Saturday, October 19, 2013


 Emery has been growing up so fast these days!!!  She keeps us on our toes, but we love her so much!  Here are some things about her that I don't want to forget:

She can talk very well.  Our other kids pretty much just babbled until they were two years old and then at two their language took off.  Emery talks in sentences and has been for a while now.  Sometimes when she is in bed and doesn't want to be in bed she will yell "I don't want to go night night right now!!!" over and over. 

She loves to make people laugh.  If she says something once and you laugh, she remembers and says it to you when she is in trouble.  Some things that she says right now that make me laugh every time are "of course!", "oh  man!" and "oh yeah baby" 

She always wants to do what the bigger kids are doing. 

She is usually very sweet, but when she gets angry she can throw a big tantrum...and scream for a long time.

She always picks out what she wears...which can be a little bit frustrating.  Lately we have just been hanging out in undies while she gets the hang of going to the bathroom in the potty.  :)

We are so glad that she is a part of our family!

 She loves to be crazy.

 Trying Zac's bike.  She's ready to go!

 She loves bubble baths!

And she loves to snuggle.  She always wears her blanket around her like this.  And towels too. 

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Janet C said...

Oh, and her Aunt is so darling and cute! : D You guys have an awesome family!