Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well, this last week was graduation for BYU. I got to attend to watch my brother and sister in law walk into the Marriot Center in the cap and gowns. I could have walked and kinda wish I would have, but it was neat to be there in the audience too. I am so glad that I have my bachelors degree and I really loved all the years I spent at BYU. The classes I took online were hard to get done because I was kept busy by our little Sadie, but I am so glad that I finally finished!

My mom took pictures of me in my high school cap and gown because I wasn't walking. The paper that is supposed to be my diploma is actually my boarding pass rolled up. Anyway...I'm glad to be done with school!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sigh...silly girl.

Earlier today, I was on the computer and Rob was doing some overtime work. I hadn't heard Sadie for a while, but figured she was out with her dad. So i went out to check and he had no idea where she was. Wherever she was, she was being extremely quiet. I began searching for her when I heard the sound of plastic crinkling coming from my room. I found her crouched over a basket that had some Easter candy my mom had given me while she was here and I could tell her mouth was full. In her hand was a thing of lifesavers that hadn't been opened yet, but the top was gnawed off and a few lifesavers were obviously in her mouth. I also could smell that she had eaten my last reeses peanut butter cup (grrr...) and who knows what else. By the time I cleaned her mouth out, I found half of the Reeses wrapper, a whole almond (from a hershey's kiss with almonds she had eaten) and two lifesavers. Sheesh. That stinker!

PS. More posts soon to come about our Easter egg bash and our trip to Arizona!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Sadie is finally starting to fill the top of her head with HAIR! I am actually glad that she wasn't born with a head full of hair because I really don't know how to do hair. If you know me, you know that I always have my hair pulled back in a ponytail.

Anyway, Sadie's hair is still too thin to put any kind of clip or ponytail in it, but I like to try. She does NOT like it thought. She will pull and pull until that ponytail is out. Here are some pictures of after she got her rubber band out. She is so proud of herself.

This is what happens when...

Read all of these things like "this is what happens when..."

1- Sadie gets
sick... She woke up last Saturday morning at 2 am with a fever of 103. It made us a little nervous, so we tried to cool her down with a wet washcloth. That seemed to work so we all went to sleep in our bed. Sadie was moving a LOT! ha ha. It was cute. We took her to the doctor on Monday and found out it was Rosioloa or something like that. She seems to be all better now though. Here are some pictures of when she was sick. Not much smiling.

Although she doesn't look happy in this picture, taking her outside really lifted her spirits. She loves to play outside.

This is during the last session of conference on Sunday. She woke up from her nap at like 1:30 and fell asleep on me right away. She stayed like that for 2 more hours. I had a cramp in my neck...the sacrifices you make for your kids...:)

Sadie and daddy the morning after her hard night with a fever. So cute!

2-Sadie pulls a ton of kleenexes out of the box and daddy cleans it up. Ha ha. They were all just stuffed in there, so when I went to grab one, the whole wad came out. It made me laugh.

3-Sadie gets to play on our couch. For some reason our couch has SO much static. The other day I walked over and touched a page of a book that my brother was reading and it shocked me so bad that he felt it too. You can't tell that much, but her hair was sticking straight up from the static.

I like to take the cushions off so she can crawl up there herself and bounce around. She just loves it.

4-We let Sadie feed herself...We haven't fed her baby food in forever and we felt like she was lacking in the vegetable area. So we bought a jar of garden vegetables and let her go at it. one minute she was doing great, then I turned around for like 2 seconds and when I looked back, she had her hand in the jar upside down and all of the veggies fell onto her tray. Fun clean up.

She always tries to share her food. Who can resist this face?

Big mess.

5-We start a batch of bread before we go to church in our bread machine without putting the little stirrer thingy in the bottom. It was so sad because we were so looking forward to fresh bread. Oh well...

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Just for now...

I have lots of things to post...but I have been too lazy to take the pictures off of my camera. I figure I better do that today though because my parents are coming and then I will be going down to Arizona for a week. So I will need lots of space to take new pictures. So be looking for a new post later today with lots of pictures. For now, I just have a couple I wanted to post.

I have been on a crocheting kick lately. Seriously every night right after Sadie goes down I crochet until I am falling asleep or until it is really late. :) I haven't taken pictures of everything I have made but this is one of my favorites. I found a really cute pattern for this bracelet online...I can't remember where. But I love it. I am working on multiple other ones of different colors so I can have one to wear everyday. :) It was super simple and fast to make. I love it.

It is really amazing how many patterns I have found on etsy that I want to buy. Seriously. I have a whole folder with about 30 bookmarks of patterns I want to buy. I think this one is first on my list though because there is a pattern for babies, toddlers all the way up to adults. I think it would be so cute for sadie and I to have matching little shoes. He he. I also love this one.

But that will just have to wait till next month...or until we get our tax return...