Sunday, March 6, 2011

Snow and sun all in one week!

These pictures are way past due, but we had some crazy weather these past few weeks. About a week and a half ago, it was so nice and sunny outside that we decided to go to the park. It was so nice to be playing outside again. And Sadie was so excited that Zac could actually (kinda) play with her on the playground and swings. Zac loves the swings. He gets mad at me when I take him out...but he didn't stay mad for long because I let him crawl around on the playground. FUN!

Sadie helping Zac down the slide. She is such a good big sister...always looking out for her brother!

Check out this handsome guy! He looks soooo cute in this picture. I love it!

Notice how Sadie is pumping her legs in this picture. She is catching on pretty quick!

Then these snow pictures are from 2 days later. We woke up to about a foot of snow. It was crazy! Rob decided to work from home that day because he didn't want to drive to riverton in this mess! So during Zac's first nap Sadie and I got all bundled up and went outside so I could shovel the walk and she could play in the snow. She LOVED it! SHe was jumping and running and rolling around in the snow. And it was perfect because it wasn't super cold outside so she didn't get too cold. It was really fun. Although Zac woke up like right after we went outside. That little stinker. :)

Rob and Zac were feeling left out, so they came outside for about 2 minutes to say hello.

This is how they were most of the time...warm and cozy inside the house. I kept throwing snowballs at the window. Zac loved that. :)

Sadie made her first snow angel. The snow was kinda heavy though so they didn't look exactly like angels. That's ok though.

This was her favorite thing to do. Just fall belly first in the snow. She made me do it with her a bunch of times too. But I was wearing jeans and she had snowpants. was cold and wet for me. But tons of fun.

And oops. I left the stroller outside. I had to get a broom and sweep all of that snow off.

Later that day, I took Sadie outside and pulled her around on the sled. It was very tiring, but very worth it. She had a blast. Way better than our last sledding trip!


Shirl and Bill said...

Love the pictures.....Snow, snow, snow. MIss it??!! maybe not.
But it sure is pretty and alot of fun....

becky d said...

I too love the pictues! The snowball on the window?...cute!