Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I guess he was tired

A couple Sundays ago, we went to a friend's baby blessing. Their Sacrament meeting was at 11 and our was at 1. We usually put Zac down for an early nap on Sundays, but this time we couldn't. So when we got home from church at 4 we turned a movie on for the kids while I made dinner. This is what happened:

Zac fell asleep in like 2 minutes. It was funny. See the goldfish on his chest. ha ha...he was too tired to even eat his goldfish. Such a cute kid!

Hair cut for Zac

Zac's hair was getting a little bit long...so I decided one morning before church that I needed to cut it. I did it by meself which was kinda hard, but I distracted him with a cookie...so it went ok. Near the end was a struggle, but we got it done.

Here are the before and after pictures...

Sorry this one is totally blurry!

And this one is kinda silly, but it shows how long his hair was getting.

And here are the after pictures...

Tada! Isn't he handsome??

Now if I could only get him to smile for pictures we will be in business!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

February is flying by!

I can't believe how fast this month is flying by! We have been having lots of fun...but I have been bad at blogging about it. Sheesh. Here are a bunch of pictures from the last few weeks.

Zac and Andrew hanging out on the pillows. They were especially cute this day because they did lots of different things together as you will see when you scroll down.

Emery smiles. We love these!

Emery is now 2 and a half months old. We will be blessing her in church on my birthday in two Sundays. WE are excited about that.

Sadie had a birthday...she got roller skates from her friend and she LOVES them. She wore them around the house all day for two days after she got them.

Zac and his friend Andrew...they are such handsome little guys.

And here is Emery again. She is so smiley. She will just sit and look at you and smile for ten or fifteen minutes. I love it.

Sadie and Jake playing with her new My Little Pony playhouse.

More birthday. *funny story* Sadie woke up on her birthday and I said "you are four now!!" and she insisted that she wasn't four yet. This lasted all day long until we had cake and ice cream. Then she was four. Silly girl. We love her!

Zac and Andrew hanging out.

Sadie and Zac sharing a chair and a snack at the table. I just thought it was cute.

Zac and Andrew again playing with the doll house. What is it about one and a half year olds that is so cute?!?!

So that is a little bit of what we had been up to. If you want to see more pictures from Sadie's birthday, check out Cry s and Alan's blog here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thank you pinterest

I love pinterest...probably spend too much of my time on that site pinning lots of great ideas. That is where I found this awesome project!

It is just 4 pillows in an envelope type pillowcase that I sewed. It was so easy and fast. I love it. And the kids love them too!

They can lounge and watch a movie or read books on them...but this is how they are used most of the time in our house:

An instant house. So fun. The kids love them! You should have seen me at walmart trying to carry 8 pillows with three kids in the cart. There were pillows stuffed in the cart, under the cart and I was carrying like three. And Emery was crying. So funny. Oh well...I survived.

Speaking of Emery...she is as cute as can be. Here is a picture of her in the famous bear suit!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quite possibly

This could quite possibly be my favorite picture of Emery that I have taken so far...right after bath time. Nice.

Why I haven't been blogging

We have had a couple of sick kids this last week. Sadie just had the normal cough...it is pretty sad that I just think it is normal now for her to have a nasty cough. Zac got a fever last Sunday and it was 103 and 104 for three days! He had a little ear infection so the doctor gave him a prescription and he is doing better now, but for those three days, he was a pretty sad little man.

And Sadie was a little stinker too...probably because between nursing Emery and caring for Zac, she was a little left out .

I just thought this picture was funny...he wouldn't eat anything except sweets. And when he did a lot of the time he was crying. But he would not let that yummy chocolate or whatever he was eating out of his mouth. :)

This was last Sunday morning...I found them like this on the couch. Let's take a closer look...

Poor little Zac...the only thing that would keep him from crying was his pacifier, so we let him have it while he was sick.

Daddy and Emery catching up on some sleep. ha ha. SO cute!

Anyway, both kids are healthy just in time for Sadie's birthday tomorrow! So hopefully we will have a few days of healthy and happy kids. And Hopefully, I will have the energy to blog in the evenings again!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sadie's Best Friend

This is Jake. He lives across the street. Sadie loves to play with him. But her favorite thing is to go over to their house for lunch. I don't know why their sandwiches are so much better than mine, but apparently they are! :) She loves to do everything with Jake. We aren't looking forward to when they move away, but right now our plan is to keep them here as long as we can! :)

I think they are a little mixed up!

The kids were playing dress up the other day...Sadie chose this:

And Zac chose this:

Nice....Sadie...I think that is a little too small!

Yeah...she stuffed her skirt and shorts into that outfit. Ha ha.

Many faces of Emery

Emery is 2 months old! Hooray! I visited a friend the other day and she was like "it seems like 2 weeks ago you were still pregnant!" and she is totally right! Time just flies by. But we love our little Emery so much. Sadie tells me all the time that Emery is her most favorite in the family. ha ha. She had her 2 month check up yesterday and she is in the 75th percentile for weight and height. Nice. Here are some pictures....A lot of them.

Isn't she a cutie!? I just realized that most of the pictures of Emery that I have are of her in that little bouncer chair. It's funny because she spends hardly any time in there...but when she is in there i have both hands free and I don't have to worry about the other kids jumping an her or anything like that, so I take the opportunity to take pictures. Ha. We sure do love her!