Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great Value Oreos

So...the plan for tonight was to update this here blog. I have some videos and stuff to put on that I'm sure the grandparents will love. Then, I started watching the olympics. Big mistake. Not just because they are really exciting, but because the computer that I put all my pictures on is hooked up to the tv. So I couldn't upload my pictures while I watched the olympics. The even bigger mistake though was opening the Great Value brand Oreos. I seriously ate about half of the package. Yikes! I was nervous that they wouldn't be as good as the real Oreos, but they were actually pretty tasty. And a dollar cheaper. Nice.

Then, I started sewing curtains...and moved on to a denim skirt for Sadie...then I looked at the clock and it was 10:20. Bedtime! Sorry about the lack of update, but hopefully tomorrow during Sadie's nap I will be able to put some pictures and videos up. But for now, here is an old picture to tide everyone over until then.

I am so excited for the summer to get here. I have really enjoyed the winter this year...but I just can't wait to let Sadie play in the water in the front yard. I think she is too big to fit in the plastic tubs this year, so I was looking at Walmart today for a swimming pool and found a cool one. Didn't buy it, but maybe next month I will! She will love it when the weather warms up!

By the way...Happy Birthday Grandma Hansen! We love you and hope your day is wonderful!


Grandma & Grandpa K said...

I have an inflatable small pool if you want that. It should be about the right size for her and it stores nicely.

Baby said...

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