Monday, May 30, 2011

Day with Thomas the Train

On Saturday, we got to take the kids to see Thomas the Train in Heber Utah. It was pretty fun. There were lots of people and lots of activities to do. Sadie got to go mini golfing, get a Thomas tattoo, play with bubbles and take a ride on Thomas the train. That was definitely the best part! We went on Saturday morning and fortunately, the rain had stopped long enough for us to have a fun day in Heber.

This was Zac's favorite part. He loved splashing in this little puddle.

Sadie and Thomas!

On our way home...we stopped for another quick picture. Her balloon sword lasted about as long as it took us to put on her seat belt in the car and then it basically deflated. sad.

Golfing. She would hit the ball and then pick it up with her hand and put it right next to the hole. Good strategy!

This was Rob's favorite part. He golfed two of the holes I think. :) Sadie is so generous!

The tattoo parlor...I mean tent. She still has that thing on her arm...thanks goodness I didn't let her put it on her face!

On the train! Zac did pretty well, but got pretty wiggly after about 15 minutes.

Handsome boy.

Cute! They handed out these certificates to all the kids on the train.

I just love Sadie's face! She was so excited the whole time we were there. She had a blast!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Finally some sun...

Last week there were a few hours when the sun came out. Literally. Sadie would watch out the window and when the sun came out from behind the clouds, she would yell "it's warm!" and she would put her shoes on and we would play outside until the clouds came again. It was pretty funny. But there were two days when the kids were brave enough to get in the pool. It was freezing both days, but they still had a blast!

They went from the pool to the garden and back to the pool. It was a muddy mess by the time they were done swimming.


Playing in the garden...thank goodness for washing machines!

Sadie and Zac playing in the pool.

Zac loved it except that he kept slipping all over the place. The next time I put him in the pool, I left his socks on and it was much better!

And here are some funny videos I have taken this last week. Sadie and Zac have been playing together more often and it is so fun to see how they interact with each other.

This one is them dancing. I love how Zac turns in circles. So funny.

This one is just them playing with the little cardboard house that we set up sometimes. Zac will go look in the window and then run away laughing. Sometimes he doesn't even look in the window...the anticipation of seeing her in there are enough to make him laugh and run away. SO funny. (sorry it is so long...but it was just so funny)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


My grandma came to town last week for a quick visit. It is always great to see her...and Sadie loves it when we have visitors. Unfortunately I only took one picture the whole time she was here. Sheesh. But it turned out pretty good huh?

And here is a random video from when she took us out to eat...Zac was really entertained by the family eating behind us. I think Calvin was too. But here he is just playing with a napkin. ha ha

Sunday, May 22, 2011

More pictures

Yesterday we really needed to go grocery shopping and our awesome neighbors watched the kids for us while we ran to the store. It was so nice. Anyway, when I got home Amanda told me she had taken some pictures of the kiddos with her nice camera and she put them all on my computer. So here are some of my favorites.

Thanks Amanda!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Photo shoot...well kinda

I tried to get some good pictures of the kids the other day while we were playing outside and let me tell you. It. was. hard. Those two just don't like to stand still! I guess maybe it would have helped to have candy or something to bribe them with, but I didn't want to go all the way back inside just for that. So here are a few of the pictures I got.

Zac loves to carry this little thing of bubbles around.

In the stroller...he is such a trooper to put up with Sadie. ha ha.

They love to go for walks in the BIG stroller!

On the swingset. This is actually kinda stressful for me because Zac is always trying to walk in front of Sadie while she is swinging. Oh well...they both love to play outside!

On the swing at the park.


"Sadie give Zac a hug"..."I can't...he keeps walking!" ha ha

This was the best one I got. I love it. Their faces are so funny.

I love being a mom. It is great. It is so rewarding and my kids are the best. They make me smile every day (and sometimes they make me want to rip my hair out! :) ) But mostly they just make me happy and I love it!

First Hair Cut

I cut Zac's hair. Finally. It was getting pretty long in the back. It took me a while to get used to his new bald look, but I like it now.

The back was getting really long...

Here is a side view.

And a front view. He did really well. He didn't cry and was smiling almost the whole time the buzzers were on.

The new and improved back of head.

My baldy! He is adorable even without hair!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our trip...part 1

Sorry it has taken me a while to write about the first half of our trip to Oregon. I have been lazy!

So the first day we got there, Ben and Lindsy and kids came to pick us up from the airport. Sadie was so excited about seeing her cousins. Right before we landed we had a LOT of turbulence on our flight so I wasn't feeling so took me about 30 minutes to get feeling normal again. We went to a golf course in the area and the kids played a round of miniature golf because they had gotten free coupons somehow. It was fun...the kids just ran from hole to hole hitting their ball at their own pace. They loved it. It was kinda cold and windy though. So we finished up, went out to eat and then we went to our hotel and checked in and went to bed.

