Friday, November 29, 2013


We had a great Thanksgiving this year.  We invited Rob's aunt and uncle and their kids, his Grandma, and his brother Duncan.  Rob's aunt invited her friends and their three daughters.  It was a lot of people, but tons of fun!  The kids were in heaven with all of the people to show off to and get attention from.  Sadie learned how to play Uno with them so we have already played two games of it this morning...and I'm sure there will be more later.  :)

We had tons of food so that wasn't a problem.  It was all delicious too!  Then after dinner we played speed scrabble (so fun!) and Uno and the friend of Aunt Bonita played us some violin pieces.  He is very talented and it was so fun to listen to.  Although, Emery might disagree...more on that later.

I really need a new camera!  I just looked at all these pictures and every one of them is blurry!

 This was from Sadie's kindergarten class.  They made those vests out of paper!  They had a feast and got to dress up like this.  So fun.  She loves school!

 Here are Sadie and Zac chowing down on their drumsticks.  Rob was pretty sad that they got these since he loves the dark meat.  :)  When Zac was done with his he tried to snag it to finish it off, but Sadie wanted it.  Poor Rob...

 We had three tables:  kids table, my craft table and our regular dinner table.  It was a little bit of a tight squeeze, but we made it work.  :)

 Full house!  I should have taken a picture of all of the was so yummy!

 Zac finished eating and patiently waited for Rob to finish eating so he could play chess.  Rob is so proud that Zac is interested in chess!

 Speed scrabble.

 Enjoying some beautiful violin music.

 The violinist.  He was really really good.

 This is Emery being comforted by Rob after the first song he played scared her half to death.  We didn't really warn her that he was going to play the violin and it was pretty loud.  She was over playing in the corner by herself and when he was done playing the fiddler on the roof we heard her making some sounds and she was hiding and had a huge frown on her face.  She was holding in her tears.  Poor girl.  I bet if she was sitting with one of us when he started playing she would have been fine.  But now when we ask her about it she says "violin plays beautiful music."  ha ha.

 Sadie sitting with Aunt Bonita enjoying the music.

 Emery loved great grandma!  

 She did dances for her and showed her tons of toys.  

All the kids with great grandma.  We really should get together more than we do.  They don't live too far away.  

This is the song that freaked Emery out.  ha ha.

We had a great Thanksgiving and we are so glad everyone could come.  It was so fun.  We are so thankful for all of our blessings.  We have a wonderful family, awesome friends, a beautiful home, Rob likes his job....I could go on and on.  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


 This was way back when Sadie had the flu, but it snowed one morning and Zac was so excited!  He insisted that it was Christmas because there was snow.  I tried to explain to him when Christmas was but I gave up after he kept telling me I was wrong.  :)  The whole morning (from about 7 am on...) Zac was telling me to get his snow suit out so he could go play in the snow.  So I finally gave in and at about 8:00 they were in their snow suits and ready to play. 

 See how little snow there was?  ha ha  I think he will be in heaven when the real snow gets here!  He has always been the only kid that will stay outside for a long time playing in the snow.  Like an hour.  He will just throw the snow at the wall over and over.  It is pretty cute.

 Emery had fun too...I guess she probably doesn't really remember snow very much.  So she had fun...

 Until her hands got cold.  Then we went inside and found some gloves and she lasted a little bit longer.

 Her and Zac are such good buddies these days.

 This was after playing in the snow.  Cute red cheeks and nose!  And check out Zac cleaning the windows in the background.  Nice huh?!

I love these guys!

Poor Sadie wanted to go outside and play I got out her snow suit and she went outside for about 5 minutes.  She was NOT feeling well.  Next time hopefully all the kids are healthy so we can play in the snow together!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shaving cream

 My kids love to play with shaving cream.  It had been a while since we had any (Rob ran out and i always forgot to buy more at the store) but Sadie reminded me the other day while we were at Walmart and I bought three cans of it.  So we are well stocked on shaving cream now.  :)  The kids will sit and play with this stuff for 30 minutes or so. 

 Sadie loves to spread it all out and draw pictures in it.

 This was Emery's first time playing with it since I was always afraid she would eat it.  She did pretty well.

 She wiped it all over her arms up to her shoulders practically.  

 Zac likes to take his shirt off because if he doesn't it will be covered in shaving cream.  

 She didn't quite know what to do with this at first. 

She gave Zac a play by play.  "Look!  It sticking to my hands!  ha ha ha  wow this is messy!!"  etc.

So if i find myself needing a few minutes to clean the kitchen or the living room, I pull out the shaving cream and let them go at it!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Flu

 Sadie got sick a couple Sundays ago with a fever and it lasted six days.  Nothing but a fever.  A really high one.  Like 104 when she wasn't on ibuprofin.  She felt miserable and looked like this until Friday of that week.

