Friday, December 8, 2017

Catching up...random pictures from the fall

 I looked out the window while the girls were playing outside...I love it.  It looks like they were playing school or something.  And I love that Riley is now included with these cute girls.

 Preschool...Brown Bear

 Sharing a blanket during quiet time.  This probably ended in tears, but this moment of sharing was fun to see.

 Caramel apples- They are so yummy when they are covered in chocolate and nuts!!

 Riley likes to set up a shop whenever we play cards.  She sits here and passes out the "ice cream".  

What are these guys looking at???

 A whole load of wood chips being dumped onto our driveway.  Exciting stuff!

 These guys make me laugh!  They were jumping on the trampoline and came inside wearing their jackets like this.  

 New pajamas.

 Riley loves to swing...especially when grandma is pushing her.

 This was how the kids set up their stuff for General Conference in October.  

 My friend dropped off some fun Halloween donuts.  Thanks Robyn!

 Riley found some stickers...I laughed out loud when I looked up.  She put them on all by herself!

 Handsome Rob staining the sides of our deck.

 Going for a short walk with these three girls.

 After Zac's last soccer game, we stopped at this drink shop.  Nobody liked their drinks except Sadie.  Well, Riley did...she got a milkshake.  

 Riley makes me laugh...she tucks Clifford and Hello Kitty in for naps..and she builds tall towers with legos.

 Crazy hair day at school.

 Sadie made a telescope thing that she taped to her face.  It was pretty funny.  And EMery likes to hang out in the laundry basket.

 This doesn't happen often...

 We all love holding Finley and checking out her tiny hands and toes.

 Sadie got some sparring gear.

 Riley constantly asks to hold Finley, but only lasts about a minute.  

Took some pictures of all the kids...of course they all had to have a turn holding Finley in the picture!

 Riley's hair...she wanted to see it so I took a picture.  She loved that it had an "X" on it.

 Riley showing off the huge leaf she found on our walk. 

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Marissa said...

Your kids are so beautiful and so well behaved! I love catching up through your posts. Hopefully we can meet that cute Finley soon!