Saturday, June 27, 2009

Because I know you love them...

Here are some more pictures of Sadie! She is just growing up so fast these days! I can't even believe it. She can run, climb, get into most anything, and she gives the best hugs and kisses ever! Well, besides Rob of course! :) This week we have been playing a lot outside. She loves to be outside and would spend all day out there if I let her. We went to the park one afternoon and all of the things she normally climbs on were hot so she kept trying to climb but her hands would burn. It was really funny. She was determined to make it up a slide thing and she did it! I was proud. ANyway, here are some pictures from our week. Enjoy!

Here she is playing with the hose after enjoying a yummy bomb pop.

Ta-dah...I'm all clean!

At the park. I think that bar she is holding onto was the only thing that wasn't super hot. So she tried to hang from it.

See how she is just barely touching it with her hands?? She made it to the top though. Good job Sadie!

Mommy and Sadie!

This is Sadie's new favorite thing. She has a favorite blankie but now she loves this one too! It is an I spy quilt that Grandma Kevan made for her. When I go to get her out of her crib or to put her down for a nap, she alsways needs her green blanket and this one.

She also loves to play in this bucket. The only problem is, once she is in, she can't get out. She's working on that one. :)

One other thing that she is really good at is dancing. Whenever she hears music playing she moves her body back and forth or bobs up and down. But during the day a lot of times I will turn music on and I have High School Musical music on my ipod. I discovered that she dances the most during one song from High School Musical. It is hilarious. I caught her on video this week and I just had to share it. Adorable.

Coming from my friend Marissa's wedding!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day + Birthday = Fun

I love my Husband. He is the best! Yesterday was a special day for him. It was Father's day and his birthday. He got the special treatment. First I made hime breakfast in bed, which I wish I would have taken a picture of because it looked delicious. I never got a bite mostly because Sadie was hogging it all as you will see in a video below. :) I made him some French toast, but when I went to the fridge, I realized that we only had 2 eggs. I went ahead and made two slices of French toast, but Rob usually eats like 4 so I had to fill it with something. I made a sweet cream cheese filling that my mom showed me and cut up some fresh strawberries and raspberries and put all that stuff between the two slices of French toast. It looked really yummy. So we brought Rob his breakfast in bed and he ate it and shared it with Sadie. I gave him his gifts. For his birthday I got him Mariokart on the Wii and for Father's day I got him a new set of scriptures which he has needed for about 5 years now. :) There is also another gift I am making for him, but I didn't finish it in He will get that sometime this week.

After all that we went to church and came home and I made him some enchiladas for dinner. He thought they were good. Then I sent Rob off in search of 3 eggs that we could borrow to make his birthday cake. Note for next year : don't wait till the day of to make his birthday cake! Anyway, our nice neighbors let us have 3 eggs so I made his cake and we enjoyed that after Sadie went to bed. Yummy!

The candles were in the shape of a 2 and an 8. Happy 28th birthday!!

He got them all out on the first try. What a guy! His wish must come true!

Although I did see his teeth on his first bite of cake...which means something in my family. I think it means that your wish doesn't come true, or maybe we just did it for fun. I don't remember...Scott? Evan? Mom? Do you remember? Anyway it was a great day.

Here is that video I was talking about. So cute. I love my little family!

I also wanted to say happy father's day to my own dads. They are great fathers and Rob and I are grateful for both of them for raising us well and teaching us great things. We are trying as hard as we can to follow in their footsteps. They are also awesome grandpas too! :) Sadie loves you guys!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Now I'm a REAL Man

I found some pictures that I forgot to post. A few weeks ago, Rob and his friend Brad had a project they did together. That project was cutting down a tree in our yard. Actually it wasn't really in our yard. It was wedged against our neighbors carport and our garage and it was causing all kinds of problems. So Rob decided that he wanted to cut it down. This of course made me very nervous because he had never used a chainsaw before nad the tree was in such an awkward place that it was just really scary for me to watch. Brad taught Rob how to use the chain saw and they had the tree down in about an hour. Becky (Brad's wife) and I were really impressed. We sat watching them the whole time worried they were going to hurt themselves. :) What can we say...we're wives. Anyway, after the job was done, Rob came up to me and informed me that he was now a man because he had used a chainsaw and cut down a tree. :)

Rob is getting ready for his first cut. It was funny because he went for a branch and revved up the chainsaw really loud so us girls thought He was going for a big branch. Then he cut it and it was a little twig that he probably could have just broken off with his hands. It was hilarious!

This was the part that made me the most nervous. Look how he is cutting above his head and standing on the edge of the roof of the garage. Sheesh. I think this is actually the branch that fell straight down and punctured the roof of our neighbor's carport. Oops. He told us not to worry though because he was oging to tear the whole thing down soon anyway.

Here is Brad putting the chain back on after it came off.

