternoon session of conference. That evening, I got to go to my sister in law's baby shower. It was a fun time. I even saw an old friend there and was able to catch up with her after about 5 years of not seeing her. Shanna got lots of good loot. She is having a baby boy and if you want to see what I made for her, click here. ha ha. It was a good baby shower!

Then on Sunday we just relaxed (as much as we could with Sadie around) and watched the rest of conference. It was great. I love hearing the prophet and apostles of God speak to us.

Here are some pictures from our conference weekend. Enjoy!

These were the yummy cinnamon rolls that Porter made for us. They were big and gooey and delicious. He ended up selling aobut 50 I think, so I was surprised at how big they all were.

Sadie especially loved them!

We tried everything to get her to sit still while we watched conference. Coloring worked for about 2 minutes at a time.

her new favorite toy. The binoculars. Cute.

And this is what happens when you let Sadie decorate you with stickers. They all go on the face. This was an entire sheet of stickers all on my face. It really hurt taking them all off. I didn't think they were that sticky. Sheesh.

And this was just a funny game that Sadie and daddy came up with. We seriously missed an entire talk because Sadie was laughing and playing this game for that long. It was HILARIOUS! My sides and cheeks hurt too because I was laughing so much. Hope this makes you all smile. Sorry it is kinda long, but it is still funny!

Don't ever...

Feed your child yogurt for breakfast AFTER you have gotten them dressed and ready for the day. Unless they have really good aim with a spoon.

But I must admit, it is really cute!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Am I Invisible?!?!

Last night Rob and I went to the Library. You see...Rob put 2 books on hold about a weeks ago and they finally got in. So we went to pick them up. It was around 6:30 in the evening so it was kinda busy, but not too bad. Rob went straight to the hold section and picked up his books, then took Sadie to the kids section so she could play. I went to find some dvds and then met up with them. I watched Sadie and daddy play for a while and then it was time to go home.

So we walked up to the checkout line because we couldn't do the self checkout. When you get dvds, you can't check them out yourself because you have to pay 50 cents. Anyway, Rob went right up behind the lady and stood there, but i stood off to the side a little bit because there were 2 places that we could be helped. Sadie was getting restless so Rob stepped away for a minute and while he was gone, some guy about 40 or so stepped in line...LITERALLY one INCH in front of me. Rob came back and was like "did he just cut you?" and I nodded yes but I didn't want him to make a scene. So we just waited shaking our heads. Then Rob stepped away again and ANOTHER guy (younger this time) stepped in front of me again. ONly this time it wasn't directly in front of me, he just got in the other line. HELLO!??! Can they not see that I'm standing there. Then this other guy starts to try to stand behind the other line so he could get in front of me too, but I didn't let that happen. I scooted right over in front of him and the librarian helped me next.

Sheesh. I don't get it. Especially the first guy. I mean, seriously? Right in front of me? Sheesh.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sadie Love

I was just sitting at the computer in our family room and Sadie was standing on a chair in the kitchen playing with some measuring cups on the counter. I peeked around the corner to make sure she was doing ok, and I caught her trying to climb up onto the counter. So I said "SAAADIE" in my firm voice and she looked at me and smiled really big. Then she made her kiss face at me(which looks like a fish face) and I made one back at her. But that wasn't enough. She climbed down from the chair and ran all the way to where I was sitting, all the while keeping her fish/kiss face on. Then she gave me a big kiss. Sigh. It was great. I love it!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Isn't it funny...

...how when you have a kid, you take TONS of pictures of them! Since I got a digital camera right before going to college, I took so many more pictures than I had in my entire life. And then, I got married and Rob and I took lots of those unflattering holding the camera out in front of you pictures. When we had Sadie, wow...I seriously don't stop taking pictures. Sadie is such a good sport. I guess I don't take as many as a lot of people, but I take so many that it is hard for me to keep them organized. Anyway...that is just a long way of saying that this post is FULL of pictures! :)

This is the first day I put Sadie's hair in pigtails. It was so darling. Although, I couldn't get them even after three tries, so I had to just deal with it all day. That is, until she pulled them out at the park. But just look at her...she is growing up. Sigh.

Our friends built this cool "roller coaster" for a film thing. I guess to film moving shots smoothly, but when we go over and it is set up in the yard, the kids love it! Sadie seriously rode this thing for about 20 minutes. Ha!

We went to Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake while my parents were here. It is a pretty cool place for kids to see all the animals up close and it is FREE! There are things you can pay to do like pony rides or milking a cow, but we just walked around and fed ducks. It was a fun day!

Sadie loved hanging out on the air mattress with my parents. Her favorite was bouncing on it!

When my parents were packing up the car to leave, Sadie crawled in and wanted me to put the seat belt on. She sat in there a good 10 minutes (if not more) and had a huge smile on her face the whole time...well, until I tried to take the seat belt off her. he he I guess she just wanted to go home with her grandma and grandpa!

My dad brought this back inverter thingy with him so I could try it out. My back had been hurting pretty badly for a long time and so I hung out upside-down for a while. I still use it because surprisingly, it has helped my back feel better!

Grandpa and Sadie hanging out in the grass.

We took her to the water park again and she had a blast! Here she is trying to sit on the water squirting out from the rock. So funny!

This is one of my favorite pictures. Two of my favorite people looking good in the grass!

Whew! That was a lot of pictures. Check back tomorrow because I will be posting a video from the waterpark that is pretty funny! Have a great day!