 It was pretty sad.  I washed my hands after every nose wipe and made the kids use hand sanitizer ever hour so they wouldn't get sick too.  Poor Sadie missed and ENTIRE week of school. But she obviously needed the rest.  After five days of a pretty high fever I decided to schedule a doctor's appointment.  So I called Thursday evening and set something up for the morning.  Of course, when she woke up she had no fever.  ha ha  But I took her in anyway and it was a good thing because she had two ear infections and a sinus infection.  So the doctor gave us a prescription and she was feeling better that afternoon.  

Neither of the other kids had gotten sick yet so I was feeling pretty good about keeping them healthy.  Then on Saturday we got our flu shots.  The whole family.  Zac had an allergic reaction and his whole thigh swelled up.  Then on Sunday he wasn't feeling well.  WE thought it was just a reaction from the shot, but Emery started feeling sick the next day.  Sigh.  So it has been two weeks of flu over here.  And this week was so much harder than last week because with Sadie she would just lay on the couch and sleep, but with Emery and Zac they are always calling out "mommy...I neeeeeeed you".  I was ok with it for the first three days, but after a while it gets hard to keep up with.  :)  I can't wait till these guys are feeling better.  And I made and appointment for Zac and Emery for tomorrow morning.   So they probably will wake up without a fever.  :)

 They live in their pajamas when they are sick.

Today around lunch time Zac was complaining that his eyes were hurting.  Then he started crying and wouldn't stop rubbing them for about 30 minutes.  I tried to look at them but he would just scream if he had to open them.  He requested pancakes for lunch, so that is what I made.  So it was pretty funny when I brought him to the table and he tried to eat without opening his eyes.  Poor kid.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Arm wrestling with dad

 The other night Rob challenged all of the kids to an arm wrestling match.  They had never done it before so it was pretty funny to watch.  Eventually they caught on and beat Rob!  ha ha

 Even Emery got in on the action.  :)

And then she got completely stuck between a couch cushion and the rocking chair.  ha ha.

Monday, November 4, 2013


 We had a great Halloween this year.  Zac was pretty insistent that he didn't want to dress up for Halloween, he just wanted to be Zachary...but we finally had him talked into being a soccer player.  Then the day before he decided he would be a dragon because he found his old costume (from two years you can tell by looking at it.  ha ha)  I was happy with it.  Sadie was Violet from the Incredibles movie and Emery was Minnie mouse ballerina.  I made Sadie's costume, including the adorable black undies on the outside of her pants, but the others we had on hand which was very nice.  :)

We went to a little Halloween activity at the farm in Thanksgiving point.  The kids love going to the farm!  And we thought it would be crowded, but thanks to some very cold windy weather, it was empty!  We had a great time and spent most of our time there inside. 

Warning:  Picture overload!

 Here is Emery standing next to a very pregnant looking goat.  But the goat is not pregnant we were informed by a worker, she is just stretched out from having like 3 babies in the spring.  

 The kids got to make this green slime stuff in "Franketstein's lab".  That went right in the garbage when we left because it was leaking through the ziplock bags they gave us.  

 This was a cool witch decoration.  Sadie was doing her best impression of her.  Pretty good.!

 It took some coaxing, but we finally got Zac to get his face painted.

 A cute little bat.  That night we scrubbed it off in the tub.  Then the next day randomly in the car he started crying about how he was mad at Sadie fro scrubbing the bat off of his face.  Silly boy.

 Zac with a bat, Sadie with a butterfly, and I think Emery had a little heart.

 Pumpkin carving.  Sadie was the only one out of the kids to get her hands in there and take the seeds out.  Zac used a spoon and got one seed out at a time.  ha ha.  


 Enjoying donuts at our ward party.  Notice how Zac's costume is practically at his knees.  I told was from two years ago.  :)

 And I still can't get over the tail.  ha ha.  So cute!

 On their way to go trick or treating.

 Thumbs up.  Emery almost has it...

 Uncle Luke and Aunt Taylor came over and ate dinner with us and went trick or treating with the kids and Rob.  It is always fun to have aunts and uncles around.  The kids love them!  Notice Emery snuggling with Luke?  He put her down for bed that night.  Then the next day when I was putting her down for a nap, she said "I want Uncle Luke!"  ha ha.  

 The kids posing by their pumpkins.  So cute.

 Costumes.  Love all the kids expressions on this one.

 Sadie also got to dress up for school that day.  She loved showing off her costume and face paint.

 Action shot.

And another...I think she would be pretty good at this whole super hero thing!

The end.