This is a picture of my most favorite plant on our whole property. My sister in law has told me about 20 times what it is called, but I don't remember. It is just so pretty. I love the purple flowers.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pretty sight

Yesterday during Sadie's nap, I got out my crochet project I have been working on a little bit when I have small amounts of time. It is going to be a granny square afghan. What I love about it is that I can do it in pieces. I was inspired by this lady and have been following her pattern for granny squares. Anyway, like I said, I was working on these pieces yesterday on the floor and got up to do something, and when I came back I saw them all sitting there with the natural lighting coming in the window. I just thought it looked so pretty that I took a picture. So that is the story behind the first picture.

Something that I have been doing too much of lately is browsing online blogs. There are so many awesome ones out there with such cute ideas for things that it is very addicting. I have way too many bookmarks on my toolbar than is good for me i think. Anyway, I found this tutorial and thought I would give it a try. The whole idea is to use a piece of clothing that is old or has a hole in it to make a new piece of clothing. But I didn't have any button up shirts of Rob's that he didn't wear, so I made this dress out of material that I got at DI. It turned out really cute!

After I cut out all the pieces (all 4 of them) I was picking up my scraps and I found this happy fish. I just thought it was cool. Maybe I will have to put a fish on the finished product. We'll see.

I obviously haven't hemmed it yet, but it looks cute on her! This was the first version of the fress. IT was way too small around the armpit area and I could hardly get it on her. It doesn't look too bad, but I'm sure it was very uncomfortable for her.

I did some altering and added some material on the sides under the armpit all the way down to the top of the pink belt thing. It was really annoying, but I just couldn't let all that material go to waste.

Here it is all fixed and still needing to be hemmed. But I think I will be making lots of these in the future now that I have my own pattern made and all the kinks worked out. What do you think, should I add a little stenciled fish on there?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Check this out

So we still haven't gotten a professional family picture taken. It is on our list of things to do, but things keep coming up like paying for a kitchen remodel downstairs because the plumbing needed to be I decided to enter this contest. Her photography looks amazing and I hope I win. So anyone reading this better not enter...cuz I want to win.

Just Kidding.

Go enter!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Memorial Day and other adventures

So we have been very busy these past couple of weeks. I'll start with Memorial day. We went over to Stewart Falls with some friends and hiked to a waterfall. It was CROWDED there. I was expecting a lot of people but there were so many. It was crazy. Anyway, Sadie did really well...we tried carrying her but she just wanted to walk herself, so we let her walk a lot of the way. She just loved it! Here are some pictures. Needless to say, Rob and I were very sore the next day from having to carry her and hike. It was so fun though.

Sadie and Daddy walking down the trail.

We brought lunch and ate it when we got to the waterfall. It was really hard to find a spot to sit because it was so crowded. Aren't these two little ones just so cute!

Family picture.

On our way back to the cars. Still a smile on both of our faces. :)

We are almost back to the cars!!!! It was such a fun trip and we want to go hiking more often now that we know Sadie loves it!

Then a few days after our great hike, we found out that we had a leak in our plumbing. It had been going on for a while and this is what we found behind the oven.

That hole was already there so I think that either the previous owners of the house had a problem with it before or they put this stuff in and just never covered it up. It was actually helpful that the hole was already there so we didn't have to make one ourselves. So we got that fixed pretty cheaply, and after about a week or so we got a text from our tenant downstairs saying that there was a huge leak. So we had it looked at and the pipe that connected to our sink was metal and all rotted and there was a bunch of gunk in it. I guess from the little pieces of food that go down the sink. Who knows how long that gunk has been sitting there. Anyway, it was gross. So now, this is what the downstairs kitchen looks like.

They had to tear the ceiling up and part of the wall. Actually now it looks a lot worse because they tore that whole wall behind Rob out because the drywall was all wet. Anyway...So we have a lot of fixing to do, but luckily, we hired a guy who knows what he is doing and is able to go with the flow. He is really doing a great job.

On Saturday, we went to feed the ducks at a little pond close to our house. Well, there aren't many ducks in this picture are there? But if you look close, there are huge fish that come to eat the bread. It is really crazy. The kids didn't really mind that there weren't any ducks because the fish were just as cool.

Sadi sitting really close to the edge of the water. We shortly moved her away from the edge so she didn't fall in. The fish would come right up to the edge! Crazy!

We also planted our garden. It is pretty big and we are really excited about it. But the problem is every time I go out to look at it, Sadie either tries to walk all over it or eat the dirt. We are going to plant grass here shortly but because there is only dirt on the ground, she loves to pick it up and put it in her mouth. Yuck!

This was a while after she put a whole handful of dirt in her mouth. Her tongue was covered but by the time I got the camera, it was all gone. I tried to wipe some off before I got the camera and it was just plastered to her tongue. EEk. You can see whats left on the corner of her mouth.

This is just a little part of our garden...the tomatoes are growing great!

Well that is all for now...we will keep you posted on the downstairs problem!