The next day was Zac's birthday. He was pretty fussy about it too. He was starting to get I don't blame him. But we had the cousins over to the hotel and we all went swimming. That was pretty fun except when Sadie fell off of the pool stair and was drowning for like 5 seconds. That scared her a little bit but when Rob came back over and carried her around again she was all smiles. Then that evening we went to Ben and Lindsy's house and they made us dinner and they made birthday cake for Zac. He didn't really eat any...which surprised me. I think he was thrown off by the got all over his hands and he couldn't get it off. ha ha.

On Wednesday we went to the aquarium and saw lots of cool fish and stuff. Sadie loved it. Zac was still feeling yucky, so Rob carried him around all day while he slept a lot and I pushed around an empty stroller while trying to keep up with Sadie. After that, we went to the coast...but it was really windy and cold. I took over holding Zac while Rob watched Sadie dig in the sand and he took her up close to the water. She was pretty cold after that. But it was a fun day.

That was pretty much the first half of our trip. Here are some pictures to prove we had a lot of fun. (these pictures are out of order...)

Thea and Sadie looking at the fish under their feet!

Sadie at the beach. It was cold!

This picture is blurry but I loved the jellyfish. They looked so cool!

And the sea otters. We saw them get fed. It was really neat.

Zac's birthday cake.

Sadie and Wyatt trying to help blow the candles out.

Thea was such a good helper. She was always helping us feed Zac. ha ha. She is going to be a great big sister!


Sadie at Target. She wanted to try the helmet on.

We took the kids to a nearby mall to get out of the hotel. And of course, we had to ride on the cars.

Zac opened his birthday present at the hotel. He really liked it.

Mini golfing...this was on the 18th hole.

Those kids had so much fun...Thanks so much to the Kevan's who let us borrow their car and GPS and fed us food and entertained us the whole time we were there. Sadie misses her cousins already!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our vacation-second half

We had an awesome time last week visiting cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the grandparents for longer than a few hours because Zac had another episode that landed him in the hospital in Portland for a few days. But at least we got to see Crystal's actual sealing and be in some of the pictures at the temple.

This post is going to be about the second half of our vacation...and tomorrow hopefully I will post about the first half. Warning-lots of pictures!

In the hotel, the cooler is what kept Zac occupied most of the time. He was getting sick and so he was pretty fussy (what's new??) so this was a life saver. He would run over and turn it on, and then run away smiling. So funny. And I love his hair in this picture. I think he needs a haircut soon!

This is what we did while Crystal and Alan were getting married in the temple. I stayed out with the kids because I was so worried about Zac, and they all sat and watched a movie. Toy Story 3. Sadie's favorite movie. Matt and her were soooo funny. They would say "this is the funny part" and laugh together. So funny.

Our attempt at a family picture.

Sadie was the first person to run up to the newlyweds. She chatted for a while and gave hugs while everyone else came over to see them.

The cute kids.

They got a jelly bean every time they sat still for pictures. I think it is funny that Andrew always got a treat too. He wasn't even in the pictures. Ha ha.

Zac is missing from this picture, but I love this one.

Here is one with great grandma. I think Thea was a little tired of taking pictures. Ha ha.

After the pictures were done, we took off to urgent care...who sent us to another urgent care, who sent us to the ER where Zac was admitted to the hospital. His oxygen was really low so they needed to put him on oxygen and x-ray his lungs. He had ear infections and pneumonia which must have come on really fast because Ben (Rob's brother who is a PA) had been checking his ears and listening to his lungs the previous days. It really is amazing how fast he can go downhill! Anyway, they discovered that he probably has asthma and he is on medication for that now, so hopefully no more hospital visits!

They used this weird tape that didn't hardly stick at all to hold the oxygen on. It was all over his face, so when he smiled it looked so funny.

It was really hard to get him to go to sleep at the hospital...and when we did get him to sleep, his oxygen would go low again, so they would have to come wake him up to put oxygen on again. It was a vicious cycle...but when I did get him to sleep...he just looked so cute!

They finally brought in some toys and that made him happy.

When Sadie came to visit she loved to play with Zac. But she mostly liked to play in his bed. One time she climbed in and covered up and said "look mommy, I'm sick like Zac" It was pretty funny. She even made a pretty good sick face. :)

Finally they let us go on Sunday morning and Rob got to carry Zac out of the hospital while riding in a wheelchair. Fun stuff. We got to the place where we were staying (thanks so much sanchez family!!!) and quickly changed our flight and made it back to SLC by the end of the day.